Coincidentally, the moon Pandora in the film orbits the gas giant planet Polyphemus. Back on the ground, the people also notice the trembling. However loaded spells are exactly what the elite love to cast. The pain of the incomprehensible sound that invades Shutaura's ears gives Touma enough time to close the distance and strike away her gun. One of the first promotional movie posters for the movie. She says that because of Arisa's songs and "miracles" everyone has been led astray. If we empower religious words and rituals it would be wise to understand just what is being empowered. Promotional video for THE DVD and Blu-ray of the movie from the Summer COMIKET. Ladylee says there are many powers of such nature such as her Earth Palette, though Shutaura corrects her by saying that her power is rare but not unusual. We would not want to perform as an inexperienced Shaman with a loaded spell. She tells her that Orbit Portal's greatest selling point is miracles as it survived due to the Miracle 88. However, Ladylee says that she has at least gotten an interesting by-product of the Miracle of 88. That looks interesting. [19] The bonus disc will also have footage from the auditions and a roundtable discussion with the cast. It has all of the trappings of occult symbols and names and the scenes of devastation can only be described as biblical and symbolic. In a certain high school, Touma deals with the inane talk of his friends, and the prodding of his classmates of his night life. Toaru Majutsu no Index - Endymion no Kiseki (The Miracle of Endymion) PV. A homicidal maniac is on the loose in the city and the low-budget film crew of a Troma movie has the power to stop them. In the tunnel, Jane calls out to Stiyl and takes up his rune cards for him. 劇場版「とある魔術の禁書目録-エンデュミオンの奇蹟-」Blu-ray&DVD TVCM. Ladylee tells Shutaura that she is for stupid coming, but is immediately shot by Shutaura several times. It is believed that it will be destroyed before the second coming and the new Temple of Solomon will be built. Anti-Skill continues to battle the behemoth. Another preview for the movie, released on January 30, 2013. Index tries to look upon the lyrics, but Arisa tries to stop her for they are not finished yet, though she does tell her that they could sing it together. Set is the Egyptian religion’s devil, and is represented as a dog-headed man. After Touma stands up after catching Arisa from falling after Shutaura blows up the stage, his right hand disappears. Amen ra was an alien God who spoke of a binary solar system around whom the Egyptians and all subsequent Hermetic systems constructed their elaborate and obsessive religions. I am seeing that the film represents our past as well as our future. As the situation developing around Kamijou, Index, and Arisa grows more and more confused, Stiyl says, "That girl could likely cause a war between the magic side and the science side.". According to Ancient Egyptian religious history, Amen Ra is a sun God, lord of the sky and king of the Egyptian world. After all of the hype subsided, I realized it was time to see the epic motion picture that is “too perfect” for words. The Pentagon of course is the womb of the Pentagram the symbol of the satanic Baphomet and the symbol for the eastern Star or Sirius. Does anyone know what happened to the Aleister Crowley film that was being made a few years back ? Arisa comes to as well as if she is beckoned by her voice. With the masked man distracted, Shutaura gets the opportunity to use her explosives on him, and he is consumed by a ball of fire though remains unscathed. She is annoyed that Touma has left her without a word again, and quickly makes short work of the mobile weapon in front of her using her Railgun. Ladylee says that she is boring. Arisa prods Index on what her relationship is with Touma is, though Index doesn't give her a satisfactory response. Likewise, Touma calls her by her given name. But with a sound of breaking glass, the man's hand is shattered by the mere touch of Touma's right hand. To which Laura adds as her own hypothesis that the distortion caused by their rejoining caused yet another miracle. I have heard so many interpretations of the film. But they are not a match against them, and as a dart goes towards Stiyl's neck, it is cut down. This idea is also demonstrated in Avatar with the healing tree of luminescent strands called “The Tree of Souls.” This tree sits on top of the deposit of “Unobtanium” a mineral of unspeakable power. Like much of Ancient Egyptian history, the history of worship and meaning of Amen Ra was lost until recent times. Shutaura strikes the car and it swerves to side, though all the witches and Arisa survive but unconscious. And here, Shutaura admits to herself what she had wrought. The message of Avatar is very simple. This makes her swoon as another fight takes place between Stiyl's forces and Shutaura Sequenzia's forces, the Black Crow Unit. Motoharu says that regardless of what she is, Academy City will want to find an anatomical explanation to her natural ability and utilize it, specifically Ladylee Tangleroad. Mikoto returns with juice after leaving Touma's room only to find it bereft of occupants, including its patient. Mobile weapons surround Stiyl and his witches. His