Subscribe today and receive latest Livery List news and guides direct to your inbox © Suregrow Fertiliser Ltd 2016. If you have a greener view a useful tool is a pasture knife which with a regular walk around your pasture will give good control of nettles and thistles (better suited to smaller areas). Ground conditions should be such that tractor wheels should just leave a mark which will then be removed by the roller. Suregrow products include Suregrow Fertiliser, CSM, Paddock Grass Seed Mix, Fast Grass, Meadow and Laminitics Grass Mix. Fertiliser spreading is covered by a range of models suitable for two to two hundred acres, all of which are designed for the job and built to last. When spring approaches and the paddocks start to dry, you can begin harrowing them, this is a great way to promote new grass growth. Preferences for different grasses and other plants, and the patterns of grazing seen on badly managed pastures are discussed. Spray with a selective herbicide using a paddock maintenance contractor or use your own knapsack spray. Newsletter. Good grassland management is a key component of horse production as it will ensure good quality grass during the grazing season and the production of quality forage to meet winter feed requirements. Keep poo picking your paddocks as poo left on the ground does restrict grass growth. Application of equine specific knowledge and skills onto a basis of agricultural grassland production: grass evaluation and establishment; grazing systems; winter forage; forage and nutrient availability for a monogastric hind gut fermenter; sporting use. This is the end of summer the days get cooler and there is usually an autumn flush of grass growth, giving your paddock(s) a top dressing of fertiliser will encourage this growth. This is to ensure that we give you the best experience possible. It is best to roll when the ground is damp. Website designed by The Wrapped Agency. These are the worst of the winter months, the important thing at this time of year is to minimise the damage to your paddocks. Poisonous ragwort becomes more palatable to horses and ponies when cut and dried, so the plants should be pulled up and burnt before the clusters of yellow flowers appear. AGRAVIS offers with the right solutions for challenges such as these. Some weeds can be annual so when they have been cut or grazed they will not return, provided that they are cut or grazed before they head to seed. Event: Grassland Management for Horses. In very hot weather it is good practise to keep your horse inside during the hottest part of the day and turn out overnight. Like most websites we use cookies. Poo picking is especially important as it will reduce the grass growing area, risk scorching the grass and will attract flies. This is the start of winter, try and protect your grassland as much as possible by not over grazing your paddock(s) and keep any poaching to a minimum. All Rights Reserved. It simply consists of cutting unnecessary seed heads therefore stimulating vigorous growth. CAB Direct provides To replace the nutrients lost over winter, you must add fertiliser. We would recommend a tow ball drawn spreader or a 3 point linkage type (although the 3 point linkage type spreaders can only be used with a tractor). Topping any excessive growth or seeded grass should be carried out, this can help stimulate growth. Here grassland expert, Jonathan Cox from Suregrow, gives his top tips on grassland management over the winter, for optimum results in the spring/summer. Heavily poached areas such as gateways and around feed troughs should be re-seeded using an easily established, fast growing hard wearing grass such as FAST GRASS. Having the ability to spread fertiliser when you want to, rather than when a contractor or friendly farmer can do the job, is worth a great deal and a lot better for your paddocks. One of the most satisfying aspects of grassland management is keeping weeds in check to give summer pastures a boost. For larger bare areas or for re-seeding use PADDOCK GRASS. Avoid overgrazing or overstocking - Overgrazed paddocks have a reduced quality of pasture and as the weeds replace grass they quickly look untidy and unkept. Grass is the most natural and lowest cost feed for your horse. means you agree to our use of cookies. Wanting to get a headstart on grassland management for the horse so you’re able to make the most out of the grazing space you’ve? One of the most satisfying aspects of grassland management is keeping weeds in check to give summer pastures a boost. Regularly rotate your fields to give the grass time to rest. Regularly rotate your fields to give the grass time to rest. If you would like to, you can learn more about the cookies we use. Then here’s a great piece on how to best prepare…. Introducing