He died on 3rd September 1942 when Vickers Wellington DV718 came down in Yorkshire. [11] Stone said he had arranged for a getaway car, driven by a UDA member, to pick him up on the hard shoulder of the motorway,[12] but the driver allegedly "panicked and left". Please enter at least 2 characters. [10] Stone claimed that he entered the graveyard through the front gate with the mourners and mingled with the large crowd,[7] although one witness claimed to have seen him enter from the M1 motorway with three other people. Sergeant Arthur Aloysius Macardle from Belfast, Co. Antrim died on 24th May 1944 while on active service with the Royal Air Force in the Second World War. The database contains the name, age and address of the deceased as well as the date of burial and is an invaluable resource for researching Belfast ancestors who often moved frequently. An inscription on the Milltown mass grave reads: Sacred to the memory of unidentified victims of enemy action. Stoker 1st Class Francis Joseph Kiernan died on 21st January 1946 in Belfast, Co. Antrim. Their bodies arrived in Belfast on 14 March and were taken to their family homes. Flight Sergeant Stanislaw Czerniawski (P-794362) served as a pilot in the Polish Air Force and is buried in Milltown Cemetery, West Belfast. Polish Flight Sergeant Jozef Antoni Pudelko served in RAF 309 (Polish) Squadron. [5] In a change from normal procedure, the security forces agreed to stay away from the funeral in exchange for guarantees that there would be no three-volley salute by IRA gunmen. Special characters are not allowed. More so, Milltown Cemetery is a large cemetery found in Belfast, Northern Ireland, that lies within the townland of Ballymurphy, between Falls Road and M1 motorway. Many of them died in the great influenza pandemic of 1919. [9], Sinn Féin and others "claimed that there must have been collusion with the security forces, because only a small number of people knew in advance of the reduced police presence at the funerals". Lyttle told other UDA leaders to keep to this line. John McAllister of the Royal Army Service Corps served as John Short. Many of those present believed the soldiers were loyalists intent on repeating Stone's attack. Private Francis McKenna was born in Belfast and served in the Pioneer Corps during the Second World War. There are three large open areas about the size of a football pitch designated as poor ground. Those two brigadiers were scared in case the IRA would retaliate against them or their areas [...] so they disclaimed Michael, one of our best operators". For help using the website visit our help page or contact support@findagrave.com. The large Roman Catholic burial ground is between the Falls Road and the M1 motorway. [14], In November 2006, Stone was charged with attempted murder of Martin McGuinness and Gerry Adams, having been arrested attempting to enter the parliament buildings at Stormont while armed. This account has been disabled. Corporal Samuel Patrick McAlister of Belfast died on 9th September 1941 while serving in Cumbria, England with the Royal Air Force. You can compare their cemetery services and customer reviews to others in the Funerals360 vendor marketplace. Private James Simon Moore of the Pioneer Corps died at No. We have set your language to The focal point is a Cross of Sacrifice and a Screen Wall Memorial listing service people with unmarked graves. Author and journalist Martin Dillon interviewed Stone in prison and published a book about him in 1992, Stone Cold: The True Story of Michael Stone and the Milltown Massacre. WartimeNI Photo: The Polish flag flies above the graves of members of the Polish Air Force buried in Milltown Cemetery, Belfast. 24 British General Hospital, Belfast, Co. Down at his time of death in the Blitz of 5th May 1941. A constable was shot dead and another badly injured. The Browning pistol Stone used was seized on the day of the attack and was eventually used by an IRA unit to ambush a combined RUC/British Army patrol in Belfast on 13 October 1990. During the attack about 60 people were wounded by bullets, grenade shrapnel and fragments of marble and stone from gravestones. Patrick Duffy served in the Royal Army Service Corps. [10] There was panic and confusion, and people dived for cover behind gravestones. On 6 March 1988, Provisional IRA members Daniel McCann, Seán Savage and Mairéad Farrell were shot dead by the Special Air Service (SAS) in Gibraltar, in Operation Flavius. Narrow your results to famous, Non-Cemetery Burials, memorials with or without grave photos and more. [2] Stone learned that there would be little security force presence at the funerals, and planned "to take out the Sinn Féin and IRA leadership at the graveside". He periodically stopped to shoot and throw grenades at his pursuers. His grave is in Milltown Cemetery, Belfast, Co. Antrim. Corporal Wood drew his service pistol and fired a shot in the air. As Stone then ran towards the nearby motorway, a large crowd b… He had learned there would be no police or armed IRA members at the cemetery. If you have questions, please contact support@findagrave.com. Your new password must contain one or more uppercase and lowercase letters, and one or more numbers or special characters. Leading Aircraftman Thomas Lunney died on 22nd July 1947 after contracting pulmonary tuberculosis while serving in the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. To upload a spreadsheet, please use the old site. Flight Sergeant Wincenty Pietrzak (P-782657) served as a gunner in the Polish Air Force and is buried in Milltown Cemetery, West Belfast. Three days later, during the funeral of one of Stone's victims, Caoimhín Mac Brádaigh, two British Army corporals (Derek Wood and David Howes) in civilian clothes and in a civilian car drove into the path of the funeral cortège, apparently by mistake. John McIlwee died on 31st May 1944 while serving with 2nd Battalion Royal Ulster Rifles as the unit prepared for the invasion of Normandy, France. Milltown Cemetery) is a large cemetery in west Belfast. 