Contemporaries praise his justice and his virtue, and his reign was regarded, especially by Saxons and churchmen, as a golden age for Germany. "I cannot accept your praise," he interrupted her hurriedly. --De virginibus velandis, De corona militis, De fuga in persecutione, De exhortatione castitatis, De scorpiace (a booklet against the Gnostics, whom he compares to scorpions; it is written in praise of martyrdom), Adversus Hermogenem, De censu animae adv. With reference to Automathes he is much more reserved in his praise, denying alike its originality, its depth and its elegance; but, he adds, " the book is not devoid of entertainment or instruction.". His extant works are - (i) a speech before Arcadius, De regno; (2) Dio, sive de suo ipsius instituto, in which he signifies his purpose to devote himself to true philosophy; (3) Encomium calvitii (he was himself bald), a literary jeu d'esprit, suggested by Dio Chrysostom's Praise of Hair; (4) De providentia, in two books; (5) De insomniis; (6) 157 Epistolae; (7) 12 Hymni, of a contemplative, Neoplatonic character; and several homilies and occasional speeches. Praise ye the Lord, for the Lord is good; sing praise ye the Lord, for the Lord is good; sing praises unto his name, for it is pleasant. A striking feature was the preamble, setting forth the doctrines on which the edict was based, which won the praise of the philosophes and the ridicule of the wits; this Turgot rewrote three times, it is said, in order to make it" so clear that any village judge could explain it to the peasants. Cutlass - Cutlass was a short film that earned praise from movie critics. But the essential narrowness and timidity of his general outlook prevented him from detecting and estimating latent forces, either in politics or in matters strictly intellectual and moral; and this lack of understanding and sympathy accounts for his distrust and dislike of the passion and fancy of Shelley and Keats, and for his praise of the half-hearted and elegant romanticism of Rogers and Campbell. The criterion which guided the studies of the academicians was far from being worthy of unqualified praise, and consequently their work did not always meet the approval of the best scholars who had the opportunity of seeing the monuments. I have the songbook 250 Praise and Worship Songs for Children which I am very please with. Among the latest German works may be cited the chapter on New Testament chronology in the Neutestamentliche Zeitgeschichte of Dr Oscar Holtzmann (2nd ed., 1906), pp. Keep in mind that every dog is an individual--some learn quickly, while others learn more slowly, but all dogs can learn when trained with consistency and praise. With this love and desire to praise the Lord there is true spiritual discernment. Ted: Dougal, you know you can praise the lord with sleep. St Paul delighted to represent it as the " ideal Israel," and St John echoes the thought in the words of praise (Rev. As your dog becomes better housebroken, you can lessen the treats and increase the praise, and in time you should only be using praise. 17-34), or for mutual edification in prayer, praise and prophecy (1 Cor. Surely no higher praise can be accorded to it than that it should have been taken as a basis by the translators of the Authorized Version, and thus have lived on through the centuries up to the present day. Nothing, absolutely nothing, worked until I began to praise her for not jumping on them. Not a word about the loving praise which had won her this. To be able to pluck two such treasures and eliminate another is worthy of praise from high! Even if he is a toddler, he can bring you diapers, wipes, blankets, etc. "The praise of a great commander is a soldier's highest reward," said Repnin. jaded adult eyes â how eagerly they sound your praise, enthralled by every new surprise. Soccer: Gerken out to impress soccer: Gerken out to impress Soccer: No appeal on sending-off Soccer: Liam hits leveler Soccer: Parkinson's praise for.. . and ii., passim), and prolonged by the expressions of joy, the ascriptions of thanksgiving and praise, called forth by the words and works of Christ and the wonders of the cross and resurrection, which are peculiarly frequent and full (iv. We have seen much to praise in the author-pays publishing model and the principles on which it has been established. 1 1 With this estimate of Gordon's character may be contrasted those of Lord Cromer (the most severe of Gordon's critics), and of Lord Morley of Blackburn; in their strictures as in their praise they help to explain both the causes of the extraordinary influence wielded by Gordon over all sorts and conditions of men and also his difficulties. 2276153 I don't need your praise.CK 1 36700 I can't praise him enough. Johan Runius (1679-1713), called the " Prince of Poets," published a collection entitled Dudaim, in which there is nothing to praise, and with him the generation of the 17th century closes. His voice was raised on three occasions only: once in the senate in 46 to praise Caesar's clemency to M. Thus in the pro Cornelio he speaks with praise of Aulus Gabinius, who, when a colleague vetoed his proposal, proceeded to depose him after the precedent set by Tiberius Gracchus (Asconius in Cornel. Use a lot of praise and the toy or treat, and let him know that something fun is going to happen. This is Stara i., the Lord's Prayer of the Moslems, a vigorous hymn of praise to God, the Lord of both worlds, which ends in a petition for aid and true guidance (huda). 19 examples: The coverage of illustrated manuscripts is very impressive indeed, and the… Yet if praise be given as an alms, we could not drop so poisonous a one into any man's hat. shouts of praise or reproach to bulls and matadors! Temple's praise of Phalaris led to an Oxford edition of the Epistles nominally edited by Charles Boyle. 