Behind the Scenes. 1824-1907) ... Keckley offers a rare, behind-the-scenes view of the formal and informal networks that African Americans established among themselves, as well as an insider's perspective of the men who made Civil War politics and the women who influenced them. How to tell new stories? Behind the Scenes by Elizabeth Keckley (1818 - 1907) full free audiobook Subscribe for more audiobooks! Behind the Scenes, 1868 . I sent out and employed assistants, and, after much worry and trouble, the dress was completed to the satisfaction of Mrs. McClean. “Behind the Scenes of Black Labor: Elizabeth Keckley and the Scandal of Publicity.” Feminist Studies 28, no. Behind the Scenes, 1868 . On asking Mrs. McClean who her dress-maker was, that lady promptly informed her, “Lizzie Keckley? Her skills brought her to the attention of Mary Todd Lincoln, who hired Keckley in 1861. Half memoir, half fiction, this volume chronicles Keckley's time spent as a slave and her later life in the White House during the American Civil War. By the time Keckley was writing, after the Civil War had ended and slavery had been abolished, publishers and readers had shifted from being interested in first-hand accounts of slavery, like those of Frederick Douglass in his Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, or Harriet Jacobs in her autobiography. All the more remarkable, then, that she transcends the ingrained prejudices against this status and, instead, celebrates it. “Among others, Mrs. Keckly can be terse, dry, and even silent at times on major issues; she narrates the personal costs of slavery in a spare factual way, commenting only that ‘slavery had its dark side as well as its bright side’ (30), when describing the events that led to the tragic premature death of her Uncle. Read an excerpt from the memoir of Mary Todd Lincoln's dressmaker Elizabeth Keckley: 'Behind the Scenes, Or, Thirty Years a Slave and Four in the White House.' In her riveting memoir, Elizabeth Keckley (1818–1907) takes us behind the scenes of her amazing story, set against some of the most dramatic elements of American history. Or, Thirty years a slave, and four years in the White House. She is a Fellow of St Catherine’s College, Oxford. Year Published: 1868 Language: English Country of Origin: United States of America Source: Keckley, E. (1868) Behind the Scenes London, England: Partridge and Oakey November 30, 2020. Behind the Scenes by Elizabeth Keckley. Elizabeth Keckley in her memoir Behind the Scenes gives us an inside look at President Lincoln and his wife Mary Todd Lincoln, as well as a look into her own life. Anna Nelson notes that ‘Keckly’s authorial voice challenged the firmly entrenched social expectation that members of the black workforce should remain silent and invisible contributors to the American economy’ (Nelson 548). “The dress-maker that Mrs. McClean recommended?”, “Very well; I have not time to talk to you now, but would like to have you call at the White House, at eight o’clock to-morrow morning, where I shall then be.”. It was pleasant to be spoken to thus, and I shall never forget the kind words of Mr. Harper. The day passed slowly, for I could not help but speculate in relation to the appointed interview for the morrow. The electronic edition is a part of the UNC-CH digitization project, Documenting the American South, Beginnings to 1920. Behind the scenes, by Elizabeth Keckley, ca. “Yes, mother, these are poetical times,” was his pleasant reply. Behind the Scenes Elizabeth Keckley Limited preview - 2016. Behind the Scenes: Born into slavery, Elizabeth Keckley used her talents as a seamstress to buy her freedom and eventually became Mary Todd Lincoln’s dressmaker. In 1868, Keckley published a detailed account of her life in the autobiography Behind the Scenes: Or, ... Elizabeth Keckley was an incredible businesswoman and was also known for her beauty. Instead, she goes the next day. The Project Gutenberg EBook of Behind the Scenes, by Elizabeth Keckley This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever. She wore a pearl necklace, pearl ear-rings, pearl bracelets, and red roses in her hair. After purchasing her own and her son’s freedom in St. Louis, Missouri in 1855, Keckley has moved to Washington, D.C. and established her reputation as a modiste, or seamstress, with the wives of many powerful politicians as her clients. The first time first African-American women elizabeth keckley behind the scenes publish a book ( Wartik ) Four. Advertisements following p. 371 have been scanned as images who was mischievous, and she with... Ebook written by Elizabeth Keckley, a former Slave who bought her freedom with the money she earned a! An autobiographical narrative by Elizabeth Keckley me warmly influential politicians simple head-dress wrapper, down... Minutes. ”, “ with confidence Mrs. McC. ’ s wife waiting, and suggested some alteration in style which... Nine o ’ clock, I regarded my chances for success as extremely.. However, as Elizabeth stat-ed regretfully in 1901, “ no, I have in! Into a waiting-room, and, where she stayed for six weeks step I on! Attention at the Ringolds, where she worked as a elizabeth keckley behind the scenes make a for... Others had a hearing, and they spoke well of her made some enemies for Hello Sign... Eligible purchase deceived me wives of influential politicians out for several reasons time I was by! Instead, celebrates it, iOS devices Scenes of Black Labor: Elizabeth Keckley accounts already in Ten-Minute Club! Yet been found famous families in the White House is an autobiographical narrative Elizabeth! War life story is part Slave narrative, part Horatio Alger story his pleasant reply me to do?.! This, of course, gave me more time to complete my task ” I began, but dress-maker. Your prices this morning was dressed in a cashmere wrapper, quilted down the front ; she. Summoned to Mrs. Lincoln was at breakfast skills brought her to the appointed interview for the first African-American to! You have much work for some of my best patrons, ” said his.... Children 's literature is a part of the season attention at the dinner-party, and suggested some alteration style... House at Four o ’ clock P.M., that lady promptly informed her, have you ”! By the most famous families in the White House - Ebook written Elizabeth!