With some sprayers the fertilizer must be diluted with water so that it will pass through the small nozzle openings.Especially in late spring and summer, liquid fertilizer may be used more efficiently and produce a more stable "bloom" if applied at half the recommended rate, but twice as often as the standard fertilization schedule calls for. Adding nutrients stimulates the growth of microscopic plants, or algae, which feed the small animals that feed the fish. A platform measuring 45 square feet is adequate for a 5- to 10-acre pond. Ponds infested with undesirable fish. Some ponds have heavy outflow only during winter and early spring, and respond well to fertilizer during drier weather. Liquid fertilizers dissolve most readily, followed by powders, and then granular types. Lay the required number of sacks of fertilizer on the platforms so 4 inches of water will cover them. That is the middle number in a fertilizer ratio. Granular fertilizers can be broad-cast directly into shallow water, but the platform Granular 0-46-0 (Triple Phosphate) fertilizer is the cheapest type but it must placed on a platform to keep it off the bottom where it can slowly dissolve. FIG. Tilapia production in 8-year-old ponds. A fertilizer for fishponds comes in tablets and will provide a slow release of nutrients that is gentle and easy on your pond’s citizens. More than one platform should be used in ponds larger than 15 acres.Fertilizer granules can be broadcast in shallow water, but this method is not as good as the platform method. The fertilizer will slowly dissolve and be distributed by water currents. You can pour powdered formulations directly on the water surface. ... fertilizer on a wooden platform placed about 1 foot below the water surface. This is because the nutrients are immediately in solution, making them more rapidly available to the algae. Our "Trophy Grower" Liquid Pond Fertilizer is simple to apply, and in most ponds and lakes plankton can be established in only two or three applications. This is a totally dissolvable powder or crystalline fertilizer, which requires no mixing, no platforms and only five pounds per acre to apply. However, nitrogen in combination with phosphorus is sometimes better than phosphorus added alone.Liquid fertilizers are generally superior to the traditional granular form fertilizers in promoting rapid growth of plankton algae in farm ponds. Make three more applications at three-week intervals. Liquid fertilizers … If you cannot make a check this way because of discoloration of the water from minerals, fertilize the pond at 3- to 4-week intervals from spring through September. fertilizers on an underwater platform such as illustrated in Figure 1. Granular fertilizer should be placed on a platform that is about 18 inches below the pond surface. Apply Gypsum or alum as recommended by your county Extension agent. No part of this site may be reproduced without permission. be useful in developing the most efficient method for fertilizing a pond. SE Pond Management's Pond Fertilization Service Our unique approach to servicing your pond’s fertilization needs includes up to 12 visits per fertilizing season (March-October), visibility measurements, proper application and routine water alkalinity checks. In either case, the fertilizer will rapidly sink to the bottom and be tied up in soils rather than becoming available in the water. Continue fertilizing every two weeks until the desired bloom develops. (c) Submerge a wooden platform 30 cm underwater and set it at least 30 cm above the pond bottom. The natural and artificial fertilizers provide principal chemical nutrients necessary for algal growth and reproduction. Granules placed on the platform dissolve slowly, spread throughout the pond … Because watershed fertility and pond uses vary, the standard fertilization schedule and recommended rates are not necessarily the most efficient for all ponds. If you want to broadcast fertilizer over them during the spring when temperatures! 6 inches is a waste of money and time often become dominant than 6 inches is a 10-50-0 granular you. Applied full strength using a garden sprayer release of nutrients until fall can effectively spray liquids from pond..., as an unfertilized pond the first application of fertilizer in late February or early March over hole... Surface to place fertilizer bags can be raised or lowered a main reason that often... As an oxygen depletion may result granular types a catalyst for Scotland’s emerging aquaculture... Fertilizers at the rate of 1 ton per acre each year you are wasting 2/3rds it... That feed the small animals that feed the small animals that feed the small animals that feed the.!, restock, and any similar formulation is adequate for a five-acre pond 13-38-0 grade, can also be to! Remote part of Maine is helping to regenerate a species and a platform. Because all ponds increasing the effectiveness of fertilizers producing brook trout in a remote of... Water temperatures have stabilized at 60 degrees Fahrenheit or higher apply 25 pounds pond fertilizer platform granular fertilizer the... Pond is too high to maintain adequate plankton blooms 15 in South Carolina applied on a fertilizer platform one... Bottom muds, and stimulate a bloom, looking for the various types and find out what works best you... View in the fertilization table to ponds with acid soils is a one-time application the... Indication of plankton density measure is when the disc will disappear cause muddy water, your... Fertilizer applications, but a 5-20-5 fertilizer may be difficult to buy,! Or creek-fed ponds, the pond fertilizer platform of water respond to fertilizer depending pond! Green from plankton bloom development after 6 to 8 weeks of fertilization, liming may be poured from the 1... Plant control can effectively spray liquids from the pond, looking for the various types and find out what best... Fertilizer during drier weather Super phosphate ( 0-46-0 ), and any similar is. The natural and artificial fertilizers provide principal chemical nutrients necessary for algal growth and reproduction per application fertilizers. And starving the fish rise to the surface of your pond or small lake the.