Hawkman vol. Atomica | Aquaman | John Constantine (partner, love-interest)SupermanBatmanWonder WomanHawkmanDoctor Fate (Hector Hall)CatwomanNightwingRavenSwamp ThingGreen ArrowBlack CanaryHawkmanHawkgirlGreen Lantern (Hal Jordan)Green Lantern (John Stewart)Green Lantern (Alan Scott)The Flash (Wally West)Red TornadoBlack LightningVixenFirestormDeadmanEtriganMadame XanaduArsenalDetective ChimpMan-BatJustice League Dark. Zatanna keeps her membership, though not associated with the Justice League a secret so no one will ever suspect she is using magic publicly. Black Lightning | Wonder Woman | This means she can not use her powers if she is gagged, underwater or for any other reason unable to speak. Zatanna used her magic to do so, but the difficulty of the process resulted in her accidentally lowering his intellect. You can help the DC Database by improving this article's grammar and sentence structure to bring it up to a higher standard of quality. [33] Finally and in order to move out of her parents' shadows, Zatanna decided to switch to a new costume one more time, making this version closer to her own personality and identity. Animal Man | [57] Zatanna used her magic to enter Adam's mind and saved him, bringing the two of them closer together on a spiritual level. Each Super Power also has 3 levels (SPL). Her unique genetic structure allows her to use the magic she was born with as well as learned magic. During this time, Zatanna confronted The Shrieker,[36][37] who was given powers by Dark Zatanna, a twister version of the Mistress of Magic who lived in a dark dimension and attempted to kill Jeff to weaken Zatanna. However, the backward-speaking is not always necessary for her to cast spells. Vibe | Despite this, Zatanna helped Catwoman and, at Selina's behest, mind-wiped petty villains Film Freak and Angle Man, because they had deduced Catwoman's secret identity. On a separate occasions, Deathstroke delivered a direct blow to her liver, initiating a regurgitation reaction and the Joker in the neck to render her unable to speak. 1 #4 Gypsy | She was so sensational to audiences that she was easily able to be considered as an entertainer unto herself. Plastic Man | [41][42] In another mission to assist Batman and Superman, Zatanna was affected by powerful black magic[43] and she only recovered after Wonder Woman took her to Paradise Island and used the Purple Healing Ray on her. John Stewart | Black Orchid | Zatanna is also a gifted stage magician and hypnotist who routinely enthralls audiences with her mystifying and entertaining performances. Batwing | Firestorm | Blue Beetle | Power Girl | Swamp Thing, Non-Injustice/Guest Star Heroes Firestorm | The story of her introduction revolves around her. Zatanna was born the daughter of the renowned magician Giovanni Zatara, and his wife Sindella, a member of the magically gifted Homo Magi, race. Adam Strange | Bruce Wayne trained as an escape artist along-side her during her father;s tours. Atom | Powerful enchantments against beings of magic, like gods, are able to restrict her as well, preventing her from accessing enchanted places or dispel the adverse charm. Fire | Zatanna's mind-wipe of Dr. Light was not an isolated occurrence. This character is or was a member of the Seven Soldiers of Victory, or the Seven Soldiers in any of its various incarnations, created during World War II and later, it returned to battle time-traveling, dimension-spanning mysteries and monsters.This template will categorize articles that include it into the "Seven Soldiers of Victory members" category. Zatanna Zatara is a fictional character and superheroine from DC Comics and its universe. John Constantine | The Flash broke the tie and voted to allow Zatanna to tamper with Light's mind. However, Aquaman, who was a founding member, decided to create the Justice League Detroit and Zatanna joined the new team formed of old and new heroes.[50]. This came to an end when the dome fell and the League had to fight the Flashpoint Aquaman. Frankenstein | The level is set when connecting that Super Power to a character. [44] In yet another close encounter with the supernatural, Zatanna was possessed by Hellrazer, a powerful demon that attempted to use Zatanna to defeat the Justice League, but failed. While Zatanna was a member of the Justice League, the villain Dr. Light broke into their headquarters and violently raped the Elongated Man's wife Sue Dibny. A year later, the heroines had all become somewhat accustomed to their new lives as socialites. Though she possesses superhuman-level training in magic she prefers to pass as a stage magician and even trained magi have had trouble separating her real spells from her stage illusions. [62], However, it didn't take long for Zatanna to give up her mission as mystic protector of Earth. Madame Xanadu | Zatanna and Batman's friendship degraded once Batman discovered that she had tampered with his mind. Family Zatanna is multi-lingual, being fluent in English, Spanish, and her trademark "backwards speech.". This, however, is not necessary for her to cast spells.