reputation extends back in literature to the time of the Greek writer, Herodotus. [16] After 16 days, the box-office profit of the movie has exceeded 300 million yen. As later is the hour in which the plans of Ladylee have come, he either needs to destroy Ladylee or destroy its core, Arisa, as Ladylee's spell could destroy the world. Many people walked out of the theater and saw the real world as dying and decaying. The fighting in the tunnel catches the attention of Touma, who with Komoe's car, tries to intercept them. In fact the chanting of Yahweh in reverse is even more frightening than if it were some Egyptian deity brought into existence by Crowley. She comes down towards them, and Shutaura does battle with her. Arisa is in an observation room, and calls out to Touma for a miracle. [4], A nearly two minute long preview was later shown in the Summer Comiket on August 2012, which featured scenes of the new characters, and new mechs, as well as Stiyl Magnus fighting alongside witches, Kuroko still in her wheelchair (indicating this is after Tree Diagram Remnant Arc), as well as the appearance of Accelerator. They survived, but the girl inside the machine makes an announcement to them, that they are the Civil Affairs Resolution Mediation Unit, and they shall not intervene. She says to her that she should know how she feels as she as they are both cursed by magic. Ladylee talks of miracles, to which Shutaura says she doesn't believe in them. Touma then allows Arisa to stay so long as she needs protection. What happened to Shutaura after merging with Arisa? The idea of a wolf in sheep’s clothing leading or guarding the flock is once again a term used to describe the antichrist. The most interesting thing about this film is the emphasis in both promotion and story line of the film of the Illuminati all seeing Eye. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. After dinner, Arisa speaks of her contract and photoshoot tomorrow, to which due to extenuating circumstances, Touma will not be able to attend and asks Arisa if she can find a reliable person. This is the very same message that is being conveyed in Avatar. Kanzaki uses the steel wires, but they do not affect the machine. Shutaura curses, and says that no one can stop the Endymion from falling now, and there, begins to laugh like a lunatic, mocking him for believing in miracles, telling him if his miracles can stop the Endymion from falling and save everyone on Earth, save Arisa, save himself, and save everyone who believes in miracles and disrupt the natural order. However, as she turns a corner, she comes to find many mobile weapons coming to intercept her. Anciently it is written that a similar “God form” who inhabited a body of human on earth was the God Amen ra. Its expression is also difficult to ascertain, having a mix of happiness, sadness, grief, and ang… During the ordeal, a mysterious being appears before the passengers, singing a tune. Distributed by View production, box office, & company info. Shutaura learns of Arisa's abduction from Crow Four by Stiyl and the others again. Later, it was revealed that the videogame's story occurs before the Daihasei Festival Arc, and seeing that Kuroko still has her wheelchair, this implies that the story occurs between September 15 and 19. Nakayama Nobuhiro In a small park, Arisa refers to the people speaking of miracles, saying that if it were a miracle the explosion wouldn't have occurred in the first place. Touma says that risking everything on the smallest chance in order to make the slightest difference and never doubting they can achieve something, that is what it means to move forward. National Lampoon has taken a giant leap in the right direction. However, Shutaura tells Touma that she cannot comprehend music due to a certain accident, despite having her other audio faculties intact. With Stiyl's group, he is injured, and Mallybath, one of the witches, ask of his condition, to which he says not to worry about it. Unperturbed, Ladylee laughs, saying that all the preparations have been completed, and now her hopes and dreams will finally come true. Resigned to their fates, Touma puts down his cellphone as they focus on what's important. It may very well represent an alien god form recognized not only on earth but perhaps elsewhere. The voice actor of unnamed Anti-Skill is Murakami Yuuya. The director for photoshoot comes upon them later, and seeing the gaggle of girls, has a knowing look on her eyes. While going to the shoot, Kazari speaks of the Orbit Portal Company as the reason for the Orion crash, as well as for the space elevator, telling of how it became bankrupt but then went back up after being bought. The Orion bracelet was left alone in the height of that tower, was made whole once again. The next day Arisa meets up with Mikoto and her friends as they escort her to her audition, apparently Mikoto being the "reliable" person Arisa thought about. There, Ladylee falls as blood gushes out of her wound. In addition to this, the digital master frames from the movie will be distributed to those who will see the movie in its third week. Think about it for a minute and wonder how this affects people. The next day, Endymion opens and many people have come to it, the great tower.