24 British General Hospital, Belfast, Co. Down as the Luftwaffe bombed the city on 5th May 1941. Gunner John Joseph McIntyre of Belfast died on 30th July 1945 having served in the British Army's Royal Artillery during the years of the Second World War. Guardsman Owen Corrigan served in 1st Battalion Irish Guards at his time of death on 30th July 1944. [7], As the third coffin was about to be lowered into the ground, Stone threw two grenades—which had a seven-second delay—toward the republican plot and began shooting. Cemeteries offer a wide range of services including burial plots for in-ground burial and mausoleums for above ground burial. Canadian airman James Waclaw Hoba was on a training flight with No. Enter a valid email address and a feedback message. [4] The "Gilbraltar Three" were due to be buried in the republican plot at Milltown Cemetery on 16 March. A similar mass grave exists in the nearby Belfast City Cemetery. There was speculation that the van was part of the attack, but the RUC said it was part of a police patrol,[10] and that the officers sped off because they feared for their lives. Private Charles McKearnon of Belfast, Co. Antrim served in the Queen's Royal Regiment (West Sussex) during World War Two. Flight Sergeant Klemens Adamowicz (P-780537) served as a pilot instructor in the Polish Air Force and is buried in Milltown Cemetery, West Belfast. [10] Immediately after the attack, the two main loyalist paramilitary groups—the UDA and the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF)—denied responsibility. Present were thousands of mourners and top members of the IRA and Sinn Féin, including Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness. The three had allegedly been preparing a bomb attack on British military personnel there, but the deaths outraged republicans as the three were unarmed and shot without warning. He also claimed to have had detailed information about British Army and RUC movements. He served in the Merchant Navy onboard the Harland and Wolff built MV Wellington Star. Pioneer Corps Private Thomas Rafferty lived in Bessbrook, Co. Armagh with his wife Nora. Please check your email and click on the link to activate your account. Although born in Liverpool, England, his place of death was Belfast, Co. Antrim. During the large funeral of three Provisional IRA members killed in Gibraltar, an Ulster Defence Association (UDA) member, Michael Stone, attacked the mourners with hand grenades and pistols. The Belfast-born soldier died in Wales on 30th April 1945. These men from the Polish Air Force are laid to rest in Milltown Cemetery, Belfast. This photo was not uploaded because this cemetery already has 20 photos, This photo was not uploaded because you have already uploaded 5 photos to this cemetery. It is sometimes portrayed as a Nationalist or Irish Republican graveyard. Select a place on the map to place the pin. Found more than one record for entered Email, You need to confirm this account before you can sign in. We were unable to submit your feedback at this time. Flight Sergeant Pawel Kowalewicz (P-703968) served as a wireless radio operator in the Polish Air Force and is buried in Milltown Cemetery, West Belfast. You need a Find a Grave account to add things to this site. If you'd like to hear more from WartimeNI, you can sign up for regular free updates to your inbox. Greaser Owen McKenna was a member of the Naval Auxiliary Personnel in the Second World War. To suggest a change to a cemetery page, visit the Cemetery Corrections forum. Just enter your email address below. Milltown Cemetery, opened in 1869, is located on the Falls Road in Belfast and is the main Roman Catholic cemetery in Belfast. Able Seaman Francis Cassidy died on 12th May 1946 aged 40 years old. He was injured while serving with the Royal Navy in Singapore. April 1941. Private Bernard Donnelly of Belfast, Co. Antrim served in the Pioneer Corps at his time of death on 20th January 1940. [9] According to journalist Martin Dillon, the weapons he used were given to him on the orders of UDA intelligence chief Brian Nelson, who was later revealed to be an undercover agent of the British Army's Force Research Unit (FRU).[7]. Plese check the I'm not a robot checkbox.'. Becoming a Find a Grave member is fast, easy and FREE. He died on 19th September 1943 and his grave is in Belfast. [2], Three people were killed while pursuing Stone:[2] Catholic civilians Thomas McErlean (20) and John Murray (26), and IRA member Caoimhín Mac Brádaigh (30), also known as Kevin Brady. His grave is in Milltown Cemetery, Belfast. Another 8 graves are those of foreign nationals who died on service in Northern Ireland. We have compiled a list of the most famous graves, and many of the people on the list continue to divide opinion, decades after their death. He died on 30th March 1944 while serving on the HMS Ranpura. He died after the war in 1947. He had learned there would be no police or armed IRA members at the cemetery. English Stone wrote "I didn't choose killing as a career, killing chose me". [2] He ran out onto the road and tried to stop cars,[10] but was caught by the crowd, beaten, and bundled into a hijacked vehicle. Born in Belfast, Co. Antrim, Lance Sergeant Daniel Joseph McAnulty served with the Royal Ulster Rifles in the UK when he died on 26th November 1941. During the large funeral of three Provisional IRA members killed in Gibraltar, an Ulster Defence Association (UDA) member, Michael Stone, attacked the mourners with hand grenades and pistols. Please contact Find a Grave at support@findagrave.com if you need help resetting your password. Driver John Coard McCullough lived in Warwickshire, England and served with the Royal Engineers. Aircraftman 1st Class Robert Christopher Charleton died on 11th May 1940 when anti-aircraft fire pierced the body of his plane over Maastricht, Netherlands.