Get Help With Your Essay Are the Trump Administration's Environmental Rollbacks Built to Last? Have You Been Feeling Overly Emotional Lately? (One person alone can make no great change) There is an analogy that I often use, One drop of water is not much. Reduce the number of things you buy. I am going to venture an educated guess and say just about anything. The Clean Water Act has reduced dumping of trash and wastewater into the river, leading some to hope it will be swimmable and fishable in a decade. The National Audubon Society protects birds and the places they need, today and tomorrow, throughout the Americas using science, advocacy, education, and on-the-ground conservation. Clairvoyant Energy Allows You To See Spiritual Phenomena Clearly UYT264, Are You A Practical Person Or A Pragmatic Intuitive? Join now. But How Much Trouble Is It In? In this podcast, Why Is Environmental Protection Important, you will learn: We speak to some of the issues around ways to save the planet and how we can do our part in this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Why Is Environmental Protection Important. Speech – Why environmental protection matters for public health – new evidence and frameworks for policy makers. The billion-dollar industries that donate to their campaigns (thanks, Citizens United) want to be free of what they see as burdensome rules and regulations—like cleaning up their hazardous waste or installing technologies to capture carbon pollution. Politicians are asking for major changes to the law—and even an outright repeal. Firstly, the environmental pollution is one of the main reasons why we should fight to protect environment. Can This Critically Endangered Bird Survive Australia's New Climate Reality? But history has shown that, as long as there’s a buck to be made, polluters will quietly poison our shared resources. The EPA’s progress on cleaning the country’s air and waterways in the past 40 years has been remarkable. Pingback: Healing Power of Water, - UYT101 | The Ultimate Healing System! The Clean Power Plan is currently on hold after electrical utilities, 28 states (including Oklahoma led by Scott Pruitt), and others challenged it last year; the D.C. The environment assists in the purification of air from the … In North America, climate change threatens the survival of over 300 bird species, according to Audubon scientists. The agency helped states put together plans to reduce pollution from sources like cars, power plants, and other polluting industries by installing new technologies to capture particle pollution and dangerous gases and reduce emissions. Adequate environmental protection helps to reduce the risk of related health problems, such as asthma, and promotes a healthier environment in places where humans live, work and learn. 13 points Why is environmental protection important? The environment plays an important role in a person's health, both short- and long-term. And within a few decades, Bald Eagle populations (and those of other affected species, such as pelicans and falcons) recovered. Charles Wurster pens a personal account of how the Environmental Defense Fund took down the most notorious pesticide in history. Let me put it into very simple words, what is environment; what is the importance of environment… it is the continuation of life for you and all living creatures. And more than a dozen states have sued the EPA over the methane rule, too, including—you guessed it—Oklahoma and Pruitt. Who needs 15 pairs of shoes etc. And much more! Will 5G Impact Our Cell Phone Plans (or Our Health?! National Audubon Society Or take action immediately with one of our current campaigns below: The Audubon Bird Guide is a free and complete field guide to more than 800 species of North American birds, right in your pocket. The act made it unlawful to dump pollution into navigable waters without a permit and sought to make all U.S. waters “fishable and swimmable” by 1985. Birds and other wildlife suffer from similar respiratory problems when immersed in air pollution. Of course, they tried to help you. Some politicians have made a hobby of attacking the agency—not for its work in keeping our air and water clean, but as a symbol for the government rules and regulations that, they say, strangle businesses and hinder the economy. environmental protection has, following durable development. What does the youth of the world have to look forward to? The EPA set standards for how clean water should be, and worked with local authorities and companies to design programs to clean wastewater, redesign sewer systems, and restore degraded rivers and lakes. It’s the least you can do. In that case, the National Association of Manufacturers, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and 14 plaintiff states—including Oklahoma, led by Scott Pruitt—sued the EPA and argued that the environmental impacts of greenhouse gases haven’t been proven. Environmental protection is important for several reasons, such as ensuring a lasting supply of resources, as well as providing access to clean food and water. Timothy Lenahan/Audubon Photography Awards, “The views expressed in user comments do not reflect the views of Audubon. Photo: Krista Schlyer. However, once the stimulus is strong enough we can and will do anything our power to resolve a situation. Buying one better quality item is cheaper than buying two inferior units over the same time period. Spread the word. Last year, the EPA and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers issued a rule that wetlands and streams are integral parts of waterways, and so also fall under the purview of the Clean Water Act. Both rules have been challenged in the courts. Would you? These two eagles, found dead in 1963, were sent to a lab to test for harmful pesticides like DDT. Why is environmental protection important? 