Angela Baker was the survivor of a horrible boating accident which claimed the life of her father Angela Baker attacked and she injured her twin sibling - a horrific incident that scarred her family and left her in the care of her domineering, mentally-unstable aunt. – Angela revealing herself to Ronnie and her cousin Ricky after skinning Michael alive for all the mean things he's done and to his step-brother Alan, saving his life. 3. In the second, third, and Return To Sleepaway Camp, 'Peter' truly became female and took on the full persona of Angela. Unfollow. In 1975, Peter, Angela, John, and Lenny had a picnic and enjoyed their sailboat while they waited to meet up with Martha. Raised as a boy, deeply confused about her gender, Angela was eventually sent away to Camp Arawak at age 14 in an attempt to help her integrate into youth culture. Angela and Peter goofed around on their boat, capsizing them and their father, John. 4. she is… ugh, the love of my life. When asked why he spoke through an electrolarynx, Sheriff Jerry explained that he lost his larynx to cancer after a lifetime of smoking, when Angela was actually using it to hide her real voice. Sean Whitmore, one of the campers in attendance there, is the only person who was able to recognize Angela's true identity and her being the killer at Camp Arawak before he is killed by her. 5 years later, In 1988, after going through a gender reassignment surgery and 2 years of electroshock therapy, Angela was believed to be "cured" and was ultimately released for good behavior. After Kenny overturns the boat, he is drowned in the lake by Angela. Peter was sent to live with his eccentric aunt, Dr. Martha Thomas, and Martha's son, Richard "Ricky" Thomas, where he was raised by Martha as the girl that she always wanted and took on the name of his dead sister. room to watch a movie. He tries to avenge his son's death but fails. Artie sees Angela and intends to molest her after taking her to the back room. One year later in 1989, after killing Maria Nicastro in New York, Angela assumes her identity and travels to Camp New Horizons, a camp where several youths from both upper and lower class areas and of different ethnicities are to live and work together in "an experiment in sharing." Five years later, she made another attempt at camp life but her mental state dissolved once again and she committed a series of murders. Judging people and then executing the naughty ones. As the family swam, a pair of teenagers, who pulled a water skier in a motorboat, failed to notice them in time and hit them, which killed John and injured Peter and Angela. He really needs to work on time management. Angela and Peter grew up with their father, John, and were close to their cousin, Ricky. The Sleepaway Camp ending was parodied on Robot Chicken, where the reveal from the first film was played out, with someone (who turned out to be Robert Hiltzik himself) being amazed that anyone remembered his film. During lunchtime, Angela, who did not eat for some time, was taken into the kitchen by Head Counselor, Ronnie to see if there was anything in there that she would like to eat. Martha did that mostly because she (in her twisted view) already had a son, and had wanted a daughter instead. Angela is ridiculed and bullied due to her introverted nature and shyness, mainly by Judy and camp counselor Meg. Until she meets Paul, she doesn't speak a word to anyone, even to her cousin Ricky. – Angela shedding off her Sheriff disguise, revealing herself and the murders around Camp Manabe. While still very young, Peter and Angela spied on their father in bed with his lover, Lenny. ), OTP: Jason x Micheal or Chucky x Freddy (No real reason for either, both pairings just make sense in my head), Parent-Child: Angela and Leatherface (Leatherface is at least mostly a good boy and Angela really needs a positive role model in her life), Alright I’m done being stubborn. It was under her care that Angela was truly "born," as, prior to this, she was a boy. In Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers her motivation is much clearer, claiming to want to get rid of all the "bad kids" who can't follow the rules. Sleepaway Camp Angela < > Most recent. It was also indicated that Martha disapproved of Peter and Angela's father having a male partner. Later that day, Paul talks with Angela while she sits out of the volleyball game, much to the irritation of Judy. Goals Follow. All posts. She has also become deceptive. Billy and Stu: Meh. However, like Peter, she is also troubled and deadly too. Artie's injuries were deemed accidental by camp owner Mel Kostic, who paid off the rest of his kitchen staff, including Ben and kept the event quiet. a ball of sunshine, isn’t she? Born as a boy, Peter Baker grew up with her father and twin sister, with frequent visits to Aunt Martha and Cousin Ricky, who she was quite close with. The Definitive Sleepaway Camp Documentary | Check out 'ANGELA The Official Sleepaway Camp Documentary' on Indiegogo. 1988 Was Just A Great Year For Horror Sequels. Filter by post type. 5 étoiles sur 5 (232) 232 avis. Paul stays behind and befriends Angela by telling her about the misadventures he and Ricky had gotten into in previous years. Angela Baker sera interprété par Danielle Harris connue pour avoir joué le rôle de Jamie Lloyd dans Halloween 4 et Marybeth Dunston dans la saga horrifique et gore Hatchet. Audio. Before any harm can come to Angela, Ricky storms in while Artie unfastens his pants. uraalice . Help improve this article by rewriting, expanding, updating the poorly written text of the article. A family that consisted of John Baker and his two children, Angela and Peter out on a lake near a summer camp. Angela killed numerous people for their bullying, bad attitudes, having sex, doing drugs, TAKING drugs, smoking, drinking, and unsociable behavior, even the counselors. In Sleepaway Camp IV: The Survivor her character is more like hers from the original movie, attaining more and more traits of herself in parts II and III as she recovers her memories. Pour plus de détails, voir Fiche technique et Distribution. John's