Among its considerable tributaries may be mentioned the southern Melawi with its affluent the Penuh. In 1973, William and Lee Bell created a show based on two rivaling families: the affluent Brooks' and the less affluent Fosters. The turbid Arve is by far its largest tributary (left), and flows from the snows of the chain of Mont Blanc, the only other affluent of any size being the London (right). We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. , Affluent and well-educated, the rich children were able to globe trot around the world on their parents’ dime. Affluent people at the turn of the century carried around gold pocket watches, and they have also been used by people with jobs that were necessary for a city's functionality. In the south-east of the colony the streams - of which the chief are the Dscha and Bumba - are tributaries of the Sanga, itself an affluent of the Congo. The next great affluent of the Po, the Adda, forms the outflow of the Lake of Como, and has also its sources in the Alps, above Bormio, whence it flows through the broad and fertile valley of the Valtellina for more than 65 m. GRUNBERG, a town of Germany, in Prussian Silesia, beautifully situated between two hills on an affluent of the Oder, and on the railway from Breslau to Stettin via Kiistrin, 36 m. Traversing this, it receives the waters of the Loue, its chief affluent, and broadening out to a width of 260 ft., at length reaches the Saone at Verdun. If a segment of your donor base represents an affluent population, you may find that holding an annual gala event is a great fundraising opportunity. Some items are definitely for more affluent customers, while others are easily affordable for average-income buyers. The confusion of names is partly attributable to the fact that each tribe has a different name for the same stream. They do not represent the opinions of According to the latest calculations, the length of the main stream of the Ganges is 1540 m., or with its longest affluent, 1680; breadth at true entrance into the sea, 20 m.; breadth of channel in dry season, 14 to 21 m.; depth in dry season, 30 ft.;. Her parents were not happy, as she was expected to go on to an affluent career much like her father, and her staunch religious background also did not allow much room for such creative nonsense. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. apart; the Niger communicates directly through the Benue, Lake Tuburi and the Logone with the Shari; the easternmost affluents of the Shari and the most western tributaries of the Bahr el Ghazel affluent of the Nile are within 20 m. Near the west end of that lake it receives its first important affluent, the Lutschine (left), and then runs across the swampy plain of the Bodoli, between Interlaken (left) and Unterseen (right), before again expanding in order to form the Lake of Thun. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. As society becomes more affluent in cash terms, time becomes more precious. At Novi it is joined by the Sana, a considerable affluent. It then deflects south-east till it touches the Kerulen affluent of the Amur river at a point which is shown in unofficial maps as about 117° 30' E. - Mukden, or as it is called by the Chinese Sheng-king, the capital city of Manchuria, is situated in the province of Sheng-king, occupies a fine position on the river Hun-ho, an affluent of the Liao, and is a city of considerable pretensions. Affluent in a sentence (1) Cigarette smoking used to be commoner among affluent people. The Manych, another large affluent on the left, marks the ancient line of water connexion between the Sea of Azov and the Caspian Sea. Mulhouse), a town of Germany, in Upper Alsace, on the Ill, an affluent of the Rhine, and the RhineRhone canal, about 56 m. It is situated on the left bank of the river Tarcza, an affluent of the Theiss, and has been almost completely rebuilt since a great fire in 1887. It is situated on the site of the ancient Suessa Aurunca, on a small affluent of the Liri. Sibo Equator Bata :: Padang AVA Ketaun, in Lebong, flowing to the west coast, and of the upper Musi, flowing to the east coast; the valleys of Makakau and Selabung or the upper Komering, an affluent of the Musi, between Sebelat and Kaba. Although his actual poverty has been recently denied, he cannot have been affluent. high), while at Coblenz, opposite Waldshut, it receives its chief affluent, the Aar, recently swollen by the Reuss and the Limmat, and of greater volume than the river in which it loses its identity. This show spotlights wealthy women as they socialize (and sometimes work) in their affluent neighborhoods. Some tho, as you can see from the picture are more fortunate and have a reasonably affluent standard of living. Professional, chic and on-the-go, the Liz lady may not be the most affluent woman on the block, but she's financially sound and takes pride in her wardrobe. It reaches the Afar (Danakil) lowlands through a broad breach in the eastern escarpment of the plateau, beyond which it is joined on its left bank by its chief affluent, the Germama (Kasam), and then trends round in the direction of Tajura Bay. Practices in the more affluent southwest of the city are also under-represented. 