25 September 2013, Brussels, Belgium. The show airs on CIVL 101.7 FM at 7-8PM (Pacific Time) every Tuesday evening or live-stream the show at A great deal of pollution, especially ocean pollution, ends up affecting creatures that humans later consume, meaning that humans are ingesting toxins. Why Do People Need to Protect the Environment. Creating environmental awareness and promoting environmental education are the means to ensure that humans do not degrade environment but conserve it for the future. An Indigenous Effort to Return Condors to the Pacific Northwest Nears Its Goal, Audubon to Election Officials and Courts: Count Every Vote, The Public Gets Just Two Weeks to Weigh In on Seismic Testing in the Arctic Refuge. Environmental protection is the practice of protecting the natural environment by individuals, organizations and governments. The Real Story Behind the War Against DDT, The Waters of the United States (WOTUS) Rule: What It Is and Why It’s Important, Help power unparalleled conservation work for birds across the Americas, Stay informed on important news about birds and their habitats, Receive reduced or free admission across our network of centers and sanctuaries, Access a free guide of more than 800 species of North American birds, Discover the impacts of climate change on birds and their habitats, Learn more about the birds you love through audio clips, stunning photography, and in-depth text. Air Quality and Disaster Control. You can subscribe to my Youtube Channel for much more info! Before companies that burned fossil fuels were required to install technologies to control soot and gas emissions from their smokestacks, smog choked American cities, causing a raft of chronic diseases and shortening the lives of many urban citizens. Fear can hold us back. This month, smog—a haze of pollution and fog so thick that it blocks sunlight—has settled on Beijing and 24 other cities. Human changes to one ecosystem, whether through environmental pollution or deliberate manipulation, can actually put multiple species in danger of extinction, necessitating the need to protect the environment. Or simply send us a Review by email. And to do that, we need a strong EPA. If you like you can even gift your Winning Psychic Reading to someone else, but why would you want to do that. By the end of the century, Minnesota will likely no longer host its iconic Common Loons in the summertime because of climate change. Thanks so much! After World War II, the use of the pesticide DDT became widespread in U.S. agriculture. ), The Secret Science of Solving Crossword Puzzles, Racist Phrases to Remove From Your Mental Lexicon. In 1972, the EPA banned the pesticide. Festival of Sacrifice: The Past and Present of the Islamic Holiday of Eid al-Adha. While black smoke is a rarer sight today than it was in 1970, not all pollution is visible to the human eye. If you’re looking for an example of the way political debate warps reality, you couldn’t do much better than the recent treatment of the Environmental Protection Agency. As a result, today’s vehicles are 99 percent cleaner for common pollutants, and new power plants are 90 percent cleaner for dangerous gases, according to the EPA. Rainfall washed the pesticide from fields into streams, where it was absorbed by plants and fish, and then consumed by raptors and other birds. Examples include quality of the outdoor air along with water quality in the surface and ground as well as any toxic substances or hazardous wastes. Even if it is too late what are we going to do lay down and die??? We protect birds and the places they need. For UYT episodes to be sent directly to your device, subscribe on iTunes, Player FM, Blubrry or Stitcher! b)Collaboration is important. Photo: Howard Arndt/Audubon Photography Awards, Great Egret. Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed. Your email address will not be published. Lead was used as an additive in paint, gasoline, pipes, and other materials, and causes brain damage, developmental delays, and even death in high doses in both people and birds. Having a clean environment assists with prevention or control of disease, injury, and any disabilities that may arise from a poor environment. How to save the environment, ways to help the earth heal is a very popular topic in all circles of life as well as globally. Importance of environmental protection.