lover, Lenny, had a strong presence in the household. This would also implicate that the Angela seen in Return to Sleepaway Camp is not Peter. Later, out on the lake, Kenny was drowned, his body was found the next day, and his death was also ruled accidental by Mel, despite suspicion from camp employees and the police, especially Frank the Cop. Sleepaway Camp (1983) Edit. Angela then killed Judy, Mel, Paul, and four of the five campers that threw sand at her and Ricky and Ricky was found nearly dead after he was beaten up by Mel. Michael Simpson conceived a third sequel ending with Felissa Rose's Angela battling Pamela Springsteen's Angela, following off of the implication in Return to Sleepaway Camp that the original Angela was still alive. Chucky: Used to be terrified but now I think he’s funny. Tous ceux qui la maltraitent ont des accidents mortels…. This leads her to a third killing spree, killing all present, one her victims most notably police officer Barney Whitmore, who arrested Angela at Camp Arawak for the murders she committed there, as well being the father of Sean Whitmore, who Angela killed at Camp Rolling Hills during her time as a counselor there. After the incident in the pantry, Artie was seriously injured when he was knocked off a chair by an unseen figure while he tended to a large pot of boiling water which spilled on his face, arms, and hands. That evening, Paul and Angela go to the rec. Water skiers, not paying attention, ran over the family.été&oldid=167844709, Page pointant vers des bases relatives à l'audiovisuel, Identifiant Allociné titre identique sur Wikidata, licence Creative Commons attribution, partage dans les mêmes conditions, comment citer les auteurs et mentionner la licence. Origin Hope you like! In the late 1980s, Hiltzik sold the rights to the successive Sleepaway Camp films, after which Michael A. Simpson directed two sequels, Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers (1988) and Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland (1989). After the affair at the beach, Meg, while she prepared for a date with Mel, was murdered with a knife while she took a shower and had her back sliced open. Eight years after John and Angela's deaths, Peter/Angela, and Ricky were sent to Camp Arawak by Martha. Angela and her friends. Next, she became "Maria Nicastro," a troubled camper. Martha explained to Peter that she always wanted a girl and already had a boy, so Peter would be Angela from now on. Tous ceux qui la maltraitent ont des accidents mortels… Fiche technique. In Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland her character does not differ much from the one in the previous movie, she is just more ruthless and less subtle, for example when she pissed off Barney Whitmore and teased him with mentioning his dead son, Sean. He/she was portrayed by Felissa Rose in the original film, and by Pamela Springsteen in the second and third films. Towards the end, she reveals her true identity while making a speech about how cruel her victims were to Alan. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Hobby Then, she was "Angela Johnson," a camp counselor. Due to her introverted nature, Angela was ridiculed and bullied. Elle passe un été en camp de vacances avec son cousin. (In a deleted scene, she could be heard rapping the same rap song heard during her killing one of the campers.). While in an ambulance being led away, she kills a paramedic and a cop with a syringe before they could consider finishing her off for her actions. cvasquez . Jason: My baby. The only campers she spares are Tony DeHerrara and Marcia Holland, the latter who manages to stab Angela a few times with a knife for the murders she had committed. Sleepaway Camp opens with John Baker and his two kids, Angela and Peter, swimming together when a boat driven by a reckless teen accidentally hits the family and kills John and one of the kids. Angela refuses to answer Judy and grows so out of control that Susie slaps her. Her character is completely changed; talkative, sociable and playful, but only on the outside. Ricky and the other boys are sent back to their cabin by camp counselor Gene. Brotp: Billy and Stu (Duh) or Jason and Leatherface (I feel like they’d have a lot of similar hobbies), Notp: Jason x Freddy (Get away from my son you disgusting hamburger man! Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. by CastleFall Fandoms: Halloween Movies - All Media Types, Child's Play/Chucky (Movies), The Grudge … Ricky shows her to her bunk. Occupation Video. Archie Liberace apparently played Angela while she was naked in the ending, although it is not confirmed if you search the movie's title in IMDb Archie Liberace is credited as Naked Angela. Hypocritical Serial Killer, AngelaAngel of DeathAngela JohnsonMaria Nicastro, Holding her breath for a really long timeArcheryMurder methodsStealthMastery of disguisesWeapons expertise, Serial killingsTortureMutilationsManipulationTheft of private propertyStalkingIdentity theftKidnappingAssaultTrespassing. The rest of the series is then set into 2 separate timelines. Due to her introvert behavior, she gets bullied by numerous campers. Her main tormentors were fellow camper Judy and Camp Counselor, Meg. After their small boat accidentally flipped, John and the children began to head ashore, where John's lover, Lenny, called to him. After years of therapy and surgery, Angela was "cured." Ronnie takes her to the kitchen to see if there is anything she likes. Micheal Myers: I kind of feel bad for Micheal, he clearly needs more help than anyone can give him in his movies. De la boutique TheShirtJerks. After their small boat accidentally flipped, John and the children began to head ashore, where John's lover, Lenny, called to him. Years later, in the summer of 1983, we see Angela has been taken in by her Aunt Martha and is being sent to camp with her cousin Ricky. Judy (Sleepaway Camp) Angela Baker; Fan Art; Digital Art; Other - Freeform; Summary. Ricky introduced him to his shy cousin, Angela, and Paul remarked that Judy, Ricky's summer fling from the previous year, had developed breasts.