The amount of a default fare varies depending on the transportation taken: The default fare using the light rail is $3.66. By phone Ph: (02) 8202 2200 Fax: (02) 8202 2209 Teletypewriter service for … Timetables are displayed at many bus stops, showing the route number, expected arrival time and destination of the buses that use that stop. Daily travel caps - travel all day in the Opal network and never pay more than $16.10 (Adult Opal). If you forget to tap on at the beginning of your journey, but tap off at the end of your trip, you will be charged the default fare for an incomplete trip. We are open Monday to Friday from 8.00am until 4.30pm. Our corporate offices are located at 27 Derbyshire Road, Leichhardt NSW 2040. View 18 Lee Street on Google Maps. Use the information provided to contact the organisation. PO Box 533 Website: Street Address: 630-636 Pittwater Road Brookvale NSW 2100. At the end of your journey, hold the same device you tapped on with over the Opal reader until you see the confirmation that payment has been accepted. Buses form a key part of Sydney’s public transport system, connecting all areas of the city, including those without rail or water transport. Opal Transfer Discount - when travelling with more than one mode of transport on the  same journey (train, ferry, bus or light rail), a $2 discount is applied to each transfer, within 60 minutes from the last tap off. For more information, visit Journalists can contact State Transit's Media Unit on (02) 9298 6691., All About State Transit Tenders and Contracts. Opal cards do not come in a digital form, but you can use your iPhone (or other smart device) to tap on and off the Opal system network and pay for the fare from your digital wallets using contactless payments. Legal Services Sydney Metro Sydney Transport for NSW holds documents associated with its core functions and the schemes that it administers including: Each transport agency will have information holdings specific to their functions. To advertise on State Transit buses in Sydney, please contact APN Outdoor on (02) 8569 3000. Then at the start of your journey, you tap on at a designated Opal card reader. CHIPPENDALE  NSW 2008, Any enquiries regarding service can be emailed As of 1 December 2019, by virtue of the Transport Administration Amendment (RMS Dissolution) Act 2019, Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) is dissolved and all of its functions, assets, rights (including immunities) and liabilities are transferred to Transport for NSW (TfNSW). Yes, you can use your credit card to tap on and off the Opal network system as an alternative to travelling with an Adult Opal card. Visit Transport NSW for more information and for a Sydney Light Rail map. NSW 1805, The Point to Point Transport Commissioner Opal cards can be purchased over the counter from Opal retailers this includes convenience stores, grocery stores, newsagents and pharmacies. Rideshare services also operate in Sydney and include Uber, Ola and Taxify. To advertise on State Transit buses in Sydney, please contact APN Outdoor on (02) 8569 3000. Sydney train maps and train timetables can be found at Transport NSW. Firefly Express: 1300 730 740 within Australia, Priors Scenic Express: 1800 816 234 within Australia. Your IP: To report vandalism, call 131500, or visit  to provide details. Find Sydney cycle maps, routes and more information, Destination New South Wales (Corporate site). TripView displays Sydney train, bus, ferry and light rail timetables, showing your next services. Sydney's main terminus for local and regional trains and buses is Central Station at Railway Square, close to Chinatown. By TripView Pty Ltd. Download  TripView from Windows Phone Store. For corporate matters, please call us on (02) 9508 2900. Can I use my credit card instead of my Opal card? When your Opal card balance reaches a certain minimum value, it will automatically add a set amount by charging your card. Level 3, 477 Pitt Street Taxis and water taxis are a convenient way to get around Sydney. Back to top. CDC operates services under contracts within NSW via our Hillsbus, Hunter Valley Buses and Blue Mountains Transit brands. Weekend travel cap - travel all day on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays and never pay more than $8.05 per day (Adult Opal). Our Buses Can Be Hired to Take Any Large Groups of People to Various Social Outings. State Transit Authority Contactless payments are available on all public transport in the Opal network and you will receive the same travel benefits of an Adult Opal card. Email. 18 Lee Street Sydney Olympic Park (SOP) major event buses run during major events. Transport for NSW Please contact us if this page requires updates. NSW 1805, For enquiries: Ph: (02) 8202 2200 • For more information visit Lost Property. Weekly travel caps - travel all week in the Opal network and never pay more than $50 (Adult Opal). Our customers are at the centre of everything we do. Strawberry Hills Legal Services Division There are daily and weekly caps on the Opal network, meaning you can travel as much as you like within the Opal network and you never pay more than the capped fare. You’ll find a range of car rental options in Sydney, including car, 4WD, campervan and classic car hire. Trains operate North to the CBD and across the harbour to North Sydney and beyond, as well as east to Bondi Junction and South past and including Sydney Airport. The CBD and South East Light Rail is a new light rail network, which includes the L2 Randwick Line connecting Circular Quay to Randwick (already running) and the L3 Kingsford Line between Moore Park and Kingsford at Nine Ways. Trains operate North to the CBD and across the harbour to North Sydney and beyond, as well as east to Bondi Junction and South past and including Sydney Airport. If you witness an accident involving a State Transit vehicle, or if you are involved in one yourself, please visit to provide your details. Parking can be limited and expensive in the CBD and close to popular beaches. Ph: (02) 8091 3311 Fax: call us for fax number Email: [email protected] Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm Saturday - Sunday 1pm - 3pm. Website: Street Address: 630-636 Pittwater Road Brookvale NSW 2100. State Transit operates from over 7,000 bus stops throughout its Sydney network. Sydney State Transit manages bus services in the Sydney Metropolitan area. Performance Information is published on this website. We welcome your feedback. At Sydney Coaches and Buses, it is our goal to provide an exceptional service with the highest level of comfort and quality service provided to your group as possible. For information held by another Transport agency, legal documents should be served directly on that agency.​​​​​​, The Proper Officer Advertising on bus shelters is usually managed by street furniture contractors on behalf of the relevant local government,  The majority of shelters in the Sydney Buses operating area are maintained by Adshel and JCDecaux .