Quite simply, it needs to come back. Extinct Retro Chocolate Bars We Wish They'd Bring Back 16/08/2017. Each one combines classic HERSHEY’S Chocolate filled … Galaxy … HERSHEY’S COOKIE LAYER CRUNCH Mint Bars contain an enjoyable concoction of dark chocolate, chocolate cookie bits and mint crème layers. In other words, it was a total mess to eat. 35 retro chocolate bars and sweets people desperately want back on the shelves. 2. One of the less practical chocolate bars, this was a thin chocolate pyramid filled with a runny mint fondant. The aerated milk chocolate bar had a dreamy mint layer. Secret. See more ideas about Old sweets, Retro sweets, Vintage sweets. 2. This one didn’t appear to be around for long, but it was the kind of chocolate bar that made you feel really grown up whenever you ate one. https://www.nelliebellie.com/easy-creamy-chocolate-mint-bars Jul 10, 2020 - Pictures of retro 70s and 80s chocolate bars and wrappers.