33) in which he covers them with praise, commending their courtesy, their humility, their openness and the care with which they bring up their children. tenor sax man Atholl Ransome will be on BBC TV's Song's of Praise soon playing with the band. The film, of course, brought Silverman equal amounts of praise and criticism, mired in controversy. That stance led to equal praise and brickbats, and much subsequent punditry about why we canât ever bring ourselves to support England. lavishes praise on the director of esure's advertisements. To the first part unstinted praise must be accorded; it may be said that, with the materials at the author's disposition, it hardly admitted of improvement, except in trifling details. Choirs of male and female voices now lead the church praise. But, as was the case with a very different man - Goldsmithpraise bestowed on others always made him uncomfortable unless it were accompanied by praise bestowed on himself. The Hebrew title of the book is o'S7n, tehillim, or o'IM " the book of hymns," or rather " songs of praise.". Praise no man till he is dead. All Rights Reserved, Encouraging Words for Kids to Build Confidence. In fact, when you first begin placing your child on the potty, simply praise her for sitting for short periods of time. Peel added that a sovereign must do all things in order, not seeking praise for doing one particular thing well, but striving to be an example in all respects, even in dinner-giving. 34, 85) awards equal praise to his erotic elegies. From an artistic standpoint, these stories are rather laboured productions, besides being ultra-romantic in tone; but it must be remembered that they were written mainly with an educational object, and, moreover, they deserve high praise for their style. We were only concerned in winning praise for the team, and gaining publicity for the club. Development Officer Margaret Case who nominated the pair has nothing but praise for their selfless dedication to helping others. If we compare this with a similar allegory in Nasir's diwan, which culminates in the praise of Mostansir, we are fairly entitled to look upon it as a covert allusion to the eminent men who revealed to the poet in Cairo the secrets of the Isma`ilitic faith, and showed him what he considered the "heavenly ladder" to superior knowledge and spiritual bliss. Pete was conservative with his praise, so she felt honored. Examples of high praise in a sentence, how to use it. It was at once reprinted in England, France and Germany, attracting wide praise by its remarkable simplicity and vigour, and especially by reason of its philanthropic provisions in the code of reform and prison discipline, which noticeably influenced the penal legislation of various countries. Known for their classic styles with a contemporary edge, the Middleton sisters earned praise worldwide for their dresses during the Royal Wedding in 2011. Sir Leslie Stephen pays high praise to Wesley's writings, which went "straight to the mark without one superfluous flourish.". We praise thee, we bless thee, we worship thee, we glorify thee, we give thanks to thee for thy great glory. 26 5-35 8), appeared in 1836, and, as giving a general view of the structure of birds, needs no praise here; but its object was not to establish a classification, or throw light especially on systematic arrangement. When you "catch" the child telling the truth in a situation where he may have been considering lying, praise him for doing the right thing. psalm of praise, another sounds like Romans 7. Burnouf, and has is With verses of my making, which are now heard, and with syerful hands, I come before thee, Mazda, and with the sincere th~ mility of the upright man and with the believers song of praise. Definition of Praise. In form all these poems belong to two or three classes: - kvioa, an epic " cantilena "; tal, a genealogical poem; drapa, songs of praise, &c., written in modifications of the old Teutonic metre which we know in Beowulf; galdr and lokkr, spell and charm songs in a more lyric measure; and mal, a dialogue poem, and liod, a lay, in elegiac measure suited to the subject. Example sentences with the word praises. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. ACCIUS, a Latin poet of the 16th century, to whom is attributed a paraphrase of Aesop's Fables, of which Julius Scaliger speaks with great praise. Praise be to Gregory the Great, our 6th century benefactor who started the ball rolling. His New Theory of the Earth (1696), although destitute of sound scientific foundation, obtained the praise of both Newton and Locke, the latter of whom justly classed the author among those who, if not adding much to our knowledge, "at least bring some new things to our thoughts.". We take her out every half hour or so, and praise her when she potties. Inspectors ' reports were full of praise; however, attendance remained erratic. It is the work of the New Testament committee which has attracted most attention, whether for blame or praise. Toute la lyre, his latest legacy to the world, would be enough, though no other evidence were left, to show that the author was one of the very greatest among poets and among men; unsurpassed in sublimity of spirit, in spontaneity of utterance, in variety of power, and in perfection of workmanship; infinite and profound beyond all reach of praise at once in thought and in sympathy, in perception and in passion; master of all the simplest as of all the subtlest melodies or symphonies of song that ever found expression in a Border ballad or a Pythian ode.