Judd Apatow returns to the small screen for a delightfully brash, irreverent and often quite sweet series on life and love in L.A. Alternatively, you could marathon prestige series like Breaking Bad or House of Cards (it’s okay if you still haven’t seen them, we won’t judge). Spawned from the brains of Justin Roiland (Adventure Time) and Dan Harmon (Community), few shows are as gigantically world-building in their science-fiction ambitions. This critically-acclaimed flick follows a group of investors who bet against the US mortgage market, and soon discover how flawed and corrupt the market is. GamesRadar+ is supported by its audience. Instead, it combines the cheerful glee of Parks with the existential WTF?-ness of something like Lost. Returning to the land of Thra, populated by good-hearsing Gelflings, evil bird-like Skesis, and all kinds of other furry and fearsome beasts, it somewhat lives up to its ‘family-friendly Game Of Thrones’ billing – even daring to bump off characters you’ve come to root for. It’s also a comedy. The reality show follows five men from the LGBTQ+ community as they makeover a different person – or, as they are called on the show, "hero" – each episode. The increasingly prolific Ryan Murphy, alongside regular collaborators Brad Falchuk, Stephen Canals, brings this series, set in 1980s New York at the height of the AIDS pandemic. In a world full of seedy politicians and sordid scandals, Frank Underwood stands at the very top. Head this way. There are still ghost aplenty in Bly Manor, another haunted house story, but there's a romance at the centre of this series that's quite surprising. NetflixReleases is an unofficial site for Netflix fans. No, seriously. While we only got one season of this absurdist comedy that’s no reason to skip over it: its weirdness is part of its charm; its way of luring you in before revealing how damn smart it is. So if you're planning a virtual game night with friends from your favorite group text, this app is a prime choice. The Duffer brothers cobbled together a patchwork of '80s references then siphoned all of that into a killer plot about government experiments on members of a small town in Indiana. Our editors handpick the products that we feature. Joe’s desire pushes him to a new level of stalking that will make you shake your head in disbelief. Remember the screwy lawyer from Breaking Bad? The true-crime documentary that has gripped the world, Tiger King's as bonkers as they say. But in reality, it's a tense, wordy delight, full of great performances before you even get to the likes of David Tennant, Hayley Atwell and Kit Harington. A welcome and bingeable twist on a long-running genre format, that delivers even more in its second and third series. A Netflix Original that slipped under many radars. They’re all here for comfort bingeing, years after Channel 4 betrayed the nation by stopping their endless re-runs. Someone dies, experiences the afterlife, and embraces the comedy of the situation. Therapist's son Otis (Asa Butterfield) starts doling out sex advice to his schoolmates, all the while navigating his own tough road through puberty. Comment below if you want to see Game Night on Netflix ASAP! To help you avoid scrolling through its huge catalogue, the Pilot TV and Empire team has hand-picked the 60 best shows streaming on Netflix right now – a list of series you’ll (probably) love, whether you’re after nostalgic comfort-viewing, cutting-edge comedy, searing emotional dramas, puppet fantasies, or foreign-language horror. Don’t get hung up on the title of this crackin’ comedy series. The pleasure in this prequel is revisiting characters (hello Mike Ehrmantraut) we’d always wanted more backstory on. Thank you for signing up to GamesRadar+. The early years of the current English monarch? 29 October 2020, In the mood for a true-crime doc? Its characters are complex, its storytelling gripping, and Flanagan sets up perfectly-timed jolts with care. Drawing comparisons to Boardwalk Empire, Series 2 ramped up its star wattage by adding Tom Hardy and Noah Taylor into the mix. Groundhog Day approaches that design with a mixture of amusement and sadness, and Russian Doll ups the ante by throwing in a dose of 2019 New York and a killer central performance. Please refresh the page and try again. Plus you'll actually care about the people involved. Or have you always wanted to go on a scenic train ride? Get stuck into this documentary series. With a two-part finale accomplished, proof that fans can reignite a cancelled show, there’s still hope for more stories in this world. So, what are you waiting for? It'll have you cringing as much as you laugh - but in a good way. It's really funny, too? A gripping, and sadly all-too-necessary, story of the power of believing women. You'll be lucky if your movie tastes align perfectly, and in the early days, you don't want to force them to watch The Notebook and send them to sleep (or creep them out). And by ‘friends’ we mean a group of people who inflict pain and hardship on each other just because they can.