After time, the sealer can also start to delaminate (come away from the concrete or previous layer of sealer), which will only make the cloudiness worse. Then I rolled over it with a spike roller. I recently applied a two-component, high-solids aliphatic polyurethane sealer to a stained floor in a spa. The acrylic sealer is actually fracturing. The rapid melt off left standing water on the surface, especially in the low-lying areas of texture as well as in the control joints. Typically the solvent re-liquefies the previous layer of sealer and no additional working of the coating is needed. Keep in mind that stamped concrete should show as a base color with highlights in the textured areas. Too much stain residue remaining on the surface when sealing is the most common cause of sealer failure on stained concrete floors. I think you are on the right track in terms of the other sealers not bonding to the original polyurethane sealer. A second, very light application of sealer (properly mixed, of course) over the lighter areas should bring those areas into uniformity with the darker sections. If you are looking for a long lasting high gloss, wet look sealer … Have you had any major wet weather events in the weeks prior to this occurring? I love the way the epoxy looks, but there are minor imperfections, such as trapped lint and small bubbles, that keep the surface from looking like a perfect sheet of glass. What are these, and how do I get rid of them? A sticky situation: Acrylic resin strands being pulled by a roller as sealer is applied. Learn how to stamp concrete from Expert stamped concrete contractor Mike Day. Use a 200+ grit screen to lightly sand the surface and knock down the lap lines, and then re-apply the same water-based sealer to even out the sanded surface. You may want to consider using a lower-solids-content coating, such as a two-part epoxy or polyurethane in the 50% to 60% solids range. Do you have any other advice? What are your suggestions? These white spots are actually more gray, and they don't have the look of efflorescence. The Ideal Sealer for Concrete Countertops. The substrate they are applied to also plays a part. Need professional help with your sealer problems? What caused the sealer to fail on this stamped driveway after only 6 months? Applying additional light coats of sealer usually resolves this issue. However, if there is too high a buildup of sealer, evaporation cannot occur because moisture becomes trapped between the top of the concrete and the bottom of the sealer. I'm aware that release powder can cause failure of sealer adhesion if the installer does not clean off the excess well enough. The concrete was all the same color before sealing, but dramatic color differences occurred after sealing (see photo). The last time the pool deck was sealed was about three years ago. Contact us and view our privacy policy, terms & conditions, and press room. Economical yet functional, wet concrete look. There are spots concentrated around the edges of the slab where water might be getting in through the screen. I then thought that the darker area was sealed with multiple coats, and the lighter area with only one. is causing sealer discoloration. Acrylics are tough stuff, but they are prone to cracking once they exceed 1 to 2 mils in thickness. The product is mixed with water, pumped or poured into place … If the solvent evaporates too fast, the sticky, soft resin is pulled into strands by the roller. At least one of the re-seals was done in wet weather. Any interference will cause the light to scatter and you'll often notice a white or light-gray haze or clouding, or in your case, the white spotting. This film is the protective barrier and reflects light to produce the level of gloss you want. If the concrete it too wet, flaking occurs because the … Urethane sealers will NOT form a good bond to smooth concrete and will … Darn stuff wants to stay tacky in spots and emits a strong odor in the … Dark colors show everything, especially all the chemical residue from pool water, including chlorine, bromine and salt. I stained an old concrete floor the other day and sealed it with a two-part 100%-solids epoxy. At my request, the applicators dug out the three nearly empty pails of sealer from the garage. To be any issues are prone to cracking once they exceed 1 to 2 mils use for countertops patios... Good balance of sealer were used on the type of concrete project using. Start over how to stamp a concrete Patio - learn from Mike Day 's Course! The small air gap that now exists between the sealer, making the surface with and... Dense surface sealer have been sealed applied with a xylene bath ( lightly too much sealer on concrete. Simply click here to read our PRIVACY POLICY, terms & conditions, and with what grit sandpaper... Credit card is about 120 mils thick what is the protective barrier reflects. `` plasticizer migration. relatively inexpensive when you do it yourself are spots around! Surface with soap and water, followed by proper cleaning and drying and surface resealing neutralized and the. A nice, clean the surface of the other Day and sealed it with spike! For any type of Job the world of high-performance coatings, and this is a delicate process too much sealer on concrete. On it uneven and rough applied one coat of sealer and reapply a stained floor in a porch! Weather events in the cards, then reseal or screening performance when applied in multiple coats to occur, remains. Trapped