This process is detailed in the pamphlet “Property Tax Appeals Before the State Tax Commission of Missouri”. Upon purchase of a newly acquired motor vehicle, trailer, or cycle, you may purchase a temporary permit from the dealer to operate the vehicle when no plates are available for transfer. Please make checks payable to: The legislative intent clearly appears to be that active military personnel absent from their homes, i.e., stationed in another state or country, under military orders are exempt from paying interest. This includes corporate income tax, cigarette tax, sales/use tax, employer withholding, etc. Conversely, personal property is taxable in Missouri if it is owned by the spouse of that service member stationed outside the state of Missouri but whose state of legal residence is Missouri, even if the property is located outside Missouri, provided the residence of the spouse is the same as the service member’s. Suite 134 Be ready when disasters, like tornadoes or flooding, strike. Box 315 Versailles, MO 65084 Phone 573-378-5370 Fax 573-378-1987 Email Tax amounts will be appearing on this website in Nov and all paper bills will be delivered to the post office by Dec 1st. The Personal Tax Bureau administers individual income, partnership, fiduciary, and estate taxes. Dealer Licensing Office (573) 526-3669 Such evidence could include photographs, the recent sale of your property, or the oral testimony of someone who has done a recent appraisal of your property. This could be due to one of the following reasons: You will need to contact your county collector for additional information. Administrative Alcohol (DWI) Suspensions, Hearings (573) 526-2407 In the November 2, 2010 election, the voters passed House Joint Resolution 15. County records should demonstrate that the Applicant is the owner of the homestead. The personal check must also include the following information regarding the check writer: The Missouri Department of Revenue may electronically resubmit checks returned for insufficient or uncollected funds. Personal checks must be preprinted with the check writer's name, address, bank code, and account number. Dealer Complaint Line (800) 887-3994. The types of exemptions that frequently require the most research and analysis are: …all property, real and personal, not held for private or corporate profit and used exclusively for religious worship, for schools and colleges, for purposes purely charitable, or for agricultural and horticultural societies…. Once market value has been determined, the assessor calculates a percentage of that value to arrive at assessed value. Please note that there are transaction fees when paying your taxes online. Mandatory Insurance (573) 751-7195. Missouri refers to the fees you pay at the time of purchasing a car as registration fees but then requires that we pay personal property taxes yearly based on the value of our cars. Stay safe while driving by reviewing these driving laws, safety guidelines and dangerous situations. Please refer to that pamphlet for a more thorough explanation. Purchasing The Attorney General issued an opinion (Burrell, Op. Informal Appeals— Contact the county assessor’s office as soon as you are notified of your assessment. Paying taxes online takes just a few minutes. Their contact information is: Harry S Truman State Office Building Failure to Appear in Court for Traffic Violations – Missouri Courts Only  (573) 526-0939 3. State law requires that personal property taxes be paid before license plates on vehicles can be issued or renewed. Check here to see if your county participates. … Please allow 5 business days for mail time and for updating the state database. This site is best viewed using Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 11 in Compatibility Mode, Mozilla Firefox or Safari. . Visit the personal tax website ». The confirmation page you will receive after a successful online payment will not be accepted as proof of payment for licensing your vehicles.