At this price it is an absolute bargain, if it doesn't work for you then you haven't wasted much money. After using this cream, my skin was more hydrated in the morning but it was a little heavy for me. After using this product for well over a month, I truly enjoy it. You need to log in or become a member to leave a review. The cream comes in a nice slim plastic tube with a flip top lod which makes dispensing a breeze in the morning rush . That looks faboulus. Powered by. I found this cream left my skin soft and hydrated, however I think I could actually do with a little more hydration - and my skin is not particularly dry. It’s free from a lot of chemical nasties, made in and 100% Australian owned and no animal testing. I received this in the latest October 2020 Discovery Bag to trial. It's a little thicker than a daytime lotion but not as rich as typical night creams, so I love using this in the warmer months when I prefer something lighter. When I wake up the cream is gone and my face feels moisturised and smooth. also known as erectile…, Careprost is essentially an ophthalmic solution called intraocular pressure that can be used to lower…, Are you looking for the best online medicine store to shop erectile dysfunction pill for enjoying Christmas…, I was wondering if hair extensions have any effect on the health of our natural hairs or it may cause…. I highly recommend this product if you are in need of a great night cream and I’m looking forward to trying more from this brand. (I know, people don't say jars are hygienic but eh, I've never had any issues.) I am at Stay At Home Mum to my two beautiful children. Blessed by Nature Beauty Elixir Botanical Body Wash is a body wash that will cleanse away daily grime and build up, hydrate the skin and invigorate the senses with a blend of essential oils. During dry winter days like right now, I would highly recommend applying a coat of rosehip or any other face oil that you prefer, to seal it though. Reviews reflect the honest opinions of beautyheaven members. For my normal/dry skin it’s moisturising enough to use by itself on clean skin when I’m feeling super lazy. It was not quite enough for my especially dry winter skin. Nice but way too strong. BRAND RESPONSE: It has got a nice lush herbal scent comparable to expensive creams. I have used this night cream daily since I received it at last months BH Nude by Nature event. Priceline Pharmacies stores, selected pharmacies across Australia and online. I use it with the Trilogy Cleansing Oil at night and my skin is so soft and moisturized the next morning. Finding a good quality, complimentary day and night cream that work in synergy can be a bit of a challenge. This night cream comes in a large 125ml tube and contains vitamin A, C, E along with Rose and Jojoba Oils. It was moisturising and sank into the skin but it left me wanting more. The texture of the white cream is not as thick as other night cream. Comes in a beautiful 125ml Tube. I read each and every one and do try to respond when I can. Pure, Natural Skin Care.... Munich Brauhaus Review. Thank- you so much for purchasing our night cream, we are sorry to hear it wasn’t quite what you expected. It is a lightweight cream that anyone can use it isn't drying or oily. Overall, it left my skin smooth, soft and hydrated. It is quite strong with a floral-herbal vibe that worried me at first but then it surprisingly grew on me until I was actually looking forward to smelling it in the morning. I was surprised how my skin seemed to soak it up and it left an almost matte finish on my skin. It has been a bit of a battle over the years trying to find products that really do the job and soak right into my pain in the ass skin. Oh by gosh, by golly! Great for even around the eyes. I haven't seen any marked difference in my wrinkles and lines but I did like the way my skin feels after using it. This eyeliner is good. My skin feels hydrated and looks soft and smooth in the morning. I'm always after a good night moisturiser and this ticks the boxes. This is my first time trying this brand and now I am very interested in trying some of their other products. Like the fact that it is made up of so many natural extracts and doesn't contain sulphates. I thought the packaging was rather average, definitely nothing luxurious there. Valium is an authorized medication used to treat signs of anxiety, muscle pain, alcohol withdrawal, and…, Hi Guys! It has an incredibly light texture, so this could be worn under makeup to invigorate the skin by helping to fight the signs of ageing, enhance skin tone and soften. Have you ever seen the episode of Spongebob where he goes into Sandy's home for the first time without his water-helmet and he shrivels up? Consistency is medium and I feel, if applied sparingly, it could also be used as a day cream. All skin types light night time restorative cream, Natural, cruelty free, vegan face cream that won't leave your skin feeling greasy. I have really dry skin, so I have to wash my face twice a day and apply a decent moisturiser. Blessed By Nature Antioxidant Daily Renewal Cream, Blessed By Nature Antioxidant Soothing Eye Serum. I’m very impressed with this product and it’s certainly very natural. There was obviously something in this cream that you would want to avoid putting it on any injured or open skin. Even when I use toners/essences/serums underneath it doesn’t feel thick or heavy. I would buy this product again as it has helped with the dry winter skin. For most of us, it's fairly accurate to say that we've been preferring natural ways and ingredients for a very long time now. Almost like a gel, it spreads and gets absorbed quite easily with giving a dewy glow to skin. You use it as any other cream and a little goes a long way. It has a herbal, botanical scent which is nice and aromatic. I do not have fine lines and I felt that my skin is firmer after using it on my face. These look awesome.Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek. My skin does feel soft and hydrated in the morning and it suits my mature skin nicely The formula is enriched with … All skin types, may not help with 'issues' but is great for hydration. Next week's optional prompt is: Countries I Have Visited. There's so much to praise about the scents, textures and results that natural products produce. The scent is divine & hand cream is superb too - such a lovely gift to … But it was when I opened it that I was overpowered by the fragrance! I think that as the weather (hopefully) warms up this cream will actually become better for me as I do like a lighter cream for summer. Thanks, bh. The eyeliner is very black too. I had no issues with the cream and my mum loved it. This product blended in perfect and didn't leave your face feeling greasy like some other creams. This night cream has a beautiful scent, feels thick and rich but absorbs quickly into the skin. It smells fantastic, even my boyfriend noticed. Product comes packaged in a cardboard box and it’s in a plastic flip top tube. The Blessed by Nature Antioxidant Daily Renewal Cream is full of incredible natural ingredients and Vitamin C, A, E and gkycerin which are all well known to be quite great for the skin. I have been using it for couple of weeks and while I can't claim for any significant changes, this product is really good value for money kind if you don't have any particular skin issues. Made in Australia 100% Vegan. The packaging is a very basic tube that gets the job done and you get a lot of product for the price, great value! We use only natural essential oils of lavender, rose and patchouli to fragrance our Antioxidant Restoring Night Cream, they are in the formula for both a fragrance benefit as well as additional skin loving benefits too. when I apply it at night it does not feel heavy and the scent helps me to relax at night. Find the smell of this cream is so very strong but bearable thankfully it does go away, makes your skin feel very soft and smooth the longer that you use this cream, on your face and body it really has made a difference to my complexion with long term use. Looks like great products and a nice giveaway! Living up to their brand name Blessed by Nature for Naturally Beautiful Skin. I used it with a cleansing oil to really hydrate the skin. The Hamilton everyday face SPF 50+ sunscreen comes in a little 75g white plastic tube that is perfect for travel and throwing into a day bag. It absorbed quite well and I didn't have to worry about having an oily residue left behind. This is a cream I will be gifting to friends and family because I totally love it . It smells amazing! I received the Blessed By Nature Antioxidant Night Restoring Cream at the Beautyheaven Natural Beauty Month event. The formula combines soothing aloe vera, hydrating macadamia oil and vitamin E, plus calendula, lavender and kakadu plum. I could perhaps see myself using this in summer when a thicker night cream is too heavy but it won't be sitting in my daily rotation for now. Over time I did get used to it but it did remain too strong for my liking. I think this is a great simple no fuss moisturiser that does a good job of keeping my skin healthy. First thing that strikes me is the lovely natural aroma – a light rose scent and not unlike the Jurlique rose hand cream. As a moisturiser it was good value for the price. This cream is so affordable yet it has the quality of an expensive cream. It spreads and absorbs very easily. If you are looking for something lightweight and non-greasy, this might be for you. Since using this product I have not woken up with dry skin! I received this at the Natural Beauty event (thank you BH and Blessed by Nature) and is the first product I've tried from this company. "I absolutely LOVE Blessed By Nature! Wear the cream. I was sent some products to try by Australian skin care brand. Love the scent. Some days if it was really cold outside she would mix the cream with two drops of rosehip oil and use it on her face for extra hydration. I have shared it to my business Facebook page :)Di from Max The Unicorn. This is another great cream they have in their range that is moisturising and great for those with dry skin. I was experiencing extreme sensitivity on my face and was no longer able to use products that I had in my bathroom cupboard. A pea sized amount is enough for face and neck. (Perfect for my beauty sleep). It feels light, soft and smooth against the skin & smells absolutely amazing! It has just enough hydration and works well when paired with a serum or facial oil. This is a beautiful natural cream full of so many antioxidants Vitamins A, C, E, Rose and Jojoba Oils. It does take a little while to absorb but as a night cream this isn't so important, by the morning my skin had sucked it all up. It is certainly more important to me these days to use quality products on my skin. . I love that the product is made from natural ingredients and does not test on animals. Like many of the reviewers, I too didn't know much about the brand and thought it was just another cream.