Power is then restored to the greatest number of customers in the shortest amount of time until power is restored to all customers who can receive power. Operate portable generators in a well-ventilated area, never run a generator indoors, and plug appliances directly into generators with grounded extension cords that can handle the load. A generator can back feed electricity through your electric wiring to the entire Cleco circuit. Plug appliances directly into portable generators with grounded extension cords that can handle the load. "Based on these actions, management has revised the estimated useful life of many of DHLC's assets to June 2020 to coincide with the date at which extraction is expected to be discontinued.". Dolet Hills is co-owned by Cleco and AEP-SWEPCO. What to do before and after power is restored: “When the power goes out, some customers rely on a generator for temporary power,” said Lass. S&P Global China Credit Analytics Platform, Differentiated Data to Make Informed Decisions, 4th Annual Quantitative Investment Virtual Conference 2020 Series - Session 3, 4th Annual Quantitative Investment Virtual Conference 2020 Series - Session 2, M&A in Focus: Sustainable Corporate Development Trends. Cleco is an industry leader in the safe operation and management of its power plants. Because ice was necessary long before electricity, ice manufacturing fostered the early development of the South's electric industry. All this is done while ensuring public safety and the safety of utility workers. Cleco Midstream LLC, the former wholesale power subsidiary of former Cleco Corporation, transferred the unit to Cleco Power after approval by state and federal officials. It is mined by the Dolet Hills Lignite Company, a subsidiary of AEP-SWEPCO, which oversees and supports the mining operations. “Crews will continue to work in Beauregard and Calcasieu parishes until all customers have power.”. Brame Energy Center - This series of plants sits on 6,000 acres and uses man-made Rodemacher Lake as a cooling source for the plant's generating units. In addition to Cleco’s standard storm and safety protocols, Cleco crews and contractors must take additional safety precautions due to COVID-19, including traveling in separate vehicles, when possible, and adjusting crew staging locations, and we have also had to adjust our lodging to adhere to pandemic protocols. Peak wind speeds across Cleco Power’s service territory, as reported by National Weather Service. Ice companies used power to light the plants and distributed excess energy to nearby homes and businesses. In 1914, a 50 kWh diesel engine was added to the plant to produce ice and light; and in 1935, the Bunkie plant, called Louisiana Ice & Utilities, reorganized into Louisiana Ice & Electric Company.