To quote Dean himself, he and Sam have a "deep, abiding love for each other." Fortunately, Samuel provided a cure before Dean became unable to resist the urge to feed. Jun 6, 2015 - Dean and Sam Winchester character analysis from spn. How no one calls him on it is a miracle in and of itself. "Son of a bitch!" But really, Dean gets this way towards anyone that gets close to Sam. The series begins in Lawrence, Kansas with the demonic death of Dean’s mother Mary. She then tries to kill Dean, who hesitates to fight back, but Sam shoots her dead and saves Dean. Castiel materializes right next to Dean to the latter's annoyance. going to Hell at the end of Season 3 served Azazel's master plan quite perfectly. Though to clarify, Sam never did choose Amelia "over" Dean (actually the opposite, when a straight-up choice had to be made). Dean was born January 24th, 1979 in Lawrence, Kansas, United States. Loves anime and has stated that "it's an art". He was killed by a Ghoul but was resurrected by angels to serve as a vessel for Michael but this turned out to be a ploy to convince Dean to concede to saying "yes" to the archangel. Re-established at the end of Season 9, when Sam declared that he had every intention of fighting Metatron alongside Dean, and Dean wound up dying in Sam's arms. took the Mark of Cain from Cain himself so that he could kill Abbadon for good. Dean takes thirty years of torture in the season break he spends in Hell, before he cracks and starts torturing other souls, and enjoying it because he's not being tortured. Since both Dean and Ruby sold their souls, they both ended up going to Hell and suffering as a punishment where they were tortured (Dean was not only tortured, he became a torturer under Alastair's guidance). All season, Dean and Ruby were basically in competition for Sam's affections and loyalty. After a year of attempting to live an "apple-pie" life with Lisa and Ben, he returns to hunting as soon as Sam shows up, and comes to the conclusion that, while a normal life is what he thought he wanted, he's only really satisfied when he's hunting. TBH when I started watching SPN I liked Sam more than Dean. He keeps the biggest and most extreme secret of all in season nine, when Dean gives an angel the permission to, Despite Sam turning into a demon blood addicted junkie who was turning to. the Mark ended up having negative effects on Dean's personality to the point where he became tempted to kill everything in his path. Dean later literally died from it. In Season 5, despite Dean losing faith in, Played straight again in 8x17 when his confession to Castiel that he needs him. His nickname for Castiel - Cas(s) - stuck to the point barely anyone calls him by his real name anymore. He literally cuts Cain off in mid-sentence when the latter is trying to explain the ramifications of the Mark, indicating that Dean couldn't care less at that point what would happen to him. In 'Sex and Violence' Dean declares his glee over working a case involving strippers. the brother that he loves more than anything is destined for a path of darkness and evil and he might have to kill him to save the world, the 'uncle' he adores becomes a target by association and of his two best friends: one is slowly dying as a result of helping him, the other sacrificed himself to save Sam (who hated his guts) and is now trapped in Purgatory. Dean calls the angel possessing his brother, Ezekiel, "Zeke" for short. With the Mark of Cain, Dean has been shown to take on multiple demons and sometimes angels on his own. the negative effects of the Mark of Cain. Throughout seasons three and four, particularly, he is a, In season five, Dean was seriously considering. Later in the episode, we see him in a strip club devoting all his attention to bonding with a very male FBI agent. While the immediate reason he can't ask Cas to come back to the bunker is because of the Gadreel situation, it's also clear he's not just doing it because it's convenient when he tells Cas to go live a normal life and experiment and be happy, even though he wishes Cas could stay with him. Well, people like Sam Winchester also. 8 Knowledge: Sam. suggests that Dean keep running as he has "heard the Fourth Kind is a butt thing", over protectiveness of Sam since he was a baby, He even tells Sam that they do things his way and it's not a team anymore but a dictatorship.