Wildcat doesn't hesitate to motions for Stargirl to move out of her way as she slashes at the bars with her claws. Nickname(s) After school, Rick goes to BVHS where he meets with Yolanda, Beth, and Courtney. Unfortunately, the journal is all written some form of code that he can't crack. He is a classic loner who doesn't socialize with people. Shortly afterward Rick endured another tragic blow when his sweetheart, Beth Chapel (as Dr. She encourages Rick that he can continue his father's legacy as a superhero and that it can be his choice. Rick and Yolanda hide behind the bushes at Cindy Burman's house, anxiously waiting to see if Beth can pull off her plan. He motions for the girls to go through first, with Wildcat following Dr. Mid-Nite through the gap. Rex and Wendi than left while Rick yelled after his parents begging them not to leave him. She whines back that she knows but she doesn't know what to do. He misses Dragon King but falls into an intense hand-to-hand combat fight with Sportsmaster, who gets ahold of Hourman's leg and throws him several feet away. Beth informs Pat that Yolanda went to church to pray for Henry before school. She tells him no as he, Yolanda, and Justin should enter from above ground on the other side of town. A man asks will what work, causing Rick and Yolanda to whirl around, startled. When the JSA traveled with Hawkman to the Middle Eastern country of Kahndaq to stop Black Adam, Rick was severely injured by one of Nemesis' swords. Courtney tries to stop them but he argues that it's just a hacker. When they do, Courtney greets Yolanda and Beth with a hug, though Rick stands off the side not too comfortable with the gesture. He cried tears of joy upon learning of his wife's pregnancy. He greets Pat with a nod before the group notices an unfamiliar car approaching. He stops to comment that the alternator might be the issue, earning a positive reaction from Pat. Rick gives her a worried and disgruntled look. Beth argues that isn't true or fair since each of them has changed since joining the JSA, especially Rick. This prompts Rick to call him out on not being a Silicon Valley millionaire and instead, being a Blue Valley dirtbag. As the duo waits for Beth, Yolanda relays a text message from Courtney saying that Cindy knows Courtney is Stargirl. This furthers Rick's disbelief in Justin's story. Brainwave throws Henry into the bars and the JSA once again attacks the force field with slashes, punches, and blasts, but their efforts are still futile. He steps back to admire his handwork but gives it a solemn look as if remembering his parents. He then asks her if Pat asked for her staff back if she would hand it over. I hate feeling this way. Rick grows quiet as he looks precariously at Pat. He explained that it was his first love before he met Wendi. Hourman takes this moment to try and pry open the bars once more, which are being kept in place by Brainwave's telekinesis. One night, in a frenzy, Rex recorded down a burst of discovered information. Stargirl strikes him under his chin and sends him flying across the room to the steps. With everyone safely on the ground and the battle over, a sense of relief is found in the group who exchange camaraderies. He also tells him to leave the hourglass with him too because he doesn't think he's ready for it. Rick doesn't seem impressed when Pat states that they have to start with two things: what they can do and what the bad guys can do. They access the tunnels through the keypad in the hallway, hurrying down the steps with their gear. Beth tells him to turn it over. Testing his strength, he easily lifts a keg and crushes it like a soda can. Justin becomes hostile quickly and Rick is eager to fight the man, but Pat keeps him at bay by saying that he thinks he knows the man. Hourman speaks over the comms to Beth, telling her that they need help. The next day at lunch, Courtney brings Henry Jr to the table, informing her teammates that Henry is aware of their superhero antics. A brilliant chemist, Rex Tyler created a drug he called Miraclo, which gave him super-powers for one hour at a time, which he used to fight crime as Hourman. The staff slides under the car propping up while Stargirl slides under it and pulls Hourman to safety just before the car can crush him. Now annoyed, Rick asks what they're doing here in the first place, to which Pat explains how he wants them to find out if there's a tunnel system under Blue Valley. He dares her to take it when Beth runs up, announcing that his parent's death wasn't an accident. Hourman grins at Beth's plan as he exchanges a triumphant look with Wildcat. Beth wonders what the creature is, with Rick angrily stating that is Solomon Grundy, the thing that killed his parents. Later that day, Courtney learns through Beth Chapel that Rick Harris's name is really Rick Tyler and that he's the son of Rex Tyler - Hourman. Rick sends Grundy flying into Dragon King's lair as he soars after Grundy. He staggers backward surprised by his strength and flexes his hand, noticing that it is unharmed. Stargirl knocks Tigress aside and then kicks Sportsmaster's head using the full force of her body, rendering him unconscious. Next to him is Wildcat, who is fighting Tigress and being