Call 478-272-1522 to ask specific questions about the application. Carefully fill out the application. Generally, you’re allowed to keep the following items with you during your visit: Most other objects, including your keys, must be stored in a locker that will be provided. If you are visiting from another state or traveling a great distance, Laurens County Jail may allow you an extended visitation. Leave all personal belongings, except for your state ID in your vehicle or in a locker (if one is provided). Who Can Visit an Inmate in Laurens County Jail. The inmate's sex. You may not use our service or the information it provides to make decisions about consumer credit, Call 478-272-1522 to ask for special consideration. Visitation applicants in Laurens County County must sometimes submit to a background check. The inmate you plan on visiting should be able to advise you the visiting time schedule for that prison, however it is always a good idea to call the prison before to ensure visitation is permitted and whether potential visitors are approved or not. Contact Laurens County Jail for the rules of the visit as only four states currently allow Conjugal visit. Incomplete paperwork is cause for denial. Honesty, especially regarding past criminal convictions, probation etc., is important. Our customers need not to worry if their inmate moves or transfer, you just have to inform us and we will update your inmate’s location and you can continue using our service. About the Laurens County Jail & Detention Ctr. Laurens County Trustee Visits for males will be on Saturdays 6:00 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. OR 7:30 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. Laurens County Jail requires all visitors to fill out an application prior to your visiting an inmate. There are, of course, objects you shouldn’t bring, as well, such as: Yes, any person that is visiting a prisoner is liable to be checked and possibly arrested if they have any active warrants. Minors will not be permitted unless accompanied by parents or a legal guardian. Pigeonly understand how difficult it is for families to stay away from their inmate and it is important to familiarize yourself with the basic of inmate visitation before planning a visit as each facility has specific rules that you must follow. Contact Laurens County Jail to schedule an appointment with your inmate and to check the time slot, as the inmates are allowed one visit per day. Clothing depicting anything obscene. Headquartered in Western U.S, Pigeonly has taken the mission to break the communication barrier between inmates and their family. Correctional Facility Information for DOC prisons and jails in county jails, federal prisons, and Georgia Department of Corrections. Pigeonly knows the importance of communication and connecting families as being the largest, independent calling service provider, we consider it our duty to provide our customers with an affordable, convenient way to be in touch with their inmates and that too at a very affordable rate, gone are the days when you have to think twice before picking up the phone to collect a call to your inmates. Contact the Laurens County Jail for scheduling a visit with your inmate. The Laurens County Jail & Detention Ctr, located in the city of Laurens, in Laurens County, South Carolina is a medium to maximum-security facility. If you are a co-defendant with the inmate in a pending case, your visit will be denied. The Laurens County Jail reserves the right to deny any person the right to enter the jail it chooses and for any reason. After the visitor has been approved by the correctional facility they need to check with their inmate on what days they are allowed to visit. Shorts and skirts should reach mid-thigh. Video visitation is slowly gaining favor with all jails in America as jail management realizes the financial savings and reduced security risks involved with remote visitation. You will be expected to follow the prison rules, no matter how arbitrary they may seem, when you visit. If you want to visit an inmate at Laurens County Jail, carefully fill out the application. Our primary aim is to make the entire process convenient and efficient by providing a link between you and an inmate.                     (3) three white underwear  Have all undergarments covered (males and females) and avoid a lot of cleavage. Children must be monitored at all times or jail staff will end the visit early. THE OFFICER  (except for medical reasons, subject to approval by a Superintendent); Lighters, matches, candles, incense, aerosol-pressure spray can; Metal cutlery / glass bottles or glass containers, non-transparent lunch boxes; Colours / patches / gang identification and associated clothing; Paint, pens and highlighters with non-transparent casing, scissors, knitting needles; Tattooing materials, tools, weights, magnet / magnetic devices. In order to accept collect calls from your inmate facility, you can put money on books at Laurens County Jail by creating an account with us.. All collect calls are approved by Laurens County Jail and is billed through your phone carrier company. With subscribers in over 88 countries, Pigeonly is reaching new levels to connect inmates with their friends and families. Those with warrants are denied visitation or if allowed to visit, will be arrested at the jail. Inmates are required to complete a Visitor Registration form and submit it at Laurens County Jail, those who are approved on this form will be allowed to visit. Laurens County Jail requires all visitors to fill out an application prior to visitation. Call 478-272-1522 or click here to view normal visiting hours and procedures for scheduling a visit.                     (3) three pairs of white socks  The information below provides complete instructions regarding: Following these instructions exactly will enhance your chances of getting official approval to visit an inmate. When visiting you will be required to show off your driver’s license. Now we strongly suggest having your loved one get the rules from the facility so that you don’t run into any inconveniences. Some family members 'take their inmate with them' to church, the park, the doctor or anywhere else simply by signing in and bringing the device along. Many jails are implementing video visits. Laurens County Jail Rules for Visiting, Inmate Calls, Sending Mail, Bail, and Bond in Laurens County, Georgia. You need to be on your inmate approved telephone list. briefcases, backpacks, handbags, wallets, purses etc. Pigeonly provide you with the best way to stay connected with your loved ones imprisoned in any State, Federal or Country facility, now Collecting calls from correctional facility is just a step away. When considering approval, correctional facilities look at many factors as all the formalities need to be done. Pigeonly understands the communication barrier which is why our customers don’t have to worry, with our inmate calling facility you can stay in touch with your inmate at discounted rates possible. Every Inmate facility has different procedures, so is the case with Laurens County Jail Laurens County The General list of items that prohibited is as follows, However Please check out the Laurens County Jail’s Department of corrections Website to get the whole list. All visitors must be pre-approved; your inmate must put you on the pre-approved visitation list in order for you to visit them which is later reviewed by the correctional facility. Many facilities limit the number of visitors therefore inmate have to narrow down the list of potential visitors.