You would have been wrong, and likely delighted to be so. “I got my only injury in the whole movie when I bruised a rib holding in my laughter,” Patinkin said, adding, “You’re being so modest. [22], Trump campaign spokespeople, however, said that the online event would not help Biden win Wisconsin. Norman Lear joined the Q&A session at the end, which was hosted by Patton Oswalt. "[19], The New Yorker also singled out Patinkin, and his dramatic introduction of Inigo Montoya's six-fingered sword:[13]. But if you don’t have 3+ hours to spare, here are some of the highlights. Join the SA Current Press Club. Give yourself a nice gift on this Monday and give it all a watch. 'Princess Bride' and other iconic casts reunite for virtual reunions",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 19 October 2020, at 23:57. He was not the only member of the cast to trot out a prop from the set—again, see further down this list—but just look at him! “There was no fake finger,” Guest deadpanned. I Wish I Had Pictures (Stephin Merritt), 10. ... to a tragedy for every "Princess Bride fan who wants to see that perfect movie ... on-camera moments and a spat with cast member Mandy Patinkin. Produced, Engineered, and Mixed by Thomas Bartlett, 10. In all seriousness, Guest then explained that the glove/contraption was designed in such a way that he could actually move all six fingers, which, if you’re anything like us, should make you want to rewatch all the Rugen scenes immediately to clock the puppetry. Christopher Guest’s startling revelation, Oswalt asked Guest on behalf of a fan precisely which of Count Rugen’s fingers was fake. What’s on the tiny little stool? I had known, Rob, but I never took my hand out of my pocket. Wisconsin is considered an important "swing state" in the 2020 Presidential Election. I wasn't sure if that meant I would have to as well. The sword helped with that, but it was mostly just him. Patinkin, not for the … Shatner and fellow Trek vet Leonard Nimoy clashed over scripts and fan mail, ... Mandy Patinkin can be extremely difficult to work with. Correction: Patinkin would still really like it if Cruz would keep Inigo Montoya’s name out of his mouth. ...he threw himself into his old role with a passion that seemed to sear the lens of his Webcam. Busby Berkeley Dreams (Stephin Merritt), 9. Why didn’t he warn Carol Kane that he was going to go so all-in on this? Cast members promoted the event beforehand using the hashtags "#PrincessBrideReunion" and "#DumpTrumperdinck." Nothing Matters When We’re Dancing (Stephin Merritt), 6. More than 110,000 viewers donated a dollar or more to Wisconsin Democrats to view the livestream, which raised $4.25 million and received widely positive reviews, with special praise for the performance of Mandy Patinkin. [2], To set the scene, Jason Reitman read the screenplay's stage directions in addition to reading the role of The Narrator. Cary Elwes: “Carol, what kind of a person is President Trump?”, 11. “Except the dead people,” Reiner added. [14] Fred Savage was unable to join the event because it conflicted with his brother's birthday. The table-reading and reunion, which served as a fundraiser in support of Wisconsin Democrats, was a messy, technically clumsy, non-stop source of delight, with the cast giving it all they had, their giddiness coming through even when they were off camera. Perhaps a screenshot doesn’t do it justice, but all the same, the man’s eyes one-hundred-percent sparkled with reverence when he pulled that sword into the frame for the first time. Playing House (Two Kids) - (Judith Holofernes, Teitur), 8. 9. #DumpTrumperdinck. Fear Itself (Taylor Mac) with Sarabande (J.S. The replacements included Whoopi Goldberg (playing more than one part), Eric Idle (playing The Impressive Clergyman), and Josh Gad (playing Fezzik.) But my dear friend Bob Hurwitz introduced me to Thomas Bartlett, who introduced me to an entirely new way of making music—in his studio, hours of playing, singing, and recording, never searching for the illusion of perfection. ': More than 110,000 tune into 'A Virtual Princess Bride Reunion' fundraiser", "Wisconsin Democrats' 'Princess Bride' reading raises $4.3M", "Inconceivable! Gad turned in a performance best described as.... reverent, somehow? [2] Wisconsin Democrats and others promoted the virtual script reading with digital ads and social media. Does Crystal have a room in his mansion somewhere that’s just all Miracle Maxed out? In 2016, Donald Trump won the state, despite consistent polls that showed Hillary Clinton ahead. They also enjoyed the Q&A session, including the cast's memories of Andre the Giant [17], More than 110,000 listeners donated $1 or more to be able to tune in to the event,[20] which raised $4.25 million for Wisconsin Democrats. Send Great Job, Internet tips to [13], Although most of the original actors volunteered for the fundraiser, Deadline Hollywood announced on September 9 that there would be several replacements and additions. If they start handing out awards for Zoom performances, just ship them all to Patinkin. With Donald Trump now gleefully egging on his supporters when they scream, “Sieg Heil!” as security, Donald Trump has and will continue to dominate the political headlines for the foreseeable future.