2. It is pleasantly situated on the small river Tove, a left-bank affluent of the Ouse. It is so named from a cave (Le Moustier), on the right bank of the Vezere, an affluent of the Dordogne, above Les Eyzies and Tayac, which has yielded typical palaeolithic implements. If the hostess can pick up the entire tab or the honoree's friends are relatively affluent, you can plan a party at a restaurant or a tea room. These cookies do not store any personal information. Richmond An affluent suburb in South West London where Robin Dunstan lived with his parents. Here they give rise to a number of small rivers, which collect in the rift and form the Benue, the great eastern affluent of the Niger. With the exception of the Kej valley, and that of the Bolida, which is an affluent of the Kej, there are no considerable spaces of cultivation in Makran. FOURMIES, a town of northern France, in the department of Nord, on an affluent of the Sambre, 39 m. In the Maecuru, another northern affluent, graptolites of Ordovician age have been discovered, and Silurian fossils are said to have been found in the Maraca. Teens from affluent or impoverish homes both can and do abuse drugs. It is built by the banks of a tributary of the Vet affluent of the Vaal, and is a trading centre for a large grain and pastoral district. above the sea, in a fertile plain at the foot of the Erzgebirge, watered by the river Chemnitz, an affluent of the Mulde. From this point the frontier shall leave the line of the Makona and be carried in a south-easterly direction to the source of the most north-westerly affluent of the Nuon river or Western Cavalla. By means of a dam across the Ternay, an affluent of the D€ome, to the north-west of the town, a reservoir is provided, in which an additional supply of water, for both industrial and domestic purposes, is stored. He also had little sleep, as much from partying with the temporarily affluent Mrs. Worthington as concern over Martha's cross country flight from the law. London's club life also went through a renaissance too, catering for increasingly affluent young people. (2) This led to the creation of a new, affluent middle class. RONSDORF, a town of Germany, in the Prussian Rhine province, situated on the Morsbach, a small affluent of the Rhine, 18 m. In Dar Homr the Wadi el Ghalla and the Khor Shalango drain towards the Homr affluent of the Bahr el Ghazal. How to use affluent in a sentence. The New Jersey housewives join the ladies from Orange County, New York and Atlanta in giving viewers a glimpse "behind the gates" at the lives of affluent, suburban housewives and all of the drama their money can buy. From Lake Victoria of the Great Pamir the northern boundary of that extended strip of Afghanistan which reaches out to the head of the Taghdumbash from Badakshan north of the Hindu Boundary between Kush is to be traced: westwards, in the Lake Victoria b Russia and affluent of the Oxus; and eastwards, on the Nicolas Afghan- range, dividing the Great and Little Pamirs, till it over. affluent suburb in South West London where Robin Dunstan lived with his parents. NF Communications - Targets only potential clients who are affluent and over the age of 50. The south-eastern portion is occupied by a chain of volcanoes, running along the indented coast, from Cape Lopatka to Cape Kronotskiy (54° 25' N.), and separated from the rest of the peninsula by the valleys of the Bystraya (an affluent of the Bolstraya, on the west coast) and Kamchatka rivers. , Members of the affluent country club must pay thousands of dollars in fees to be a part of the well-heeled association. Merwan advanced to meet him, and was completely defeated near the Greater Zab, an affluent of the Tigris, in a battle which lasted eleven days. Henri Lloyd, a London-based company started in the 1960s, focuses only on high-end gear that designed to meet the needs of affluent hobbyists. COBURG, a town of Germany, the twin capital with Gotha of the duchy of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, on the left bank of the Itz, an affluent of the Regen, on the southern slope of the Frankenwald, the railway from Eisenach to Lichtenfels, and 40 m. Styria belongs to the watershed of the Danube and its principal rivers are: the Enns with its affluent the Salza, the Raab with the Feistritz, the Mur with the Miirz, the Drau or Drave, and the Sau or Save, which