Remember, you are doing this to save and make money with firearms! As you can see, it depends on what you want to do with your FFL. These licenses are used to manufacturer or import GCA/Title I firearms. Interestingly (to me, at least), these licenses cost more up front than a Type 7 manufacturer’s license which allows you to manufacture and deal in firearms. I’m new to all this but really interested in all of this. I know the first installment will be 200. and then 90 after that 3 years is up and then 90 for 3 years after that.this can be a little confusing Thank you for you help ETB. . $200 application fee FFLs – these are the Type 1 firearm dealer/gunsmtih’s license and the Type 2 pawnbroker’s license. So if I wanted to convert a semi auto AR 15 into a full auto for personal use, what FFL and SOT licenses would be required? Ok, you now know what the FFL cost of each type of Federal Firearms License is – are you ready to Get Your FFL? Fee Unit; License to Carry Firearms: $100: each: License to Carry Firearms - retired law enforcement officers: $25: each: Firearms Identification Card: $100: each: Firearms Identification Card - applicants under 18 years old: $25: each: Non-Resident Firearms License: $100: each: Resident Alien Permit: $100: each : How to apply Apply for a firearms license. Please note that local fees cannot be paid online. The next most common type of FFL, the manufacturer FFL, has a cost of $150 every three years. The Type 1 FFL will cost $290 in your fourth year whereas the Type 7 FFL will cost you $300 in your fourth year. If I’m buying AR-15 uppers and lowers and other components from various sources, and then assembling and selling completed rifles, does that make me a manufacturer? If you’re wondering more about what an SOT is, check out the article What is an SOT?. How much will it be to convert a type 10 into a type 20 on 1st purchase? It helps to ensure that fees charged to Canadians by federal departments and agencies remain current and reflect the costs of delivering related services. If you’re not sure about this, please consider taking the Guide to Get Your Own FFL to learn more. The good news is that you’ll likely be in the “under $500k yearly sales” category below so you won’t waste too much money. The entire state fee is refundable if no license is issued. The table below captures the fees that changed as of March 31, 2020. $200 application fee FFLs – these are the Type 1 firearm dealer/gunsmtih’s license and the Type 2 pawnbroker’s license. $150 application fee FFLs – these are the Type 7 manufacturer’s license and the Type 8 Importer’s license. Can you clarify the ruling please? Will. So, how much does an FFL cost? Not necessarily. Note the columns which help you to determine what each type of FFL will allow and which Class of SOT may be required. You MUST have a business intent to get Ann a FFL. Kind of. If you want to be a manufacturer, especially of NFA firearms, it’s going to cost you a bit more. Which forms would I need exactly to order from the atf if I’m wanting to buy sell and trade but also own fully automatic for my own collections? Can I get an FFL to buy guns direct? On the other hand, the fee can apply without a Type 07. You can learn more about FFL types here: Also, there is no “converting” of FFLs – you can get an additional/new one and also have the original too or let it lapse. Additional Fees. All duplicate licenses incur a fee of $20.00. Online course helps you to get your FFL fast and easy. I am a gun collector but not relics. No. Fee. XIII (a) To the holders of a license in Form IX----(b) For arms of Category V only: 50: 100: 250: 300 (c) Otherwise: 100: 100: 300: 300: 5. These are your most common store-front gunshop licenses. $30 application fee FFLs – these are the Type 3 and Type 6 FFL licenses. The MSRP for a Glock 19 is $599. All NEW license applications incur a $12.95 fee for IDEMIA Electronic Fingerprinting. There aren’t currently any additional state-level requirements for operating an FFL in NC. Our FFL course can help you get your FFL in California. If you’d like to get your FFL and become an SOT, sign up for your Guide to Get Your Own FFL and Become an SOT course bundle to save money!