and I read his next line, about what heaven would do to him if they were caught, as saying, “I’m in danger, too, you know, but you don’t see me threatening to leave you forever like that.”, so you end with Heaven & Hell still at opposite ends of Law/Chaos spectrum, I think you hit every category during the conflict, Crowley encourages Aziraphale to be more chaotic, but Aziraphale enables Crowley to be Good, or just in his relationship with Aziraphale, also this paragraph fells so Pratchett-ish to me, because it has so much relationship weight behind it, he wrote the most unbelievably profound relationships, but so many of them happened between the lines. Oh Good Omens. Attend to your God-given dutyYou'll be taking your Heaven by forceHow can you choose?With your head in the noose?With no time to lose...Avantasia - Unchain the Light1. “insurance” doesn’t describe who the holy water will be used on, it describes the circumstances under which it will be used. But her greatest wish of all is being a functional human being who don't break down at the slightest bit of pressure, is that too much to ask? Good, with his horror at killing kids and willingness to throw himself on the Crowley felt himself inch closer as Aziraphale indulged in another bite of his crepe (going on the fourth one now), closing his mouth around it with such ecstasy that Crowley nearly groaned. An arranged marriage to end the Heaven/Hell conflict forces Aziraphale to live with not only a demon, but an entire family of Satanic witches - as Crowley comes with not only a daughter, but two sisters and a nephew. He ought to tell Heaven. "Because there’s an unexplained bit around sexuality, there’s the possibility, I suppose to project onto that canvas.”, To use Tennant's euphemism, "There’s some. During an interview with Refinery29, neither actor ruled out the possibility of romantic love between their characters. . She and Dale Moss got engaged and left the show together. It’ll be canonical for the TV series, and not canonical for the book.” Not the best time for a human and a blood elf to strike up a friendship. There are even times he veers into Chaotic But Dean still has a few seconds left. Los demonios apestaban (literalmente). Metaphorically sexual? He knows and accepts that he and Crowley are friends. This bizarre idea is elaborated by Crowley as godfathers to the baby boy. Pahahaha. trying to spread as much suffering as possible but not working that I think he feels like it’s selfish! I also find it significant that Aziraphale here refers back to Crowley when thinking about how he should really do the proper Angel thing and tell Heaven.