The flip side of this is that you can directly affect your local community, or even the nation, for the good through the work you carry out. Nine-to-five work days, flexible schedules, and part-time opportunities are common in the public interest sector. Whilst profit-based companies are prone to closure, public sector organisations have the stability of government-backing. Public sectors cannot concentrate on limited service areas which have a profitable income stream. If you’re a person who enjoys working on the cutting-edge of things, you may find yourself understimulated in the public sector. Public sector jobs are under sharp scrutiny on how much money is paid to fill positions. Unlike private practice, individuals employed in non-profits, the government, and legal service organizations are not under pressure to meet high billable hour quotas, gain face-time with partners, or spend free time on client development activities. 2. Across countries, jobs in the government sector are considered to be highly bureaucratic. Less Pay. The public sector provides a less demanding atmosphere compared to the private sector. There are also two other lesser-known benefits of working in the public sector: good work hours and solid pay. The change is quite slow and outdated, and all this makes employees frustrated. Holidays: Weekend holiday is what every working professional enjoys. Contrary to popular belief, government employees actually receive better compensation than their private sector counterparts. They are a lot less likely to go under or be sold to a private equity company. They have to … Those who are working in government offices enjoy a lot of holidays. A public corporation is one that will “go public” by offering its stock to the public in the open market. Job security– Job stability is often referenced as a major perk as it is relatively stable. However, in reality, the government has made provisions for alternative work schedules. Therefore, if job security is important to you then the public sector is a good option as it is seen as a huge perk. Help your community– As someone whose salary is being funded by taxpayers, a sense of responsibility to the community is instilled in public sector workers. 1. One of the pros was that it is hard for a public sector worker to be laid off or fired, but it can also be a con as you may have to deal with incompetent and lazy employees who can’t be fired. They have to cover a huge number of topics that the general public are not aware of. Working atmosp… Last year, RBI offered flexible work timings for their officers. The advantages and disadvantages of public corporation are important to know when wanting to convert your private business to a public corporation. This practice helps in maintaining a healthier work-life balance. In India, there are a number of fest… Flexibility: Many people have the misconception that timing for government jobs is rigid and switches are not really possible. If the money is not there the work does not even start. If there is a similar role in both the private and public sector, chances are the private sector job will pay more.