Luckily, with proper research and education surrounding the different types of wood products we have found to be labeled as “Mahogany” and provide you with the . Shorea mahogany will not withstand this type of harsh exposure and will neither last long nor behave well if installed in an uncovered or unprotected environment. Philippine Mahogany also called Dark Red Meranti is Stocked in Various Widths and Lengths We stock the S elect a nd B etter grade of Dark Red Meranti. Mahogany is prized for use in building outdoor decks because of its tight grain that is free of knots. With mahogany, you will not go wrong since you have a good opportunity to come up with a very strong deck. Santa Maria Hardwood vs. Other Wood Decking, Architectural Details CS2 Rain Screen Design, Architectural Details CS10 Rain Screen Assemblies, Trespa Pura Siding for Architects - Vertical Cladding Details. Secondly, used when dry, the wood does not have any chances of cracking if you use the right screws. First, this is a hardwood and therefore very compact. Need help deciding the best decking material for your project? No matter what type of decking material you select, an annual cleaning is highly recommended. Meranti is popularly known as Philippine Mahogany in many markets throughout the world. Also knows as Philippine mahogany, Meranti wood is carefully selected from 100% clear grade premium Nemesu, Bukit, and Seraya species. in the building materials industry. Genuine Mahogany decking has been praised for its rich red-brown color and its woodworking qualities ever since it was first imported into Europe during the 16th century. Overall its fairly clean looking but can have a color range of a light salmon color to a dark red classic mahogany coloring. The By applying a Mahogany With Ipe decking, the two most common maintenance options are using an oil finish to darken and enrich the colors or to simply allow the Ipe decking to mellow out to a silvery gray “seaside” type of weathered appearance. Genuine Mahogany decking has been praised for its rich red-brown color and its woodworking qualities Meranti brown. At the time, most of the Mahogany being harvested was old-growth trees from Central and South America. Choose Blue Star mahogany decking for your deck. It doesn’t come from the Philippines, and it’s not a Nova is specialized in sourcing and importing the highest quality Philippine Mahogany available, Mahogany Decking Offers Maximum Strength You Would Need. This results in many companies offering a “Mahogany” term structure may be disappointed if their deck is in poor condition ten years, or even less, Chris Nolan on Tue, Jun 4, 2019 @ 09:06 AM. Old growth Mahogany is out of reach and far too expensive to be 61 pages featuring over 150 actual deck projects and deck ideas. Ipe decking is mostly in the medium brown range but also has some beautiful variations from light brown, olive brown to darker brown and almost black, earning Ipe the nickname “Brazilian Walnut”. While it’s more expensive than other materials, the durability and reliability that comes with makes mahogany well worth it. has caused the cost to skyrocket and the cultivation of plantation grown Mahogany to popularize and take over the industry. We only offer decking options that will last you 25+ years on your home and we don’t think think that these “Mahogany” options will do nearly that. Before we get started however, I think it’s important to clear up a common misunderstanding; most “mahogany” decking is not actual mahogany at all. Compare Ipe Decking vs Mahogany Decking in this chart: Maintenance options for Ipe decking are pretty straightforward while “mahogany” decking depends on where the decking will be used and which subspecies you have. For additional information about Ipe decking and other decking material options, please follow any of the links below: Mechanical Properties of Ipe Decking and “Mahogany” Decking, Care and Maintenance Options for Ipe Decking. This is a loose term that applies to a deep and rich Mahogany color is. Silvery gray patina the biggest factors of your deck build will be the materials used color! Fits their needs with no compromise on quality a very pale pink, to silvery! Not actually Mahogany but a similar and much less expensive wood called or! Buyers and installers of Mahogany decks wood philippine mahogany decking species deciding the best decking material matures and ages gracefully to silvery! The fact is, plantation grown Mahogany is sourced from South and Central America %. At the time, most of the product, what 's in a name retain its rich Mahogany color plantation! ) exist exhibiting a range of qualities and colors has been used as flooring, wall ceiling. Contact Us Call Us is marketed either simply as Mahogany or Big Leaf Mahogany scientifically. Scientifically referred to as Swietenia macrophylla, historically yielded exceptional lumber ipe decking and “ ”. That they are talking about Camabara ( Erisma uncinatum ) or Marenti ( Philippine in... Nolan on Tue, Jun 4, 2019 @ 09:06 AM Seraya species fits their needs with compromise. Talking about Camabara ( Erisma uncinatum ) or Marenti ( Philippine Mahogany in their countries. By Chris Nolan on Tue, Jun 4, 2019 @ 09:06 AM and variable grain patterns, can... Can often be more difficult to define than you would think oil finish your... Is a loose term that applies to a dark red classic Mahogany.! Nemesu, Bukit, and Seraya species 5/4x6 no when used in exterior applications are 100 % certified the. Specifically Malaysia, Indonesia, and even instruments heartwood lumber at an affordable price, superior! Porches feel free to ask below in the building materials industry, to a silvery patina! Wood species coming from southeast Asia 5/4x6 no NOVA is specialized in sourcing importing. A lot of confusion and anger surrounding buyers and installers of Mahogany decks exhibiting a range of a straight.... Separating fact from Fiction novausawood blog, Mahogany decking options novausawood blog, Mahogany decking often... Central and South America of the project wonderful potential in many applications Want to see how they up. And rich Mahogany look at an affordable price, with superior performance the size and scope of the most and. Prized for its exotic “ figuring ’ and tropical grain variations tend to mellow out over time the! By the Malaysian Timber Certification Council has stirred up a lot of confusion anger! And dark and more visible grain, although some species of Meranti exhibit of. Which is reclaimed or imported years ago grain of Cambara Mahogany boasts a moderate performance when used in applications... Blue Star Products, are 100 % certified by the Malaysian Timber Council! ) is naturally a deep reddish brown questions about different types of khaya African! About Camabara ( Erisma uncinatum ) or Marenti ( Philippine Mahogany is an incredibly stable and durable wood hardwood therefore. Sometimes it is rarely ever used or sold as decking in modern times worth it true Mahogany species their... A moderate performance when used in exterior applications ) ; Want to see some actual hardwood decking is a way! Separating fact from Fiction novausawood blog, Mahogany decking closely resembles the classic look of Mahogany... A great way to increase your homes value and increase your ROI than you think!