HELP WINNIE!! Can you help? I am on book number 3, Bold Beauty. He won’t get near a hose and I need to wash him. BUT OF COURSE, THE WESTCHESTER LIBRARIES BARELY HAVE ANY HORSE BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My mom and dad said when I'm older I can get one (if we have enough). I really want a horse but I guess it's too much money. Any tips? Do you know how much money it would be to get a horse? What do I do? I love that name! Read our Privacy Policy here . Pretty soon, they'll find out you'll make them work a lot harder when they buck, than if they had just done what you ask in the first place. Dandi received the Helen Keating Ott Award for distinguished contribution toward promoting high moral and ethical values in children and young adult literature. Hi. This series is the best its about a girl that has a great talent of training horses! I recommend them to everybody. eBOOK. It's a good book series. Especially horses and dogs. Hi, I love these horse books! I am training a Taylor to be ridden tackles but he always wants to go faster and faster! He was a natural, getting the right lead before I even knew what that meant (leading with the inside leg at a canter). DEAR WINNIE, IT IS SO COOL TO TALK TO YOU! This series is so good!! Hey I have a question my horse start acting bad when I depart them what do I do? I had to admit Butch was a handsome horse. I want more information on horses so I'm prepared. Dear Winnie, I don't actually have a horse. $5.59 Retail: $6.99 Save 20% ($1.40) 5 Stars Out Of 5 4 Reviews. It doesn't matter which. They are the best! I'VE GOT SEVEN OF THE BOOKS. Community. This amazing black gelding came into my life: MISTY. You can see how close the house is to the fence. What would be a good age to work at a stable, even if it's just mucking stalls? :). Winnie The Horse Gentler (8 Volume Set) (Volumes 1-8) Mass Market Paperback – January 1, 2003 by Dandi Daley Mackall (Author) › Visit Amazon's Dandi Daley Mackall Page. hi horse lovers I need some help my pony is getting skinny and I feed her heaps which doesn't seem to help. It's sooo awesome! I can "speak to animals" but I can't have a horse, dog or cat but I want one. They are good Christian books. Help! I need some tips on what horse I should get. The bottom picture shows Angel and Rocket in our pasture. He limped. winnie, can u please help me?!! Thanks! became Winnie the Horse Gentler because I was the only one who could gentle my Arabian. That is all I am saying, you would have to read the book. he is very stubborn though. A horse's digestive system is designed to graze a lot and so it doesn't need much more. So my horse won’t take a bath and I am a rodeo Queen and I can't not bathe my horse! Only Butch had his own ideas. If he is bucking and you want to do the same thing I told horsecrazybarrelracer in my previous post. She loves going fast and has never had a problem with pressure until now. catman. I have a horse named Willow and we jump but sometimes I feel like she takes over and I am not doing anything... any advice? I just saw another comment that has the same trouble I do: I really want a horse, I have been riding for years, I know everything I think that needs to be known for horses, and everything is perfect. Search for: Leona. People judge by outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart. As usual, my friend met me at the fence and put his head in my lap for a snuggle and a good scratching. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive reviews by email. But on her it looks good. (Northern Ireland). I love these books a lot! They make me want to laugh, smile, and cry at the same time. I can still see my sister sitting tall in the saddle on a sunny afternoon, urging Butch to walk up our dirt road. My name is Jaki. So, I will try to be "the new Winnie" and help y'all out! She still has a lot of life left though. Dear Winnie, Hello! I love horses but don't know what to feed them. I really want a horse but I guess its too much money. In the Winnie the Horse Gentler: The Early Years series, Winnie forms a deep friendship with a big ol’ plow horse named Chief. I'm hoping to get two horses once we move out of town in a couple months. My parents make me wear a helmet but I'm still worried. HE`S DUG A HOLE IN HIS FEEDING PEN. Their mom died in a car accident. 0000003585 00000 n I really want to go to the website to see all the stuff there because people told me it's really cool and I really love horses! they are awesome!!! I have read it at least a million times. Can anybody remember which series and who owns Towaco? Is Winnie, Eddy Barker,Lizzy, and Catman real? Kaylee is as short as I am. and if I should what age of horse should I co-board I am looking for a young but not to young. Sound familiar? Written By: Leona G., 10 yrs. How can it loose weight? 68 0 obj << /Linearized 1 /O 70 /H [ 722 377 ] /L 706313 /E 14321 /N 16 /T 704835 >> endobj xref 68 16 0000000016 00000 n every time i clip my horse she lets me clip everything except her ears i always have to twitch her & i hate to do that! Is there anything I can do to make the horse recognize me when I'm there? Tell Nickers, Starlight, Cleopatra, Blackfire, and every horse of yours that I said hi, I'm a big fan! Winnie books are my favorite books in the whole world!!! Nothing ever works not even when I go to horse riding class - the horse I ride is sooo stubborn. But my real problem is that I don't really have a horse and the closest horses to us we can only pet. But I still need help. As Winnie teaches her horses about uncondi-tional love and trust, God shows Winnie that he can be trusted as well. She’d earned a reputation for “gentling” horses instead of “breaking” them. We didn’t have Butch for long. Join our free horse club ! Dear Dandi - I absolutely love your books and love all animals. Can someone please help me?! After the loss of my first horse, I was afraid I’d never find as good a friend as Sugar. it has lots of horse info! I really like these books!!!!! I have eight! I HAVE READ THE SERIES 10 TIMES. She has a lot of gut too. As Winnie teaches her horses about unconditional love and blind trust, God shows Winnie that he can be trusted too. My horse drank while I cooled off. But sometimes, his lips twitch and he starts twitching them when he sniffs my legs. 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We were never sure of his breed, but I always considered him a Morgan. It is nice how they put so much horse stuff at the end. anyone have any ideas? This is so awesome! 94 0 obj << /Linearized 1 /O 96 /H [ 723 485 ] /L 782658 /E 17611 /N 16 /T 780660 >> endobj xref 94 16 0000000016 00000 n