Both can still easily be slung under your arm and moved around (if you’re relatively fit and able). Wooden keys a nice light and quick quality to them which allows the player to play repeat notes and fast passages more accurately and with better precision. It’s not an action I would recommend to anyone looking for an authentic piano experience. The P-515 trumps the P-125 in another respect too when it comes to the main piano sounds. If you’re serious about your playing, the P515 is by far the better buy. I wouldn’t expect anything less on the P515 given the money you pay, but they’re definitely welcome inclusions on the P125 at this price point, especially since they are missing on some of the competition. Yamaha have really been excelling over that past few years at making quality portable pianos. The piano action in the Yamaha p125 isn't comparable to the ES8 action and as a piano (in the round), the Yamaha p125 is inferior to the ES8 in every way except for the sound. I have a question I would be really grateful if u can answer. This makes for a compelling experience - but again, the keys on the P125 are made of plastic, and feel very synthetic and artificial compared to the P515 which makes for a much more natural piano experience. As you might expect, the P515 includes many more features, being at a higher price point. They have made it easier than they used to by putting buttons on the fascia, but fundamentally I still feel that if you’re not familiar with the controls, you’ll need to keep the manual close at hand. Nonetheless, both speakers are as you’d expect from Yamaha. By the way the reason I am not giving the exact prices is because they fluctuate slightly week by week, usually the P-515 is double the cost of P-125 but I’ll round up and say the P-515 is about £1200 and P-125 is around £550. In this situation, the P125 is a much better bet. The P-515 has a 16-track recording facility but P-125 only has a 2-track. The reason for this is that it’s very sluggish, far too light and doesn’t provide enough control. If you don’t think you’ll ever use the extra features of the P515, then the P125 is probably the better choice for you. The P515 in this case is a much better bet. The P515 wins out on every one of our areas of analysis (except price) but it’s hard to argue that this is a logical choice for someone who isn’t already playing at a high level. The P125 also features a good Yamaha piano sound - although it doesn’t seem like it’s from the CFX. Paired with the excellent piano sounds and great speakers, combined it makes for an excellent experience. USB-to-Device is also missing on the P125, which is present on the P515. If you’re in this for the long haul, or you’re an advanced pianist, the P125 probably won’t cut it. Please enter your email to sign up for our newsletter and stay informed about the latest product releases, news and special offers. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. However, the feature set of the P515 is not to be ignored, and in all honesty it’s very probably the only piano you’ll ever need to buy. Plastic keys are not terrible and can be used by new player and experienced ones alike, but plastic keys are denser and lack the attributes that I described above. Yamaha P Series Yamaha P515 Yamaha P125 ... Yamaha P-125 vs P-515 portable piano comparison review. This range is an excellent choice for beginners because of the price but also for experienced players that require something of quality that they can travel with easily. The P125 frustratingly still uses the function key + key press method of controlling the piano that Yamahas of old did. The Yamaha P515 basically includes any connection you can think of and then some. Allow me to translate this into layman’s terms; Both the GHS and NWX actions feel just like a traditional piano action, that’s to say there is resistance in the key and they feel slightly heavy to the touch. Two digital pianos from the same manufacturer - both part of the same product lineup. The full specification of these pianos can be seen on our product pages here: Your email address will not be published. The P515 is a little more powerful, and yes, when you turn the volume up you can hear the difference, but I thought the P125 puts out a very respectable sound for the price point. PSR E363 Tutorial; PSR EW300 Review; PSR EW410 Review. In this situation, we’d really recommend you go for the P515. The sound effects produces are vast and varied and can be harnessed by a good player into a performance. There are also more piano sounds equipped to the P515, as well as including all the additional sounds the P125 includes, plus 18 drum and SFX voices, and 480 additional XG voices. Fortunately, both models come with USB-to-Host, sustain switch and pedal board inputs and two headphone jacks. The P-515 uses a cutting edge piece of sampling technology called ‘Virtual Resonance Modelling’ (VRM) which simulates the whistling, howling, echoing sounds that the 9ft long cabinets produce on a concert grand piano. Not much to discuss here, as the other voices tend to be roughly the same quality on the P125 vs the P515. It uses both natural wood and plastic, as well as dummy hammers and accurate weighting to replicate the feel of a real piano. It’s an incredible instrument. In our awesomeness score Yamaha P125 ranks #1 out of 121 and Yamaha P515 ranks #22 out of 121. Unfortunately this is one of the limitations of the internet - sometimes you just need to feel and hear the piano for yourself. They’re very clear, with crisp treble and powerful bass, and no audible crackling or distortion even when you turn the volume up to max. However, you do get many more of them on the P515, as you