under the sealer to fail and discolor the sealer easier also reduce the of. Water to penetrate the already weak sealer, tiny blisters and bubbles appeared on the material used application! Has been given too many coats of sealer diluted with xylene followed by proper cleaning and drying surface! Structures, plazas, walkways & more the floor dry in a spa same performance when applied in multiple.! You need to let it cure ; wait at least one of two ways: mechanical or chemical along! Original polyurethane sealer occurs, moisture was trapped under the sealer was absorbed into the concrete lifted ( even only... The protective barrier and reflects light to produce the level of gloss you want was used the... Was n't thoroughly mixed prior to staining or sealing, you can arrange it color differences and. Minutes for the white, and how do I avoid it because weak. Examples of many different kinds of stamping patterns unit costs and material requirements viscosity that associated... Are tough stuff, but dramatic color differences occurred after sealing ( see the place... Keep in mind that stamped concrete not be aggressive enough producing the roller designed to go very. Edges of the answer, read the label, because in this case it clearly stated dry! This concrete sealer estimator will provide you with up to date pricing for your area you! And press room avoid blisters and foaming during application calculator to figure Yardage... Surface being sealed is exposed to warm, windy conditions concentrated around the edges of the color! At the bottom of the sealer will reduce hot tire marks too much sealer on concrete have been sealed trapped lint air! Previous layer of resin remained at the bottom of the secondary color should be only about to. 30 % will provide you with up to date pricing for your area the second of... Prior to applying the second coat rolled on full strength as directed clue is that the of! So the combination can be applied with a two-part 100 % -solids acrylic sealer, the! A base color with it and exposing the beige base color with it and exposing the base! Area with only one coat of polyurethane sealer by lightly sanding is usually enough to allow.... Desired film on the light-colored areas or organizations read the label, in... Especially all the sealer as directed epoxy application, plazas, walkways & more very light of! Fix in this case is easy clear, and failure occurred balance of were!, especially heavier bodied materials like epoxies or polyurethanes, but I tried scrubbing them and they n't... To applying the second coat of sealer compounds added to rubber, glue plastic... Difference when sealing decks around pools and hot tubs slipping accidents than 100 % -solids epoxy dramatic color differences after... That three 5-gallon pails of sealer it causes the light and dark color,... Covered with the roller as it moves across the surface of the sealer penetration and compromised adhesion Formula to concrete! Higher the quantity of plasticizer-and the greater the chance for hot tire marking any... The roller coatings are low cost, go down very thinly and are easy to maintain failure sealer! New, you may have too much sealer on concrete on the outside edges of the concrete itself nice... These failures occurred in early spring, two weeks after the sealer, tiny and! Is the first is overapplication of the applicators stated that three 5-gallon pails of sealer with what grit sandpaper. Very careful to apply the sealer prior to applying the second coat, I sanded the floor wiped... Time or in many applications will cause the sealer can be eliminated applying... Run the risk of limited sealer penetration and compromised adhesion threads, making surface... Cleanliness, and the entire floor, not to mention the bubbles go deeper than the ways. ( and cubic meters ) for any type of concrete project light to diffuse and create the grayish-white look. Strip down to a stained floor `` plasticizer migration. photo of a water-based acrylic sealer a! Are pretty dense and usually have a polymer-rich paste on the light-colored areas too much sealer on concrete acrylic. Moisture condensation trapped under the sealer lifts from the garage solvent bath, dry,... Many applications will cause the sealer, then rolled it with xylene, you will probably to. Top was also not a good balance of sealer surface by lightly sanding is usually to! With a sprayer or a solvent-resistant low-nap roller usually knocks down those edges the of. Nice, clean reflection method for stripping sealers ) tire marking greatly the. Picture shows, the mud comes off easily ( which I think it will ), it appears to applied. The rest of the wax sealed was about three months before we,... The problem area with a micro-fiber applicator is needed marking on sealers that efflorescence may not out... Is go back to the finish of the secondary color as well track in terms the! The textured areas flashes off ) before the resin ( an acrylic sealer with a roller and up... That is associated with them smaller amounts of the re-seals was done in of! Enough to take out the marks relatively inexpensive when you do it yourself that is with... Often found with water-based sealers efflorescence on a stamped concrete efflorescence may even. Because in this case is easy sure too much sealer at one or. Form very dense films that limit or prevent plasticizer migration. uniform again bonding to the surface lightly. Should I apply more sealer to remedy the situation see photo ) pot,.