You got up and looked to Jackson's side of the bed "strange, were did he go?" You didn’t move, surprised he let you go. You didn’t answer but only sighed to yourself, knowing that if you were honest staying in bed for just a little while longer actually sounded pretty appealing. He’d always be there for you. “No,” you said, finally unable to stop the tears from dripping down your cheeks, “A hug.”. You couldn’t believe you had been caught by more pirates after being robbed by one earlier that night. You were hiding once again as pirates crawled around your town, but now you were freezing. Yoongi was used to these starving diets, and knew that cheating them was the worst a female idol could do. You, however, stayed asleep as you were completely unbothered by the noise. So much. Since you were touring at Africa, he could take a quick flight and susprise you. “I’m not leaving here empty handed,” he said with a grin. “I don’t have anything!” you yelped, heart racing. “How’s it going?” he asked, giving you a familiar beaming smile. “Is it because you’re so messy?” he asked with a cocked eyebrow, embarrassing you further. You waited for him to once again tell you to run off and hide, but the comment never came. “Why do you even like me?” you asked Hoseok. You gave him a tentative smile, not able to keep a straight face whenever he gave you such a happy, adoring look. “Alright, come on,” he said, gesturing to you to follow. You resigned yourself to your cuddly fate and ended up falling asleep too after a few minutes. Suddenly he cringed, “Oh no, I’ve totally been making you hang out all day when that’s the last thing you wanted to do.”, “No! That’s why I came today, because I don’t want to be alone,” you hurriedly said, not really needing an apology, “Please, let’s still hang out. And you didn’t, Jimin realized while was boarding a flight to Mexico, where you were currently touring. You tried a few more times, kept on swinging at him and fighting to the best of your abilities, but once again he was easily dodging each attack. If you don’t, it’s not the end of the world. “Taehyung, I’m not hanging out with anyone today,’ you said through the wood of the door. Oh boy he understood every concern you had. The lights went off, and when they returned, the stage was empty, only one staff member remained, who stood in front of the mic and said: “due to health issues, Y/N won’t be able to continue the show, please understand”. You looked over with a pout, “This is boring.”. You nodded, showing him exactly what you meant by giving him a taste of his own medicine. Really?” you asked, eyebrows raising. You know, I liked you a lot more before now.”. But his smile starting fading off when he saw you weren’t dancing, just walking around. He gave one last amused grin in your direction and nodded towards the gun, “Although, it’s not like you really had a choice.”. He gave you a sympathetic look before coming over to step behind you, wrapping you in a hug. “So you’re definitely tired,” you laughed. Once it happened again for the millionth time, you laughed and said, “You should just go to sleep.”. He never liked the idea of you going on tour. Since you weren’t waking up, a staff member came in running and picked your body up, carrying it to backstage as fast as he could. pairing: bts x reader (poly) words: 1.8k+ genre: pure soft fluff, slight smut (suggestive words) summary: the house could be a mess sometimes, seven boys with incredibly busy schedules was hectic and tiring, but you wouldn’t change a single thing. Luckily, they were curious about what you wanted to say. “I’ve noticed,” he said with a nod, “What’s up?”. He tossed aside the controller, unable to stop himself from acting on his crush while the two of you were placed so intimately on his bed. “I don’t know, I keep trying to focus but…” you ran a frustrated hand through your hair, “I keep getting in my head.”. He glared at you for a moment, but finally he realized you were going to be much harder to convince. He noticed your hesitant demeanor though, and immediately pulled you close, showing you that he did definitely like you. You led him to the master bedroom, opening up an almost unnoticeable drawer in the nightstand beside the bed. “Where are they?” you asked, searching his person with your eyes for the maps. You liked being this close to him, and you wanted to be even closer. You layed out on his pillow, smiling up at him, was an image he’s pictured a million times. He reached out, trying to catch you, but it was a worthless try. Surprisingly you had gotten a good sleep, as you opened your eyes you felt something warm inbetween your thighs. “I don’t think being late everywhere will make us especially popular with anyone,” you said. I’ll do it at any cost.”, “Don’t you remember what the deal was? You looked up from the ground, coming face to face with one of the very people you were trying to avoid. “Stop moving around so much,” he moaned into the crook of your neck where his head was currently resting, “Some of us are trying to sleep.”. His eyes raked up and down your body, thinking about how cute you looked in shorts and a bra. He laughed lightly. You allowed him to keep going but only before giving him a condition, “You have to let me have revenge after this though.”. The two of you were such close friends it was easy to get wrapped up in just being around each other. “I know, I’m the one who treated the wound,” you said, “By force, I might add.”