The 265-acre Shadow Cliffs Regional Recreation Area includes an 80-acre lake for swimming, boating and fishing, boat launch, boat rental, and fishing docks. Land Manager: East Bay Regional Park District - Del Valle Regional Park, 5.6 mi 178.34 m Down, 4.2 mi While I'm not a big beer drinker, if the frequency with which the Pliny the Elder beer is mentioned on MTBR is any indication, then it's probably a detail worth mentioning for some mountain bikers that this particular pub is one of a limited number of places where this fine brew is served. • NOT OKAY! Join us for one of our regularly scheduled public canoeing or kayaking trips in a group setting, where our engaging Outdoor Recreation staff will guide you on a fun paddle exploring our Regional Parks’ waterways and lakes. Tree cover throughout this ride route ranges from little to none. This part of the trail is by far the hardest part of the whole loop. It's probably fair to say that Del Valle wouldn't immediately pop into mind when thinking of places to go mountain biking in the East Bay, at least unless you happen to live nearby. Del Valle Regional Park provides for numerous outdoor activities, including boating, fishing, picnicking, and swimming. This is a phenomenal singletrack ratio for a 14-mile East Bay ride. Asterisks * indicate permissible watercraft. 21.1 km However, the many ups and downs on the elevation profile do add up to a respectable amount of total climb, as you can see. Buses: $25 per bus. Inflatables with 3 or more chambers are allowed. Distance, category, and difficulty: This 4 mile loop hike is easy. For rates, information, and a schedule of classes visit. In brief: 4 mile loop on grassy hills above Lake Del Valle. 14.4 km 1,434' Down I must say that my impression has changed significantly after riding here. Regional Shoreline. Rocky Mountain Recreation Company offers rentals such as motorboats, pontoon boats, canoes, rowboats, and paddle boats. Only sailboards, kayaks, and car-top inflatables are permitted at Crown Beach. An Adventure Projects staff member will review this and take an appropriate action, but we generally don't reply. Boat Launch Fee: $5 per day trailered boat; $3 per day car-top or inflatable; $2 per day windsurf board/stand-up paddleboard. Regional Shoreline is leased from the Port of Oakland, protecting the remainder of a once-extensive marshland at San Leandro Bay. The 741-acre Martin Luther King Jr. Main entrance: Del Valle Regional Park is located on Del Valle Road off Mines Road south of Livermore (parking fee). 224.6 m Up Quarry Lakes Regional Recreation Area is a beautiful water-oriented recreation area, which offers more intensive recreation such as picnicking, boating, swimming, and fishing, but also has room for hiking and wildlife viewing. The menu seems focused mainly on comfort food and pub fare, with burgers (which looked good) apparently their specialty. 3h 00m, Gorgeous views over looking the lake and good easy hike if you’re looking for something quick. This shoreline complex has an ADA accessible dock that is the first official San Francisco Bay Water Trail site in the Park District. So, don't let those mislead you. The Oakland Strokes, a non-profit junior rowing organization for middle and high schools, operates the main boathouse and indoor training area and provides outreach to neighborhood youths in the sport of competitive rowing. From most parts of the Bay Area, the driving time to reach this park is substantial and most trails in the park are typical East Bay fire roads: mostly featureless and frequently very steep. 585' Down Regional Shoreline, California Department of Boating and Waterways Boating Safety. • After your ride, Livermore is an obvious option if you have time for some food or drinks. 133' Up Boat Launch: Visitors may launch any size boat at the public boat launch ramp. Older kids can handle this trail's length and grades. All watercraft need to have wearable Coast Guard approved Personal Flotation Device (PFD) available for each passenger. • Watercraft Inspection: $4 cartop, $7 trailered. • 179.73 m Up We offer a variety of programs; all include paddle and safety instruction, and gear. For information, visit their website at. The lake at Del Valle Regional Park is 5-mile in length and it is an ideal place for various water sports.. Boats, operators, and passengers must meet and observe all applicable Coast Guard, State, and Federal safety requirements (including having approved life vests for each boat occupant, operable fire extinguisher on board, and observing alcohol restrictions, which are the same as with automobiles). Take the bridge cross Arroyo Valle, a small creek, and cross the cattle gate. There's only a small looping section right at the turn-around point, but that was only to bypass a return over some twisty (and longer) singletrack, because my riding buddies and I were starting to feel that we might be running out of time and wanted to save a few minutes on this particular ride. 3,679' Up Big Break Regional Shoreline is a part of the great 1150-square-mile Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta. Exit I-580 eastbound or westbound in Livermore at North Livermore Avenue. 