a back fence will allow re-growth on the grazed area. For more information on Suregrow visit, Author: Suzanne Ashton Founder, Everything Horse, Copyright © All rights reserved - A Black Cherry Media Ltd Website, Best Stable Rugs for Winter Updated for winter 2020! Methods for controlling weeds and renovating horse-sick paddocks are discussed and compared to ploughing up. Here are some handy tips to make the most of your grazing all year round and provide your horse with a quality natural diet. The pasture needs for horses as compared to those for farm livestock are reviewed. As always keep poo picking whatever the weather. Grassland management. Any weed growth occurring behind can be addressed and all manure removed. Date: 10.30am – 3.30pm, Friday 20 September 2013. The general rule of thumb with regards to grazing density if 2 acres for the first horse and 1 acre thereafter. Many fields grazed by horses are in poor condition, there are often damaged areas with patches of bare ground, as well as poaching. session so others can sign in. Continuing to use Fertilising replenishes the nutrients lost over winter and gives the grass the nutrients it requires to stimulate good growth. Make sure your paddocks don’t get over grazed. The hand push types are hard work and can give an uneven spread pattern on rutted ground. Grass growth is at its greatest during May and June but be careful not to give your horse(s) too much fresh grass to avoid the risk of laminitis, if necessary strip grazing can be used. Grazing is as important today, for a horse’s diet, as it ever has been. The benefit of grass growth at this time of year is that the thicker and denser the grass is going into winter the better it will be protected over the winter. Equine grazing … There are also problems with scheduled weeds, such as dockens and ragwort … Grassland management for horse pastures can be tricky. Year round paddock maintenance is crucial, the more you look after your paddocks, the better they will be. Logic Manufacturing Ltd has been producing top quality equipment for farming, gamekeeping and forestry for many years and since the early 90's has worked closely with the equestrian industry to provide a range of specialist products to help carry out essential tasks quickly and efficiently. Use Suregrow Fertiliser at the start and end of the season to maintain a thick sward. Photos: Grass is the cheapest form of forage so it is worth managing carefully; good grassland management has positive benefits for horse … This will encourage grass growth and replenish your grassland. When the temperature starts to rise a quality fertiliser such as Suregrow Fertiliser should be applied. This is the time of year to repair or reseed your paddocks, the Suregrow range of grass seed mixes are blended specially for horse and pony paddocks. Most weeds don't like being cut, so topping in July before the seeds drop will result in them becoming exhausted and perish. Keeping out unwanted weeds is not so hard. Are you looking to invest in a set of horse clippers? Always take professional advice. These are the true summer months for all to enjoy, in periods of drought try not to overgraze your paddock(s). Jonathan’s Top Tips on grassland management for the horse. The benefit of Suregrow Fertiliser is that the slow release nitrogen produces a more sustained grass growth without the flush associated with traditional fertilisers. Grassland benefits from harrowing early in the season, dispersing mole hills, raking moss or weeds and more importantly letting air and light to the base of the sward benefiting the finer grasses. Preparation is key, get it right then any maintenance and upkeep of your paddock is easy. 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If you're interested in purchasing a spreader to apply Suregrow Fertiliser we recommend the following brands. Grassland management for horses. You can now claim your publications on CAB Direct with your ORCID iD! You don't want to roll if the ground is too dry. CAB Direct is the most thorough and extensive source of reference in the applied life sciences, When there is no risk of frost paddocks can be rolled, there is little benefit to the grass, but rolling does make the paddock look better and it can flatten out divots and ruts. The tow ball types can fit onto any vehicle with a tow bar (Gator types, sit on lawn mower, quad bikes, car etc.). Finally, the place of fertilisers is considered for use on pastures for horses. Rolling will level out the grassland and restore paddocks that have had a hard winter. The sward needs to be hard-wearing, the grass varieties must be to the animals’ liking and the sward needs to remain stable. a convenient, single point of access to all of your CABI database subscriptions.