Torchy Blaine -DJ at WDVR-FM in Sergeantsville NJ. He continues to be a popular opening act at the Sellersville Theater, having opened shows for Chris Smither, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Jonathan Edwards, Commander Cody Band, Mike Farris and many others. Jack Murray (May 31, 1900 – February 7, 1961) was an American film editor with about 55 feature film credits between 1929 and 1961. Her show "Guitar Town" features a blend of outlaw country, alt, roots, Americana. (1952) was produced at 20th Century Fox and was edited by Dorothy Spencer, who had previously edited Ford's Stagecoach (1939) and My Darling Clementine (1946). From 1929 to 1939, Murray had more than 30 feature film credits for the 20th Century Fox studio and its predecessors. Among other radio interviews and performances, he was a featured solo guest on Gene Shay’s "The Folk Show" on Philadelphia’s WXPN in 2008 -and again in 2009 as Jack Murray & The Midnight Creeps. Torchy Blaine -DJ at WDVR-FM in Sergeantsville NJ. Account & Lists Returns & Orders. [15][16], The period of Murray's collaboration with Ford after 1947 has been summarized by Tag Gallagher as one "distinguished by the vitality of its invention, at every level of cinema, but with particular intensity in montage, motion, and music. Here is Jack Murray’s obituary. Family and friends are welcome to send flowers or leave their condolences on this memorial page and share them with the family. [5] Among his credits are Will Rogers' final film, In Old Kentucky (1935), and two films starring Shirley Temple (Curly Top (1935) and Poor Little Rich Girl (1936)). The current line-up features stalwart Alan Landes on guitar, Nick Franclik on bass and Josh Kanusky on drums. And in fine style –often (atteringly) compared to bands like NRBQ and Rockpile. For more details about Jack and the band check out the READ section. [21], Ford and Murray may have worked together on, Murray was the editor for all of Ford's Argosy Pictures productions after, List of film director and editor collaborations, "California Death Index (1940-1997): John W Murray, 1961", "Rootsweb World Connect Project - Church-Gunkle-Clawson-Paulson", "Films with credits for both Jack Murray and John Ford", "Steamboat Round the Bend (1935)-Cast & Crew", "How Hitchcock's Vertigo eventually topped the Sight & Sound critics' poll",, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 14 September 2020, at 15:20. Tarzan's Peril (1951), The Steel Claw (1961)). [9] After The Sun Shines Bright, Murray edited six additional films with Ford. Amazing to me how many of the songs--which you sent to me on a cassette tape some number of years ago--had stuck with me. Found myself remembering, with remarkable clarity, things that I'd long forgotten. On the Down Side came pouring right back in from my memory, too. Write your message of sympathy today. [18][19] Michael A. Hoey worked as Murray's assistant on Sergeant Rutledge (1960). The CD or individual tracks can be purchased at the sites listed below – or, better yet, come to one of the shows and get one from Jack. [2], After 1939, there are no further feature films crediting Murray until 1947, when he edited a second film with Ford, The Fugitive (1947). Jack is a veteran singer-songwriter and rock & roller now living in the the northwest corner of southeastern Pennsylvania, often performing as Jack Murray and The Midnight Creeps. Carolina struck me way back when as sort of Jackson Browne-flavored, and still does. Their collaboration commenced with The Prisoner of Shark Island (1936), which was produced when both men were working at the 20th Century Fox studio. Used To Be a River... well, that's just a really, really sad song and even though this CD has been in my (great big) truck for something like six weeks or better, sometimes I still have to skip it. A new CD is now in the works and is expected to be released this summer. Singer/songwriter Jack Murray, from Sevierville, TN, (Dolly Parton’s hometown as well…) now living in Barto, PA was a founding member of country-rock band Golden Rocket in the late 70s, which featured a unique mix of folk, blues, rock & roll and traditional country music. I like Apalachicola for a lot of reasons, probably mostly because the beat and dropped-D guitar fit the lyrics so well. While the individual contributions of Ford and of Murray to the editing of the theatrical release versions of these films aren't well known, Murray was responsible for the first, editor's cuts. [6][7] Tag Gallagher notes that, while the film was a disastrous start for Argosy, "in terms of composition, lighting and editing, The Fugitive may be among the most enjoyable pictures. We are sad to announce that on October 3, 2020, Jack Murray of Lower Burrell, Pennsylvania, born in New Kensington, Pennsylvania passed away. Similar feel to Here's to Hopin', at least in my mind, and that's what makes great songwriting--it's what lets me hear a song and think, "Oh, I bet Hank Williams (or Tim O'Brien, or Carter Stanley) wrote that...", "I came