overwhelmed by the woman's fighting skills. Once the frequency jammers return due to Gambler's distraction over his money, Shining Knight snaps out of his trance. He hates feeling this way. Pat notes that they have to destroy the machine before it can get that far. Through adversity, Rick inherits his father's mantle and becomes the new Hourman. They come to a large cell where a creature is locked inside. He takes off his backpack and Yolanda asks what they should do. Rick is irritated by this and abruptly stands up, telling Beth to speak for herself. Mike questions if they're going to make everyone else zombies, but Barbara is reluctant since that isn't Jordan's "American Dream". He wears relaxed clothing such as worn jeans, neutral-toned shirts, and a worn leather jacket. Yolanda sarcastically congratulates Courtney for making the biggest delinquent in school a beast, but Courtney's determined to get through to him. He gets to Beth but she is interrupted by Yolanda. While not explicitly stated, it is heavily implied that Rick's uncle, Matt, is physically aggressive toward Rick. They are about to find a way inside when they hear Sportsmaster's sinister laugh calling to them. Stargirl leads the group through the halls of Empire Enterprises. The couple quickly hugged their son goodbye, with Rex picking Rick up in his arms to hug him and kiss his head. Rex Tyler was a character in The CW and DC Universe series Stargirl. She says that Blue Valley was settled in 1876, by a group of Freemasons that called themselves The Other Founding Fathers who wanted to make the land free of interference from the outside. Richard "Rick" Tyler is a character in The CW and DC Universe series Stargirl. He wants to go in and get answers and brushes off Courtney with a whatever when she says to follow her lead. He thinks about hitting something all the time, and asks her if she thinks he likes that. Yolanda wants to go capture The Gambler and Rick chimes in that they'll interrogate him and make him talk or else. They assume a fighting position just a giant robotic armor lands behind the group, much to everyone's amazement. He tells them that the price is $100 each, earning disgruntlement from the jocks. Before Johnny was conceived, Rick feared how the Miraclo in his bloodstream would affect a baby and stopped using it until Jesse got pregnant. Sportsmaster is hitting Hourman with his baseball bat, though Hourman is managing to block his attacks until one blow to the face knocks him to his knees. Rick averts his gaze clearly distressed so Matt condescendingly mutters that was what he was thought and leaves so Rick tosses the empty box aside. The time used to save Rick also meant that Rex's time was up and that he would have to return to fighting Extant. Pat tells Rick to make himself at home, with Rick waving and responding with a gleeful thanks. Rick felt this neglect and, upon entering high school, became a delinquent. Rick is still starting at the journal when he is overcome with annoyance and throws the journal aside. Rick was now able to occasionally see one hour into the future, as well as being given an hour with his father in the Timepoint. Grundy stands and then lumbers out of the lair as Rick yells at him to never come back. He sees his uncle harassing a waitress who is uninterested in his advantages. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The team realizes that their efforts are futile and stop long enough to hear Brainwave admit to murdering his wife. Stargirl says she understands but Rick yells that she doesn't. Hourman looks at her incredulously and corrects he's the Shining Knight. He often sat at a loser table where he kept to himself, stole school property, and frequently received detention. He then leaves to go to class. It was no surprise that althou… They exchange an equally worried look.[8]. Eventually, Rex and the rest of the JSA returned from Limbo and he and Rick were reunited. She responds yes but he counters that God shouldn't let bad things happen - like his parent's being thrown into a tree. Rick merely states that his uncle is a jerk who had it coming. He angrily gives up but tells Solomon Grundy that he'll be back, and runs off with Beth. He grimaces and clenches his jaw. Richard "Rick" Tyler is a character in The CW and DC Universe series Stargirl.. Rick is a high school delinquent who was orphaned at the age of seven and mainly keeps to himself. They are confused when Pat informs them that Courtney's father isn't Starman. Courtney introduces herself and Beth warmly responds while Rick continues to ignore Courtney's presence. Pat scolds Rick, saying that his father would never have abused the hourglass's power like that. He is drinking out of a bottle that is cleverly concealed inside a brown paper bag. He then impatiently waits for Dr. Mid-Nite to put in the door code. Hourman is overcome with anger and charges at Sportsmaster only to be hit in the face and chest with three baseballs. They want to combat global warming, force people to embrace solar and wind power, and eliminate discrimination of all kinds. Henry loses control of his powers and flings Rick across the floor of the cafeteria along with a lunch tray, the contents of which cover Rick's shirt.