The wealthiest place is the cemetery. may his soul RIP, How many lives have u touch? Knowing that we are loved by God, accepted by God, approved by God, and that we are new creations in Christ empowers us to reject self-rejection and embrace a healthy self-love. Second, I cannot help but wonder if this was planned by those who opposed his teaching and belief. Question: How did Dr. Myles Munroe impact your life? Your Rooms were ready, He said I will go and prepare a place for you, I hope it’s everything, observing from the spiritual view…I know it’s awesome…. “Woke is God’s gift to help you discover your potential.”, 15. Sleep on Mighty Man…………………I still love you. Dr. Myles Munroe. Dr myle munroe was a great man. Every person is either a creator of fact or a creature of circumstance. my deepest and sincere condolence goes to the bahamas faith ministris international world wide,gone but not forgetten,your teachings and ministrations still lingers in our heart each passing day.sleep on beloved,sleep on and take your rest..from sierra leone,the body of christ here misses you sir.we love you,but God loves you the he has taken you to his bosom. There is no crisis in the Kingdom, choose today to rise above the circumstances and overcome crisis.#drmylesmunroe #mylesmunroe We here at and Urban Ministries, Inc extend our condolences to the Munroe family, friends, and ministry partners. Thank you Dr.Myles Monroe,you thourght me how to aim high in the physical and in the heavenly realm. Leave the world better than you leave it PAUSE &PONDER. Dr Myles Munroe, you lived a glorious and a fulfilled life, worthy of emulation: with your gift, motivation and inspiration, you will continue to influence the World for Jesus Christ even after you have gone. I thank God for the life of Dr Myles ,his teaching and books changed my life,i will always remember you man of God. We give God the glory the one who knows the best for His children. Your sacrifies and burnt offering that you offer in the form of spiritual seed,messages,books,teachings etc,will certainly go up unto God as a sweet memorial. God’s great act of love and mercy on the “that great day” of Revelation 6:17, the day of the Lord. The late Dr. Myles Munroe delivers a timely message about economic recession, fear, crisis, and opportunity.Source: The 4 Kingdom Laws For Overcoming Crisis | Dr. Myles Munroe ( )Hosted by Sean CroxtonSupport this podcast at — Inquiries:, The Secret To Success with CJ, Karl, Jemal & Eric Thomas. Yet we are thankful that Dr. Munroe will live on through his work. Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from our team. He was d man dat tot me to c. His work in christiandom wil 4eva remain, “Not every crisis is from the devil or the enemy, there is a God created crisis and if you are in that crisis don’t waste your time praying out of it,in due time when He has worked His purpose in you through that crisis he will take you out.~So understand your crisis. “Seeds of faith are always within us; sometimes it takes a crisis to nourish and encourage their growth.” ― Myles Munroe, Overcoming Crisis He either puts color into his environment, or, like a chameleon, takes color from his environment.” Understanding Your Potential, “God’s love sets us free from the need to seek approval. The Kingdom Power \u0026 Principle Of Management3. When you are finish; you are free to go; having poured out yourself die empty and I thank God I met you not in person but through your books. CAPTIAN my CAPTIAN………. — E. Dewey Smith (@edeweysmith) November 10, 2014, Praying for Myles Munroe Family I know God is faithful and He will show Himself strong in this situation! - Apr 7, 2020 - Apr 7, 2020 ‎The late Dr. Myles Munroe delivers a timely message about economic recession, fear, crisis, and opportunity. I am glad to have been shepherd and fathered/mentored by this Father of the faith. I couldn’t believe what I saw on my Facebook news feed last night. the richest Abuse means to abnormally use something.” Jesus Mercy on those who died. Plz kip me posted. Plz keep posted. See more ideas about Myles munroe books, Myles munroe, Books. RIP Dr. Munroe, Ruth, and others. God keep you safe. His books covered topics from spiritual growth and personal development to nurturing romantic relationships and strengthening leadership. ", "God cannot interfere in earth without the co-operation of mankind." l have learn alot from him..thankyou Lord..let his soul rest in peace with the Lord.. Dr Munroe is a true general of Christ jesus we the people of Nigeria miss a great minister of God in person of Dr Munroe but is clear that your legacy will live on forever the other side we will surely meet you…rest in peace my mentor…. RIP Myles and Ruth apart coming you abundantly lived in kenya through the media and books which transformed multitude,we are sadden but will continue living purposeful. God bless all that went w him. “The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but a life without a purpose.”, 3. Last night news broke that Dr. Myles Munroe and his wife Ruth were among nine passengers who died in a plane crash as their flight headed into the Grand Bahama Airport. This was 1 mo of God’s Testaments to us. It was with shock that I put down these few lines. As ridiculous as it sounds I keep hoping that they will say they found him wounded but yet alive. Refresh and try again. His life was certainly yet 1 of God’s lectures to us. There are few biblical clinicians who’s view of ministry wasn’t enriched in some way by @mylesmunroe…, — TD Jakes (@BishopJakes) November 10, 2014. Long live spirit of God in Dr Myles Monroe, what a character. You chartered. RIP MIGHTY MAN OF GOD. For millions around the world, words like purpose, potential, leadership, vision has become synonymous with Myles Munroe.