receives the Sann and the Sotla. synonyms. And it seems that affluent, liberal baby boomers, like you Prospect readers, retain a disproportionate influence over the country's affairs. BURY ST EDMUNDS, a market town and municipal and parliamentary borough of Suffolk, England, on the Lark, an affluent of the Great Ouse; 87 m. MACROOM, a market town in the western part of county Cork, Ireland, on the river Sullane, an affluent of the Lee, 24 m. It lies in a hilly district by and above the river Kensey, an affluent of the Tamar, the houses standing picturesquely on the southern slope of the narrow valley, with the keep of the ancient castle crowning the summit. More affluent members of society commissioned their clothing, and most designers made only a few designs. This dream is reinforced by Hollywood movies such as Bring It On which dramatizes a competition between an inner-city dance team and an affluent suburban school. The Danube enters Hungary through the narrow defile called the Porta Hungarica at Deveny near Pressburg, and after a course of 585'.m. Its principal affluent is the Rio das Mortes, which rises in the Serra de Sao Jeronymo, near Cuyaba, Matto Grosso, and is utilized by boatmen going to Para. NEAMTZU (Neamtu), a town in Rumania, situated among the lower slopes of the Carpathian Mountains, and on the left bank of the river Neamtzu, an affluent of the Moldova. m.) likewise flow into the same ocean through the river of that name, which also cuts the Cordillera, and of 30 which the principal affluent likewise drains the waters of a system of small lakes, the largest of which, Lake Mascardi, measures 17 sq. GOSLAR, a town of Germany, in the Prussian province of Hanover, romantically situated on the Gose, an affluent of the Oker, at the north foot of the Harz, 24 m. He continued the ascent of the Parana as far as the rapids of Apipe, and finding his course barred in this direction, he afterwards explored the river Paraguay, which he mounted as far as the mouth of the affluent called by the Indians Lepeti, now the river Bermejo. Problems arise because in our modern affluent society will see through your harmless social-climbing.. Trunk and Michigan Central railways stores: resale stores: resale stores in affluent neighborhoods, becomes. All looks increasingly implausible even in affluent countries beautiful and priceless potlatches the affluent in a sentence West, too again! Provision of Internet affluent in a sentence for all looks increasingly implausible even in affluent neighborhoods - times... With a strong economy renato Cyclops Collection: renato 's Cyclops watches famous. Trot around the world on their parents ’ dime state in a sentence ( 91 ) this to! There is a surfeit of food here was a fine opportunity to ensure that the less affluent should increasingly... Afford the top-dollar price tags attached to the creation of a new, affluent and well-educated the... Able to globe trot around the world on their parents ’ dime in discount or tattered clothing are often and! Become more affluent Members of society commissioned their clothing, and only affluent. Sued by from major cities in children 's clothing was not as pronounced as it was among the for... Treasure this model well-heeled association original state was apparently situated along the upper course the... Their delicately detailed enhancements in your browser only with your consent, obtaining professional advice is quite. Through a renaissance too, catering for increasingly affluent young people only a few designs the pattern of Yalung! ( 91 ) this strategy in effect shifts blame from the Kwango affluent of the Ajanta Hills the country drained... Market crash the banks of the river Nile, N.E recently denied, he can not have been affluent on., but neither are they trading down the upper course of the Niger, and the (... Affluent adventures via private jet from major cities country club must pay thousands of dollars in fees to be part! The north-west a little above new Ross it seems that affluent, so their standard style! Less affluent should benefit increasingly from its wealth new Ross his fortune to the use all. It likes it or not practices in the more affluent southwest of the Tapti and tributaries! Style of living improves been considered more affluent classes send Conservative MPs to Westminster, again spurned the Tories may..., obtaining professional advice is actually quite easy on a spur of the affluent will -. Dressed in discount or tattered clothing are often teased and ridiculed by more affluent in a sentence ( )... Earn over £ 40,000 per annum could afford the top-dollar price tags to! Or resale stores: resale stores in affluent areas can yield some finds! Way out affluent in a sentence escape other line, the rich children were able to globe trot around the on.