…, 4. 5. Time Enough for Rocking (Stephin Merritt). He roared, he wept, he danced; he rolled his 'R's and sharpened his 'E's; he even came in costume—a white shirt, rakishly unbuttoned to mid-chest. The possibility of a Princess Bride musical lives on, The reading of William Goldman’s excellent screenplay was obviously the main event, but Oswalt’s lively Q&A was no less entertaining, and his exchange with Reiner and superproducer Norman Lear sits high among its highlights. Norman Lear joined the Q&A session at the end, which was hosted by Patton Oswalt. Mandy Patinkin’s six-fingered sword, and really just Mandy Patinkin in general. Mandy Patinkin Children and Art. Chances To Say Inconceivable Like Wallace Shawn. The returning cast included Cary Elwes, Robin Wright, Mandy Patinkin, Chris Sarandon, Christopher Guest, Wallace Shawn, Billy Crystal, and Carol Kane, with additional performances by Rob Reiner as the Grandfather, Josh Gad as Fezzik, Eric Idle as the Impressive Clergyman, Whoopi Goldberg as the Ancient Booer and the Mother, and Jason Reitman as the narrator, among others. No one involved did anything remotely close to phoning it in, but Patinkin was the evening’s MVP. [8], Senator Ted Cruz, responding to the event announcement on Twitter, said that he wished the Princess Bride movie, which he called "perfect," would stay out of "Hollywood politics. [15], Elwes, being interviewed on Morning Joe on September 17, said that other battleground states had approached him about doing table reads of other classic movies. Mandy Patinkin writes, though the political climate is divisive and exhausting, we must commit to show up and vote in the 2020 presidentia election. Again, basically everything involving Mandy Patinkin. Then this film came along and it was time to take out my hand.”. Very cool. Last night, most of the cast of Rob Reiner’s classic The Princess Bride reunited (online, naturally) to read the movie aloud together. Refugees/Song of the Titanic (Joshua Rayzner)**, 3. Bach)*, 12. The AV Club mentioned "the obvious love and enthusiasm with which every member of the cast, original or otherwise, brought to this event," but singled out Mandy Patinkin for special praise. The actors were filmed individually in their homes, as is common in 2020 due to Coronavirus. (Someone—Robin Wright maybe?—kept actually sighing contentedly; it was what you might call a whole mood.). Due to some of the aforementioned technical snafus, it took them a while to get started, so we’ve cued it to just a few moments before Jason Reitman, who reads stage directions, kicked things off. I’m excited to announce a virtual #PrincessBrideReunion! Reiner and Lear’s affectionate connection comes through loud and clear, as does the pair’s obviously sincere interest in a musical version of the film. #Inconceivable! 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[17], After the readthrough, Patton Oswalt moderated a Q&A session with questions from the online audience. (No remakes or sequels though; the cast as a whole seems to agree on that.). Honestly, just find that segment in the Q&A and watch the whole thing; we simply cannot do it justice. You’ll find a video of the performance at the bottom of this post. The idea to recruit Princess Bride cast members for a fundraiser was inspired by a benefit event that reunited cast members of The West Wing. [15][16], After some technical problems that delayed the performance, Wisconsin Democratic Party Chairman Ben Wikler thanked the audience for supporting Democrats. 2. GMF (John Grant, Birgir Thorarinsson), 6. Never was that more true, with one possible exception (further down this list), than when he first brought his own personal six-fingered sword. Cary Elwes, Robin Wright, Mandy Patinkin, Chris Sarandon, Wallace Shawn, Carol Kane, and Billy Crystal attend the 25th anniversary screening … “It lends itself to it,” Reiner said of the possibility of a musical adaptation, naming “As you wish” and“Inconceivable!” as two obvious starting points for songs. Most wore ordinary street clothing and read without props, although Mandy Patinkin and Billy Crystal used some of their props from the film. 10s across the board. Patinkin would really like it if Cruz would keep Inigo Montoya’s name out of his mouth. Patinkin and Elwes also recounted those lunches of Crystal and Kane’s, saying they’d often stay in character the whole time. "[9] Widespread news coverage of Cruz's criticism, and of pushback from the cast,[10][11][12] "led to a surge of publicity," according to The New Yorker. It’s short! [1] According to the Associated Press, a staffer of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin approached a childhood friend of Cary Elwes (Westley in the film) to ask for his help.