Are rh negatives better off dating other rh negatives? having blood that does not clot as easily seems to be an advantage in my mind currently when dealing w/ CVD19. Many thanks for the excellent Wikipedia references. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Researchers found that compared to people with type O blood, those with types A or B had a combined 8% higher risk of heart attack and 10% increased risk of heart failure. — some of the problems i see are this: there are less type B’s in the USA than there are in Japan by factor of 2 (maybe 10% in the USA vs 20% for Japan)…those who live past 100 are really in a class by themselves and quite uncommon. Based on a survey of 269 centenarians (people older than 100 years) living in Tokyo, Japan, it was suggested that blood type B might be a marker for longevity. None of the other blood type percentages had a statistically significant increase or decrease., In conclusion, our retrospective survey showed that the percentage of people with group B blood declined with age. (function(d, s, id) { i study what interests me as much and as often as possible and so on. In total, ~66% of the variations in VWF plasma levels are associated with mutations, and 30% of these are associated with the effect of the ABO blood group (10).”, — i bring this subject up because CVD19 seems to cause micro-clots in many organs. ABO survival curves were compared. Weismann barrier if (d.getElementById(id)) return; know yourself well. Is there a Basque-Jewish-Rh Negative connection? Sometimes what seems obvious to us, most are oblivious to. And a large study suggested a correlation between blood type and longevity. If Rh negatives are such sick people, why isn’t our life expectancy significantly lower? Past research has shown a likely link between heart disease and the ABO gene that exists in people with A, B or AB blood types, but not in people with type O blood. Where is rh negative blood most frequent? Otherwise stated, “eccentricty” is normal. 2015 study indicates lower life-expectancy for blood type B people. When I had shaken off the top layers of medications, (being a naturopath) I was prescribed Lsinipril, which is a vassodilator, synthesized from the bio-chemistry of a Brazilian snake. my eccentricities shows-up in the way i exercise also…very self-adapted, original & created things. On the Origin of Species These groups of platelets form temporary clots, plugging holes in blood vessel walls to help stop bleeding. well, both studies are based on the patients/people seen at two different hospitals. Is there a Basque-Jewish-Rh Negative connection? The primary clinical and data collection focus seems to be on Rh Neg mothers and blood transfusions…with little on life expectancy. Some are already familiar and I will check into the others. sometimes it does. Rh Negative Organizations and Groups Worldwide, nations with high blood type B frequencies, Rh negatives may have an elevated frequency of central heterochromia. The proportion of subjects with group A blood increased with age, but again this effect was significant only in females. People with type O blood have the lowest von Willebrand levels (which make them more likely to bleed); those with AB blood have the highest levels (making them likely to clot); and people with type A and type B blood fall in between.”, Association of ABO blood groups with von Willebrand factor, factor VIII and ADAMTS-13 in patients with lung cancer Evolution: The Modern Synthesis that’s a good start imo. People with type A, B and AB are at a higher risk for heart disease and shorter lifespan compared to O types. from my experience: being eccentric is not easily achieved – in any way – unless one is able to spend much time alone for long periods (months/years) of time. the study from Italy doesn’t measure ABO type based on death, but rather who went to the hospital and got blood type tested. Required fields are marked *. Your email address will not be published. In reference to whole of the world’s population, only about 15% lack … So it is just amazing what influences blood and cardiocascular diseases…and all efforts to understand them are fully justified. yes, higher intellect – more creativity/insights/better understandings – more differentiated – often times, more different at/from the start, and if able to continue to be true to one’s own original self/being/interests…becoming more individualized, tends to imply or rather require becoming more eccentric – adjusting/adapting one’s self and one’s world around one to better suit/fit/satisfy … Rh(D) negs difs from the start of life, require differentiation from the vast majority of others often to live more satisfyingly. This protein contains regions that attach (bind) to specific cells and proteins during the formation of a blood clot.”, “Von Willebrand factor helps platelets stick together and adhere to the walls of blood vessels at the site of a wound. I am not sure if anyone is actually reading this, but if you happen to, I thank you for your interest. These findings suggest that in our patient population, blood group B is not a marker for longevity but may be a marker for earlier death.”, 2015 study indicates lower life-expectancy for blood type B people. Rh negative blood has not been examined in the above study. If Rh negatives are such sick people, why isn’t our life expectancy significantly lower? The proportion of subjects with group A blood increased with age, but again this effect was significant only in females. Rh negative history: The Basque witch trials, New study suggests blood types B, AB and Rh positives at highest COVID-19 risk, Rh negative celebrities when they were children. sometimes i do have an “a-hah!”/light-bulb moment when i wasn’t really cogitating on something of my own choice. I was not able to persuade the doctors to consider the role of RH Neg and blood groups. Fewer than 50 people have it worldwide. Group AB also had a negative correlation with age, although this was less pronounced: indeed, its effects were conditioned by gender, being significant only in females. Coagulation is very sensitive to diet, especially leafy greens….but also mangos. Thus a conditioning effect of gender was evident for both A and AB groups. none are the same…so what’s the dif’ really mean? I remind people of that when I hear criticism of human eccentricity. both populations are small when compared to the population of Tokyo, Japan as a whole at ~ 9.2 million in 2015. the 269 centenarians divided by 9,200,000 is roughly = .0029% … and that’s a very small percentage. ADDED: This is not the only European study indicating lower life expectancy in Europe for blood type B: To assess the observation that blood type B might be a marker for longevity, we reviewed the records and determined the ABO blood types of all patients who died in our hospital in 2004.