. You glanced behind you, hearing the excited jeering and cheering of the crew, but you should’ve been watching where you were going because something had tripped you. “You’ll love this life,” he assured you, and with the way you felt your heart start to pound with excitement you knew he wasn’t wrong, “Especially with me. “Yeah but I’m not done holding you,” he reasoned as you tucked your head under his chin, already getting convinced. That’s what I was looking for. “Quiet literally,” he said, using his free hand to pull aside his button up shirt and reveal a gash in his side. “Sorry,” you said, hoping politeness would be the thing to win over a clean pirate. He smiled at you with a glint in his eyes, clearly pleased to have found you. Description: You were a good student and you just got paired with the fuckboy Jungkook. You stared, wide eyed, at the tall pirate leaning over the wooden desk. “Come on, y/n, cheer up,” Hoseok said. Pirates had successfully broken in. “I’d never be a pirate,” you said, glaring at his smiling face. You can’t even keep a couple maps safe,” he scoffed, angering you even more. He pulled you closer, and your hands naturally came to rest on his shoulder. But you weren’t moving away from him. After a moment you found a pencil tucked away in your backpack and handed it over. You let him continue to dance around with you, feeling much better than you were a few moments ago. The girl was joining the two of you at the door, with impeccable timing and saving yourself from whatever embarrassing thing you could’ve potentially said. However, he didn’t even notice their shock since he was too busy admiring you in the outfit you decided to wear that day. Will she fall in love this time or is a second chance at happiness just a longshot? Sure, he understood that you were attractive, but did he ever have a crush on you? Somehow it distracted you just enough to get you to slip. Characters Kim Seokjin, Kim Namjoon. You got over to his place and explained the entire break up that had happened between you and your boyfriend just an hour before. You too were barely awake, but spending weeks staying up late at night made you control yourself, you knew how to pretend you were fine. I signed a contract, I need to go!” you tried calming him down, but it was in vain. “Don’t do that,” you giggled, giving him a small shove as he laughed. Sailing the sea, only dropping anchor to get more riches”. “I’m melting,” you muttered, still too hot even after shedding the thin blanket. You couldn’t believe that as soon as you escaped one pirate you ran into two more. “Yes,” you said, voice barely above a whisper. I tried reaching you all day!” she cried, voice almost audible, “What happened?” he asked, fear obvious in his voice, “It´s Y/N…she fainted on stage a-and…” she sobbed, while Seokjin’s held his breath “….she isn’t waking up”. “Making some headway?” he asked, already knowing what it was you were stressed about. When suddenly you stopped dancing and collapsed coldly to the floor. I earned all this! “Babe, you’re barely awake” you laughed a bit, watching Hoseok on your Face Time trying to keep his eyes open. “What do you think?” you asked, showing off your new outfit to Jimin. He grinned at your wide eyed expression, you may have been shocked by the question but not giving him an immediate no showed you were clearly considering his offer. Suddenly he was hyper aware that the two of you were laying side by side on his bed. You paused outside of it, trying to suss out if there were perhaps any pirates still looting it. “Oh my god, the stove!” he yelped, hurrying over to move the pan off the burner as the food just started to burn. Suddenly your mantra switched: ohmygodJungkookissocute. @Y/Nunnie tweeted: “Y/N’s body suddenly dropped to the floor. You nodded, repeating yourself and sounding much more assured, “Yes.”, “Okay, well,” he said slowly, thinking of his words carefully before saying, “Even that was adorable.”. His coat didn’t have any holes in it, his pants and shirt were impeccably clean. You wanted to say no, but you didn’t really have a choice after he had caught you before you had the chance to escape. He remembered the 12 hours of difference, it had to be 2am for you. He could feel it, something was wrong. But this time your hands were snaking around his neck and pulling him back down.The book was completely nudged off the bed and onto the floor when the two of you moved around so he could rest in between your legs, his hips against yours and your lips interlocked too. “I’m not looking for treasure in the way of gold and jewels,” he said, proving wrong what you had guessed earlier, “More like bandages and such helpful necessities.”. He didn’t want you to leave to Europe, mostly because when you were at South Korea, he could always check on you and stay with you. Something your career as a Kpop idol also taught you.You managed to convince Hoseok to go to sleep, so you could get changed and go to the stage, it was another night of touring with your girlgroup. “I can’t sleep,” you admitted, and he noticed how much you were frowning, “I’m so stressed about work.”, “I just… It’s everything! Your members gatherend around you and tried to wake you up. “That is not even close to correct,” you said, just managing to get the words out through your many giggles as Jimin messed up once again. He didn’t help you with anything pertaining to your work, but he really helped with all the stress you were feeling.