40.41 m Down, 8.9 mi Our knowledgeable and engaging Recreation staff provide the boats, safety equipment, and instruction; meet your group at the lake or shoreline, and provide a safe and organized trip. 277.25 m Up • In its current form, about 45% of this ride is on singletrack, with the rest on fire roads. I haven't spent enough time in Livermore to produce suggestions as informed as a local, but the place where I had lunch in downtown Livermore after this particular ride is one choice I can easily recommend: First Street Alehouse. Once you get to the oak tree at the crest with the two benches under it, then it is all smooth sailing from then on. Watercraft Launch and Quagga Inspection Registration, Martin Luther King, Jr., Regional Shoreline (San Leandro Bay Near Oakland Airport), Quarry Lakes Regional Recreation Area (Fremont), Shadow Cliffs Regional Recreation Area (Pleasanton), District Rules and Regulations Concerning Aquatics and Boating, More information and Apply for a Boating Field Trip, Register for one of our public Canoeing or Kayaking programs, More Info: Mandatory Watercraft Inspections, Martin Luther King Jr. The trail starts on an easterly direction across the fruit tree plane. East Shore Trail: Download PDF | Download MS Word. Boat Rental: Kayaks and sailboards are available for rental. Private watercraft may not be launched except for car-top canoes, kayaks, and scull craft 20 feet or less. 437.22 m Down. Note: Due to Blue-Green Algae toxins in water, kayaking, paddle boarding, or use of other small watercraft is not recommended. Purchase tickets at the west-side concession beginning at 11:00 a.m. Boat tours are weekends only, from 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. Boat Launch: The boat launch is located on the west side of the park off Doolittle Drive. 7mi Contra Loma Regional Park includes an 80-acre reservoir open throughout the year for boating and sailing. Trails climb at reasonable grades, and the total elevation change is about 940 feet. All watercraft must be off lake 1 hour before gates are closed (note: closing times vary throughout the year). I can't say that I would now list it among the prime ride destinations in the Bay Area, but it certainly ranks, surprisingly, among the top three East Bay destinations in terms of the amount of bike-legal singletrack. JET SKIS are. Top elevation for the featured hike is about 1130 feet. To provide temporary protective measures against invasive Zebra and Quagga mussel infestation, the East Bay Regional Park District is asking all watercraft owners to assist in the prevention of the spread of mussels into East Bay reservoirs and lakes. All watercraft need to have wearable Coast Guard approved Personal Flotation Device available for each passenger. Electric motors only; no gasoline-powered engines are permitted. 1,435' Up JET SKIS are, Motorboats of any size are permitted. 1121.47 m Up Boat Launch: There is no boat launch facility. Boating Activity Calendar  Discover Boating Activities, Classes, and Programs! Click on the links below for information on watercraft launch and rental, watercraft inspection, lessons and equipment rental, and the Lake Chabot and Lake Del Valle tour watercraft. The trail was easy the head was the challenge. Park District recreation programs will take advantage of the estuary access and the Bay Trail connection at the park, and include biking, nature study, kayaking, and canoeing programs. To Reach The Park. Please visit their website at, Outback Adventures offers kayak, paddleboard, and windsurf board rentals. Note: Due to Blue-Green Algae toxins in water, k ayaking, paddle boarding, or use of other small watercraft is not recommended. Trail, East Bay Regional Park District - Del Valle Regional Park. Buses: $25/per bus. Grades easily exceed 15% and, in a couple of cases, even 20%. 437.34 m Up The 315-acre lake at Lake Chabot Regional Park offers a number of activities including fishing, boat rental, a marina and restaurant, and boat tours of the lake. Persons using float tubes must wear waders or other wet-suit material to prevent body contact with the water in the reservoir. 733' Down $4 per trailered vehicle, including all trailered boats. Other organizations will be leased space to provide on-the-water experiences with boating and water safety, sea kayaking, canoeing, and other water-related recreational programs. Some programs also feature a naturalist. Watercraft may launch at the designated boat launch, but are not permitted within 100 feet of Arrowhead Marsh, New Marsh, and Damon Marsh. 6.6 km Vehicle Entry Fee: $5 per vehicle when the kiosk is attended; $4 per trailered vehicle. Crown Memorial State Beach is a 2.5-mile beach. Speed limit is 10 miles per hour on the entire lake. They will answer your questions about the lake, the wildlife, and the activities available for you in the park. For information on mandatory watercraft inspection, see our Invasive Mussel Program page. The Outdoor Recreation Department provides affordable boating field trips for schools and community organizations. This gives the ride the appearance of a series of short singletrack jaunts strung together by interconnecting segments of fire road riding. That is the area traversed by this particular ride and pretty much all the trails in this park that bikers would enjoy are included in the route shown on this page. Vehicle Entry Fee: $5 per vehicle. More information and Apply for a Boating Field Trip. Meanwhile, the grass-covered hills that fill your views during the ride are likely to be blanketed in bright green during the green-grass months of the year (typically, January to April). $4 per trailered vehicle. A no-wake zone is designated by the marshes to protect the shorebirds. That is the reason I had put off trying out a ride here until I read that some of the trails in the park are actually bike-legal singletrack. Boat Launch: There is no boat launch facility. Tour Boat: Join our interpretive student aides on a boat tour to the dam. Lessons and Equipment Rental: Boardsports School offers kiteboarding, windsurfing lessons and windsurf equipment rentals to visitors. 1121.12 m Down, 4.1 mi • Watercraft Launch: Kayakers and canoeists can access the waters of Big Break from the on-site beach launch, a ¼ mile walk from the parking lot. 910' Down » Press Release, Fremont: (510) 440-8888 or Larkspur: (415) 461-2222. The Tidewater Boating Center, located off Tidewater Avenue in Oakland, sits on the shore of the Oakland Estuary in San Leandro Bay at Martin Luther King Jr. Float tubes may be used at Lake Chabot.