See below left. A valid Visa or MasterCard is required to apply and there is a non-refundable fee of $6 per application. “Changes remain in place to the big game draw pool system, which expanded the draw from four to six priority pools in 2018. $15 Free: Game Birds Saskatchewan Resident. stream x��]Y�]�q~'��p#=X���ay.g�P2,� �W��m8�{������Ku-_UW��������ԫ�?��Ϳ�M���������7�U�����–_|�7�.��^.�=����H�Х�X��]��d���ч��4������w�؎�����jܠ��u Are you applying for a license as your first choice option? The Big Game Draw application period will open May 1 to May 25, 2020. 0000006749 00000 n Get a roundup of the most important and intriguing national stories delivered to your inbox every weekday. SHA issues advisory about potential COVID-19 exposure in Lloydminster, North Battleford, Fourth suspect charged in death of Dylan Chretien, 2021 Agri-Visions Conference and Tradeshow cancelled. /ExtGState << /GS11 11 0 R /GS13 13 0 R >> Hunters can submit, review and update their applications, check pool status history and purchase a draw licence through their Hunting Angling and Trapping License (HAL) accounts. In the table below you will find the tentative 2020 state application deadlines and tentative draw result dates. 0000007848 00000 n 129 new COVID-19 cases sets another new single-day record in Sask. Have a chance to win hunts and gear every month — over $100,000 per year, Access strategy & tips to help you apply & spend more time in the field, Statistics and historical data to find top producing trophy units, Detailed overview of how to apply and hunt in each state, Your quick dashboard for important dates, benefits, and the latest giveaways. For example, Nevada and New Mexico list their draw result date in their regulations, but they always release them earlier than that. Last Day to Apply for Draw Licenses. Exciting times are ahead as we all start to plan out our 2020 hunting season! 0000023580 00000 n The 2020 Big Game Draw Supplement offers hunters in the province information on seasons and quotas for draw species. Moose, Caribou, Dall Sheep, Mountain Goat. big game draw set to open May 1, all applications must be made online Michaela Solomon Senior Digital Content Producer @michaelactv Contact Applicants are responsible for checking their own draw results. 0000028996 00000 n It is up to the applicant to check the draw results. 0000018792 00000 n 0000003826 00000 n A: On April 15 of each license year you may purchase your hunting license and big game application(s) for the Big Game Drawing online, at any CDFW License Sales Offices and License Agents or by telephone sales at (800) 565-1458. And as always, feel free to reach out to us at any time if you have questions. More hunting opportunities will be given for elk, pronghorn, mule deer and white tail following a mild winter. In 2018, the province expanded the draw from four to six priority pools. All successful licenses will be mailed after the payment is received. Applications for the pronghorn antelope draw are accepted during the big game draw in May; however, the pronghorn draw will not be conducted until July. You can find a quick link to Basecamp in the upper right-hand corner of the screen if you click on the INSIDER button. Information about applications, priority pools and wildlife management zone quotas can be found at Also, once an application strategy article is released, INSIDERs will be able to click on the date of release in the table below to view the entire application strategy article. 0000012807 00000 n And stay with me here... but for the most part, our draw results dates listed are actually more accurate based on the trends of how some states release their draw odds early every year. Increased hunting opportunities for elk, pronghorn, mule deer and white-tailed deer will be offered this year due to recent mild winters. 0000012903 00000 n 0000005565 00000 n 0000027620 00000 n Primary Draw (big game) - The deadline for paying for your big game license is June 19, 2020. 29th, 2020 Hunter in a field. A computer or other device with internet access. They add that hunters should review results from previous years to help them select hunt choices to improve their likelihood of being drawn, as several hunts have a high number of applicants when compared to the number of licences available. 2020 BIG-GAME PRIMARY DRAW APPLICATION FLOWCHART Updated: 2/20/20 Do you have a qualifying license? Saskatchewan’s 2020 Big Game Draw Opens Online May 1 Released on April 28, 2020 Saskatchewan’s big game draw opens on May 1. 4. If you're new to goHUNT, we release state-by-state INSIDER Application Strategy Articles three to four weeks before each state deadline. Due to COVID-19 concerns, the province has moved all draw applications and information on the big game draw online. “The 2020 Big Game Draw Supplement provides Saskatchewan resident hunters with information on seasons and quotas for draw species, as well as advance notice of any changes to this fall's regular big game seasons,” the province said in a news release. Mule Deer, Elk, Antelope, Rocky Bighorn Sheep, Deer Muzzleloader, West River, East River, Black Hills, Resident OTC Deer, Elk Licenses Available, Utah Remaining Limited Entry, Leftover General Elk, Utah Remaining General Season Deer and Youth, First-come-first-served leftover tags available, Deer, Elk Permits, Deer B, Elk B Surplus List Signup. Saskatchewan opens Big Game Draw 2020 applications Dan Soul, staff Wednesday, Apr. Different states release their regulations and herd information at tight windows to the application deadline. ���`y[��^Fsu�QА���q�PТ0ˋr��_�72L��|������kW(L���#����V���7�9(H r� =�9B�F�4�6�ʀ��p;���ke���9;� ��R�yS�hMŖ{�ʳ�޷�G�ZN����2cs�g�\���B���J��mډ�b�Hc*���1%W�m��J`iQ}y�n2�nOZE�PA؂V���$�j-ă2h��5��::W���I�2����ióƑ�.�`�daE�!�I,a�^�"����H�c�越��i^�-��+`W��/����dUbu�%�dURp��?���9�.�h1���;���vO�%��ӏ�Gjh��cAj�(�_��"q�h���٧���l���cm{��=�FT�g����������ؗ,�`�Tr ��2\.�` �+�D��Ԋ���5tN'=h~��9��c���6׹?�1��z4�p�L�a��(f��,�uǟ�� Ĉ,��>WÍ�؞��_t0�C\��F�h�)����{$����+�v��ָ*��\�����8�G���E�-Sm+Y.���Jy��ɕ.E�%�����(��쉦[�.