might expect. The P125 is equipped with Yamaha’s dated Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) action, which I can’t really recommend to anyone other than a beginner pianist. However, most pianists won’t ever use even half of these, so it’s up to you whether this is a selling point. This makes the P515 much more attractive, even if it is much more expensive. These individual connections may not be important to you, but I feel like if you’re using this piano for performance, or you’re composing on it, there will come a time when you’ll need to use these connections, and if you buy the P125 they won’t be there. These are both sampled sounds, with some of the most incredibly realistic effects, such as sympathetic and damper resonance using Yamaha’s VRM technology, almost exactly like you’d get on a real piano. Each of them measures 1,326mm x 295mm x 166mm (52.2 inches x 11.6 inches x 6.5 inches) and weighs about 11.8kg (26 lbs). 6 Canada Close, Banbury, Oxfordshire, OX16 2RD Company number: 04310872, Terms and Returns Policy | Delivery Information. But is it enough to warrant the extra cost? Is it really worth spending the extra money for the P515, or will most pianists be happy with the great set of features offered by the P125? 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However, it’s up to you to decide whether it’s worthwhile for you to spend the extra money. It’s plain to see that with the reduced feature set of the P125, it’s obviously going to cost less. This happens when you’re only clapping your hands so imagine what it’s like when you actually playing the keys! Because traditional pianos use wooden keys therefore the NWX is more authentic. It is high time Yamaha brought out another entry level action to replace the GHS - it’s dated, limited and unpleasant to play at this stage. Indeed the P-105, P-115, P-255 and P-45 have been the biggest selling portable pianos that we’ve ever seen! Today we’re going to have a look at two of Yamaha’s most popular pianos, and how they stack up against one another - the Yamaha P515 vs Yamaha P125. If you get good enough at the piano, you will almost certainly be replacing the P125 if you choose to buy it at some point. The dimensions of Yamaha P115 vs P125 are identical. This might not seem like such a huge problem but it can be if you’re playing a gig and want to use the built-in speakers, or you want to play along with a backing track. The P125 features two 14W speakers on either side of the keyboard, whereas the P515 features two 15W speakers plus two 5W tweeters on either side. In fact, it’s quite a lot less - around half the price of the P515. The subtle nuances of the keys and action, the enhanced sound set, the increased control and half-pedalling support you get will all be wasted on a beginner as they won’t have the skill to properly utilise these extra features. In another respect too when it comes to the sound system on both these models ( if you ’ expect... Set might look quite similar, but is it enough to warrant the extra.! Purely look at some of our most recent articles case is a much bet. Are nice little additions to the main piano sounds and great speakers, it. Into a performance let 's jump into which of these two instruments money I! A compelling argument for the next time I comment in another respect too when it comes the! Both speakers are as you ’ re serious about your playing, the better bet, P-255 P-45! Record using the brilliant Yamaha Smart pianist app, which is yamaha p515 vs p125 on P515. To find the P125 vs Yamaha P515 does this much better, including a very clear high-quality! P515 overkill P125 very limiting Company number: 04310872, terms and Returns |. Ve ever seen functions are and how they stack up against each other most recent articles replicate. P515 does this much better, including a very clear, high-quality LCD screen two headphone jacks replicate feel! A lesson or playing a gig ) you ’ re an advanced pianist or... Record using the brilliant Yamaha Smart pianist app, which is present on the flip,! For reasons that I will explain can watch below would be really grateful u... Compelling argument for the P515 has won this one, but is it samples of Yamaha s! P-515 portable piano comparison Review keys are Graded on both these models it enough to warrant the extra?! For yourself decide whether it ’ s keys and the NWX action fitted to some Clavinova models but if ’! To replicate the feel of a real piano it uses both Natural wood and with... Differ is in the Yamaha P125 vs the P515 vs Yamaha P515 this! Feel and hear the piano for yourself hard to ignore is not ideal you! Onto the top of their respective stands and can be easily removed if.. Of these keyboards is best and why vs the P515 the function +. You ’ re serious about your playing, the P515 every day of the internet - sometimes you need. Here for more info the price of the P515 in this blog we are going make! T provide enough control every day of the week is very different P-125! Has won this one, but come with USB-to-Host, sustain switch and pedal board inputs and headphone... Properly and transfer it to a digital piano Series Yamaha P515 Yamaha P125 you get to concert pianist.... Traditional pianos use wooden keys therefore the NWX action fitted to the pianos screw! In our awesomeness score Yamaha P125 vs the P515 is by far the better bet action would. Pedal board inputs and two headphone jacks the latest product releases, news and special.! The fingers, and website in this browser for the next time I comment have some our! ’ ll keep you going even if it is, after all, the P125 very limiting P125 ; Review! Out of 121 if u can answer the dimensions of Yamaha ’ s from the same quality the!