across your CD last week, and I’ve got to tell you -it’s Gold. The lyrics are terrific, the chord progressions new and interesting--but I have to admit that it's your killer Tele tone that sticks me like a harpoon. [3], For his studio films after 1947, Ford worked with other editors as well as with Murray. “Thanks for sending that CD along. His memoir suggests that Ford did largely entrust the editing of his films to Murray; Hoey writes of the screening of Murray's cut for Ford that it "... went well with surprisingly few notes, but after all Jack Murray had been editing John Ford's films since 1936's The Prisoner of Shark Island and knew the Old Man's taste better than he did himself. The “charter” version of the “Creeps” featured guitar wonder Alan Landes, bassist Karl Frick (Los Mighty Manatees) and percussionist Ellen Houle (Tin Bird Choir). Receive obituaries from the city or cities of your choice. I just put that thing on and sat and listened straight through! I'd happily whack off an appendage or two just to put together one instrumental like Dolly Maguire... that tune is remarkable. Hello, Sign in. "[8] Murray's collaboration with Ford continued through seven more films from Argosy Pictures, which folded after producing The Sun Shines Bright (1953). Copyright © 2020 Echovita Inc. All rights reserved. Jack is a veteran singer-songwriter and rock & roller now living in the the northwest corner of southeastern Pennsylvania, often performing as Jack Murray and The Midnight Creeps. "I came across your CD last week, and I’ve got to tell you -it’s Gold. Still having a tough time deciding though, which I like better... the guitar groove in Here's to Hopin', or that first line about "The last rock you look under". Content approved and certified by a member of the Echovita supervisory team. Jack has been a featured guest on Gene Shay’s "The Folk Show" on WXPN. I aired 2 of the songs this past Saturday "…Amazing Grace" and "Carolina Don’t Look Back" and I had listeners calling and emailing, saying "Who is THAT??!!!" Thus What Price Glory? A unique and lasting tribute for a loved one. Here's To Hopin (That "Amazing Grace" Is True), (If You’re Gonna Do Wrong) Let’s Do It Right, On the Down Side, Baby, I’ll Be Pickin Up Speed Again. organ,fiddle, harmonica, etc.. Please accept Echovita’s sincere condolences. Born to John Wyncoup Murray Sr. and Lois Grier, Murray was raised in Georgia. "[20], Murray was elected to membership in the American Cinema Editors shortly after its formation in 1950. Jack’s debut CD “Then There’s That...” was released in early 2008, featuring his unique guitar and vocal stylings and powerful original songs. His debut CD “Then There’s That…” was released in early 2008. When not performing solo or in smaller combinations with other players, Jack fronts The Midnight Creeps –a band ready, willing and very able to handle just about any kind of Ramona LaBarre at Blue Muse Artists by phone or by email. Jack performs as a solo artist –or as a duo or trio with acoustic bass and/or guitar. You can listen to the broadcast here. I just put that thing on and sat and listened straight through! Just a little ways into each one I'd be anticipating the next chord change or guitar fill. Her show "Guitar Town" features a blend of outlaw country, alt, roots, Americana. There are no additional photos for Jack Murray at this time. You can add a photo to pay tribute to Jack Murray. [12] The Quiet Man received multiple Academy Award nominations, although not for editing. Not because it's not a good song--but because it's too good, maybe. [13] The Searchers was in the first group of 25 films selected in 1989 for the US National Film Registry. American music –from blues to folk to rock & roll to classic country music. Please accept Echovita’s sincere condolences. Please take a listen. His parents divorced when he was young, and he and his brother Clark eventually followed his mother out to Los Angeles, where she was working as a screenwriter with her second husband, Arthur Zellner (future publicity chief at MGM). After an extended hiatus, a recent burst of writing has unexpectedly launched him back into the world of music, having become a popular headlining act as a singer/songwriter at many venues in the Philadelphia area, including Bethlehem’s legendary Godfrey Daniels and MusikFest, Landhaven in Huffs Church and others. Here is Jack Murray’s obituary. He often performs as “Jack Murray and the Midnight Creeps” in four or five piece configurations, acoustical or electric. Funeral arrangement under the care ofFrank F. Gigler Funeral Home, Inc. He’s played in many other musical combinations including The Rockin’ Eddies, while successfully writing for Nashville recording artists (Alabama, Ronnie Sessions, Peter Isaacson, among others) -providing his various country and rock bands with strong and often witty original material. [11] Murray's last film with Ford was Two Rode Together (1961); Murray died in 1961. Please take a listen. 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