it’s more expensive to live here than people think it’s going to be. Your first resident option when retiring to Costa Rica is the Pensionado Program, which was made specifically for retirees. If you bought a property at too high of a price, it might take forever to sell it. There is an option to apply for permanent resident status. There are even multiple methods of applying for a visa to live in the country as a retiree so that almost everyone can qualify in some way. It was stupid of me to leave this stuff in the car when I didn’t need it just to go surfing. They never seem to acclimate. In 2014, prominent members of economic, business, and political sectors, such as, Ronald Jiménez, president of the Union of Private-Sector Chambers and Associations, Francisco Llobet, president of the Costa Rican Chamber of Trade, Jorge Sequeira, director of the Costa Rican Investment Board (CINDE) met at a forum titled “Costa Rica: Where are We Going?” They talked whether or not Costa Rica would face another economic crisis and how severe it would be. Driving…. There are very few jobs and you can’t work legally unless you have Costa Rica residency, or have your own business here. It can be helpful to spend the first couple of years looking around for a place that you love. In exchange for this payment, you receive doctor’s visits, medication, and even surgeries if they become necessary. 1. I personally love it, but some find that they need to be in air conditioning all the time or they don’t feel good. Costa Rica’s vaguely organized chaos, also known as its government, makes some people really angry and they never get used to it. Some people from more developed countries whine and moan like Howler Monkeys at the way things are here and never develop the patience and acceptance they need to feel at home and just … 8. Most of the retirees who move to Costa Rica and need some additional income look at the option of a web-based business. You can try living in Costa Rica first to see if you like it. The Costa Ricans and Nicaraguans here are mostly wonderful people, and getting to know them and learning their tranquil “Pura Vida” way of life is very good for us gung-ho Gringos. 2. So I think it’s the safest beach town in Costa Rica right now. José María Villalta, left, and Johnny Araya, right, face each other at a January 2014 presidential debate in San José. Everything imported is expensive. Normally a realtor in Costa Rica would either ignore, down-play, or spin the negative side of living here, since the goal is to help someone buy, and you don’t get paid your commission if they don’t buy.