Yet eyewitness testimonials to creatures that are strange or unknown are simply dismissed as fairy tales even when there are photos or direct contact with the creature and multiple testimonials . That said, anytime there's a body of water said to have monsters in it, you'll find at least one person shouting about plesiosaurs. This being the early 1900s, the creature was probably regarded as some demonic entity, so — after a couple nights of chaos — the men formed a shotgun brigade and went dino-hunting. However, climate changes, geological upheavals, and even widespread disease outbreaks have all been pointed out as possible causes. The idea of still-living dinosaurs has captured the public imagination for well over a century. Glyoptodonts. A big crocodile would match part of the description but again would not have a ridge on its back. Which prehistoric beasts would you like to see make a comeback? Nice. Apparently, it prefers women and children. The exact species of nautilus considered to be the oldest is known as the crusty nautilus, and they were considered to be extinct for almost 30 years until they showed up again in 2015. And from their the creatures just kept on going and didn't seem to be landing anywhere in the mountains around me they were just flying heading north of the area I was in. Over the past 150 years, there have been many sightings of strange creatures that in many cases look similar to several dinosaurs and other creatures that were supposed to have been extinct for "millions of years." According to modern science, no terrestrial animal larger than a few pounds lived past the cataclysm that punctuated the end of the Cretaceous period. So I think some types of dinosaurs could still be alive. While some dinosaurs evolved into birds, the rest of these giant prehistoric animals were wiped out, forever. They’re not talking about birds, and they don’t mean crocodilians. Iconic predators like the T rex lived in a warmer world where plant and animal life, both on the land and in the sea, were based on entirely different ecosystems than those of today. I still hike in the Angeles Forest. De-extinction isn’t all fantasy, and technology is already close to reviving some recently extinct animals, such as the woolly mammoth or the thylacine. But it is important to distinguish between fantasy, feasibility, and fact. I'm a bit familiar with the Epic of Gilgamesh. 2) Sturgeon. Another plesiosaur is alleged to live in Pepin Lake, which the Pioneer Press claims was once subject to a $50,000 bounty. One of the strangest, though, involved the shooting of a giant winged animal, believed to the mighty Thunderbird of North American indigenous legend. One of the early herbivorous relatives of crocodiles, like aetosaurus or lotosaurus. I appreciate the compliments, but please do not copy this article or any other articles you find on this site. It has been suggested, for the record, that real Bunyips might just be misidentified elephant seals. Remember the kind not species. Which is rather odd, you know, unless they're time-traveling reptilians from the fourth dimension. Whether you consider the DNA aspect or the fresh dinosaur bones aspect, the evolutionary idea of millions of years does not look credible. It's a shame really, that science could be so subjective. It’s funny how ‘alleged science’ rules out possibilities with no chain of evidence. An interesting fact about the creature is that the first scientists that ever examined its body in 1799 believed that the animal was fake. The impact event that killed the dinosaurs largely left evolution with a clean slate upon which to start again. I believe our presence destroys their habitat or whatever it takes for them to survive we change their atmosphere somehow even. so why not a hand full of illusive dinosaurs. Despite numerous expeditions to locate the creature dating back over 200 years, it has yet to be officially documented by science. Hush, you Illuminati whisperers. A naturalist ‘immediately recognised it as belonging to the genus Pterodactylus anas’, and it matched the remains of known pterodactyl fossils. Where are all of the big land dwelling dinosaurs like Triceratops and Brachiosaurus? According to the BBC, in 2001, a government-funded natural heritage organization in Scotland developed a plan of what to do if Nessie is ever found. You would think that they have changed to the point that they became a whole different species , but that is not the case. The last mammoth died a mere 4,000 years ago, and modern elephants share almost all their DNA with their Pleistocene relatives. Unsurprisingly, such great differences had an enormous impact on the course of evolution. Guess he never saw Spielberg's The Lost World, huh? It was in upstate New York and no one believes me. Many sauropods also needed vast, wide-open floodplains for nesting. I remember reading other legends from different cultures about a worldwide flood and although I don't remember their names you could Google it. Facebook; Twitter ; Google+; For more than one hundred years, tales have circulated concerning a dangerous and potentially deadly beast that has made its water-based home in the heart of the Congo Basin in Central Africa. In A Living Dinosaur? Non-avian dinosaurs, however, live in fact in the same environment than men do, i.e. But Mackal has support from other scientists and researchers who say they have seen evidence of Mokele-mbembe on their expeditions. It sounds so crazy and that sucks but I know what I saw and I know that man saw it too. If you looked outside your window and saw a 10-foot-tall, Tyrannosaurus-looking mofo with gray skin and sharp teeth, what would you do? Aside from its massive wings, it supposedly had no feathers, but it did possess plenty of sharp teeth. Though people have recorded footage of the ropen in action, these clips have been debunked, since they clearly depict ordinary frigatebirds. Its wingspan was measured at 3.22 metres (10 feet 7 inches). Sorry, no explanation for that last part. Congratulations - great job! cryptid (author) from USA on October 13, 2015: That's a complex subject, King Cole! Its roots go way back into prehistoric times. The giant freshwater stingray is considered to be one of the biggest freshwater fishes in the world, and it is known to grow up to 6.2 feet across. Great article. The jungles are dense and foreboding and few outsiders have the courage or resources to venture very far into their depths. If you're at all familiar with Australian Aboriginal mythology, you've probably heard of the Bunyip. His journey proved fruitless, but he still came away believing it was real. So what happened to the other dinosaurs. Once I went outside and I saw a strange footprint. 10 Fascinating Facts about the Permian Period, The Cryogenian Glaciations and the Birth of Animals, How Realistic Is the Martian? Also, if they came into contact with a number of today’s organisms, they would be exposed to literally thousands of “new 2 them” diseases, many of which could cause them to die slow and painful deaths. Yeah, so if we can't safely explore the area ourselves, why are we not arming the natives that are reporting these things with cameras? To that, I would point interested readers to "Dragons or Dinosaurs" by Derek Isaacs, and "In the Beginning" by Dr. Walt Brown, as supplemental material. By Charles R Knight [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons. Agnagna said, ‘It can be said with certainty that the animal we saw was Mokele-mbembe, that it was quite alive, and, furthermore, that it is known to many inhabitants of the Likouala region.’. The bones had been so fresh that the geologist who had found them thought at first they must have been bison bones. Speaking to The Huffington Post, expedition lead Stephen McCullah emphasized that he planned to bring the legendary creature back alive, rather than dead, by using tranquilizer rifles. They thought it was just several animals sewn together. i do believe they’re still alive even maybe only one of them. Then after that they where alive after the flood. But crocodiles certainly aren’t herbivores, which makes some researchers consider that Mbielu-mbielu-mbielu may be of a family of dinosaur called a stegosaur. Temperatures didn’t vary nearly as much between lower and higher latitudes, and there was little or no ice even at the polls during most of the Mesozoic Era. Yes, this sounds like a goofy B-movie. Larger species, being less capable of adapting to the decimated biosphere and following impact winter, may have died out within a few years or even months, however. These creatures survived : Crocodiles , alligators and allsorts of large turtles , sea turtles, Coelacanth etc. To this day only that sighting has happened. They found the bipedal Nile croc since acient times. This is Styracosaurus, a ceratopsian dinosaur that matches the description of Ngoubou. Ironically, evolution scientists are stubbornly unwilling to evolve their own theories even upon new clearly revealing discoveries! Which is why I also believe that we are the aliens. Although dinosaurs, along with many other prehistoric creatures went extinct millions of years ago, there are some creatures that walked the Earth with them that still live today. Btw on the topic of dinosaurs still being alive, it is very much possible. Some animals are more resilient than others. The remains of a three-metre juvenile ‘Caddy’ have actually been found in the stomach of a whale.3, It’s been a big year for monsters. But there is definitley something in the skies of southern california. Unfortunately for the dinosaurs — though, rather fortunately for mammals — the reptile empire ended about 66 million years ago, when an asteroid smacked into Earth. Amazing that so many people are thinking that jesus was real when there was no evidence of his alleged existence at the time he was said to be living . Letter to the Editor, Journal of Creation 19(3):60).]. Well this is just my opinion, but I saw a few comments on this thread where people asked if they're still alive today, then how come the dinasours didn't evolve like all the other species of animal.